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here is who is hiding behind the costumes of the finalists of Mask Singer according to Internet users and Télé-Loisirs!

It’s time for the grand finale for season 3 of Mask Singer! After Alain Bernard (hermit crab), Sylvie Tellier (chameleon), Maud Fontenoy (the coral fish), Yves Camdeborde (the pig), Marc Antoine Le Bret (the tigress and the crocodile), Pierre Palmade (the Cosmonaut) and Gilbert Montagne l’Arbre), there are only three left to claim the title. So who of the Deer, the Butterfly or the Banana will succeed Larusso (season 2, the Penguin) and Laurence Boccolini (season 1, the Unicorn)? Answer this Friday, May 13 from 9:10 p.m. on TF1 for the grand finale of entertainment hosted by Camille Combal.

If the quartet of jurors made up of Anggun, Jarry, Kev Adams and Alessandra Sublet has solid leads in the face of the many clues issued over the weeks, Internet users also have their opinion on the question. Just like the editorial staff of Télé-Loisirs which reveals its tracks to you.

the Butterfly of Mask Singer would…

Clues: during the first broadcast on Friday, April 1, a bodyguard holds a two of hearts card and another holds a lit candle. “In French sorry… I know people on the set very well but they won’t recognize me. I participate in Mask Singer to win, obviously !“, said the butterfly. During the questions and answers with the jury, the personality claimed that she was not not comedian.

In the Friday April 8 issue, the butterfly revealed new clues about her: a red carpet, a pink bow tie, a medal with a French flag, a photo of Will Smith and a photo of Leonardo Dicaprio. “Whether in the roles of cop, Warrior or adventurer, in France and abroad I always prepare myself seriously. It is certainly thanks to this tireless work that I ended up having a role in a very popular series“, she said.

In the Friday, April 15 issue, the crow returned to uncover a valuable clue, revealing: “The crocodile and the butterfly took their first steps far from Paris”. In the magneto then devoted to the butterfly, a mysterious flag then intrigued the investigators. “I started more than 20 years ago. And do you know that a certain butterfly can fly more than 4000 km? It’s the monarch butterfly. Maybe that’s why I too was crowned and that I have traveled thousands of miles thanks to this. I shone on the screens across the Atlantic, it’s a great pride. I met my better half, my double, and even today, I don’t take a step without him.”then unveiled the butterfly by throwing a bridal bouquet in a pool. The butterfly then clarified that she chose the song Me… Lolita because her interpreter meant a lot to her.

Prognosis : We think of Denitsa Ikonomova

The jury’s proposals: Clara Morgane, Virginie Hocq, Valérie Bègue, Virginie Ledoyen, Hélène de Fougerolles, Laëtitia Milot, Nathalie Péchalat

The opinion of Internet users : Denitsa Ikonomova, Dorothee…

The verdict : after winning the Mask Singer Season 3 finale, the butterfly has finally come to light. And it was the dancer Denitsa Ikonomova who was hiding in the superb butterfly costume.

Capture TF1

The Banana of Mask Singer would…

Clues: in the April 1 broadcast, precious clues were revealed: the personality arrived with a bodyguard equipped with a French baguette and a second banknotes and a watch. “My name has already been mentioned many times“, she said in her portrait before the words “two times” appear on the screen. During the questions and answers with the jury, she claimed not to be a world champion.

In the April 8 broadcast, several new clues appeared, including a pool table, a ukulele and a gold medal. “If the banana is rich in iron, I like other metals too. My little heart beat with the rhythm of the medals and my tears flowed with the victories and the defeats“, explained the celebrity. As a clue-object, the banana revealed glasses in the colors of the French flag : “These colors carried me as much as I loved wearing them“, she said.

In the April 15 issue, Banana revealed that she had been petrified the first time she sang in front of an audience. “But I found the strength to persevere. Songs with voice, rock, I did everything, to believe that it was my destiny. That said, I have a nice grain of voice. Small, far from the Parisian spotlights, I would never have imagined living this crazy life. The millions of spectators, the applause, the rhinestones, the red carpets, the concerts. I like to go from one world to another. Then find myself on the scene of one of the most prestigious award ceremonies, it is not forgotten”, she said. During his performance, an effigy of Nikos Aliagas appeared among the choristers.

It was also necessary to see the figures present in another index: 79401 and 07. The banana had the black hair in 2015 and has already walked the steps of the Cannes Film Festival.

Prognosis : We think of Valerie Begue

The jury’s proposals: Estelle Mossely, Amélie Mauresmo, Surya Bonaly, Fauve Hautot, Sandrine Quétier, Shy’m…

The opinion of Internet users: Natacha Saint-Pier, Valérie Bègue, Nâdiya, Laury Thilleman…

The verdict : unmasked at the end of the final, the banana was indeed Valérie Bègue.

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the Stag of Mask Singer would…

Clues: during his presentation on April 1, the deer appeared on the red carpet with a bodyguard who had an angel on the shoulder. Another bodyguard ate sardines. The deer revealed that he did never participated in a talent show but thatwe have already seen it at the NRJ Music Awards.

In the Friday April 8 issue, the deer revealed new clues about him. “Even if I am very associated with a tube, I have a little more under the hoof. Besides, it allowed me to find myself on stage with world famous groups. Since then I have sung in front of millions of spectators. After my first single, there was even talk of doing a musical“, he declared in his magneto where appeared a star, a golden ornate armchair, a bow and arrows. As an object clue, the deer chose a movie clapperboard.

On the Friday April 15 show, the deer revealed that he was living “a long love affair with the stage”. He knows how to do doe eyes, “a real prince charming or almost”. “I sang with great artists, but above all I played more than 200 different shows”, he completed.You don’t know me initially by my true identity“, he added. He also indicated that he was no longer a heart to take.

We also had to pay attention to chilli pepper in the background in the decor after the crow. The deer has brown eyes.

The deer was the subject of several books and has several gold records hanging on its walls.

In the Friday, April 29 episode, the deer said a lot! “I love’band spiritit makes me see life in pink“, he begins, before proclaiming himself “king of blunders”. We’ve seen it on screens of all sizes: “young and old and toddlers”, he says. The deer admits knowing how to handle the art of dialectics: “Persuade, convince, it took to make my place in this very exclusive club“, he confides, while we see, in the image, the bodyguards holding burning torches.

Then, he claims to have worn several hats: “Success hasn’t always been there“, he adds, but the mysterious character boasts of having collected “millions of people” during his passages andhaving held “the reins of big programs” ! At the end of his performance, the deer reveals that he shared the stage with a “world famous band”.

Prognosis : We think of Laurent Ournac

The jury’s proposals: Soprano, Claudio Capéo, Pascal Obispo, Anthony Kavanagh, Grégoire, Tony Parker, Laurent Ournac

The opinion of Internet users : Laurent Ournac, Kad Merad, Anthony Kavanagh…

The verdict : the deer finally unmasked during the final on Friday May 13th. And as viewers and investigators suspected, it is indeed Laurent Ournac who was hiding in the superb suit.

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