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HERE or THERE, in pictures: ‘Moments of everyday life’ in Sarlat | Dordogne

Le Querrec has never ceased throughout his career to turn his lens towards his fellow men. The ordinary, the daily, the chance characterize his photographic writing. ‘Elephant’s eye’ is like the final moment when the diaphragm of the camera opens. Each image taken at that moment appeals to the imagination, defies the gaze.

The exhibition

Initiated last year by the town hall of Eymet, ICI ou LÀ, en images is an exhibition of large format photos on the theme of travel. The main idea is to offer the viewer a dialogue between art and local heritage, and an opening to the world by presenting images from Elsewhere, those of Guy Le Querrec… The 2022 edition is the result of a partnership between the town hall of Eymet and the associations Maquiz’Art and ACFAA (Franco-English Cultural Association of Aquitaine).

Installed ‘outside the walls’, the exhibition will be on view for four months, from July 16 to November 16, in the Gabriel Forestier park and the Alphonse courtyard in Poitiers as last year, but also in the streets and carreyrous of the bastide.

This year, the chosen theme, Everyday moments, is an invitation to open up to others. After two years of crisis and withdrawal into oneself, this openness to others (and the sharing of one’s daily life!) has once again become an essential issue. This photographic journey undoubtedly provides the best possible answer.

The image at the heart of heritage This poetic wandering combines walks and photographic discovery while highlighting the diversity of places and the richness of the heritage of the medieval bastide of Eymet.

‘Four Men on the Raft’, ‘Hay in the Mountain’, ‘Shipyard’, ‘The Bride and the Guardian’, ‘Lionel Hampton in the Kitchen’, ‘Miles Davis’, ‘John Coltrane’, ‘Priest at the Eucharist ‘, ‘Three Men at the Wall’, ‘Live Drunk’, ‘Bedroom Curtain’

… Everyday moments, all the eclecticism of Le Querrec.

Unot exposure collective The members of the ACFAA’s Eymet photo club are associated with the event: they share their unusual images taken from everyday life, random encounters, here Where The. To discover in the Cour Alphonse de Poitiers, on the walls of the castle.

GUY LE QUERREC according to François-René Simon

“Guy Le Querrec, despite his Breton name, was born of the last rain, tropical if possible, and the objective on the lookout. Because when he traveled the planet, Le Querrec never traveled without his Leica, from Burkina Faso to South Dakota via the locker room of a jazz club…

He is the man with 144,000 pictures, preferably in black and white, which give as much to read as to see. A man of irresistible talk, Guy Le Querrec is like the liquid in which he dips his silver paper: a developer”.

GUY LE QUERREC by Jim Harrison

In the preface to his book ‘Sur la piste de Big Foot’: “Guy Le Querrec has the splendid but ruthless eye of a tragedian. These photos will light a fire in your mind, a fire that will last forever if you are a human being worthy of the name. »


Of Breton origin, Guy Le Querrec was born in Paris on May 12, 1941. He took his first photos at the age of 14, became a professional at the age of 26 and began his career in a small advertising agency in Paris. In 1969, he was hired by the weekly ‘Jeune Afrique’ as a reporter-photographer and head of the photo department. For two years, he travels frequently in French-speaking Black Africa and in the countries of the Maghreb. He then joined, in 1971, the ‘Vu’ agency, directed by Pierre de Fenoÿl and, the following year, co-founded the ‘Viva’ agency — which he left in 1975. His favorite subjects during this period are Brittany, the family in France, the Portugal of the Carnation Revolution, the French on vacation…

He joined the ‘Magnum’ agency in 1976 and was elected a member in 1977. His main reports: the Mayol concert in Paris, traditions in Pays Lobi in Burkina Faso as part of Magnum’s 50th Anniversary, China , United States…

From 1977 to 1985, a close collaboration with the sculptor Daniel Druet notably led him to the Élysée for ten break sessions of President François Mitterrand. In 1998, he won the Grand Prix de la Ville de Paris.

Music, and especially jazz, occupies an important place in his work. His photographs constitute a regular and dense chronicle of the world of musicians, their gestures, their cadences, their relationships and their settings, both on stage, in concert or in rehearsal as well as backstage, while traveling, in instance of creation and life. He created two shows “Water in Jazz” in 1983 then, in 1993, “Jazz as an Image”. He also participated in the filming of around thirty documentary films devoted to jazz: portraits of musicians, chronicles of festivals…

Guy Le Querrec also leads a regular and remarkable educational activity, in France and abroad.

from September 21 to November 16


Exhibition of the photographs selected during the competition organized between the photo clubs of Eymet and Abington (England).

Our old cameras

The Eymet photo club exhibits its collection of old cameras.

Bordeaux Bicycles Lee Hargreaves
The blue shovel Robert Munoz

Source Photo of the ACFAA club / © Guy Le Querrec/ Magnum Photos / Reproduction Prohibited



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