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Gorillaz, Wet Leg, Jorja Smith at We Love Green 2022

Gorillaz, Wet Leg, Jorja Smith at We Love Green 2022

The 2022 edition of We Love Green, which marked the return of Parisian festivals after two years of cancellations, has been somewhat disrupted. A look back at the performances of British artists in the capital!

Jorja Smith, divine diva

Thursday, June 2, 2022 opened the festival with a special evening, honoring Gorillaz, who had just celebrated his 20-year career. But it’s first Jorja Smith that we went to see, she who was playing under the big top of the stage at La Clairière. And the least we can say is that the public was impatiently awaiting it. This Thursday evening, the weather is nice and the sequins shine on their faces: people are happy to be there, even if they had to rush after work, even if they had to walk twenty minutes from the metro. With his voice, Jorja Smith wakes up the crowd by starting his concert with Teenage Fantasy, accompanied by musicians and choirs. And if his songs may seem calm when you listen to the album, the live atmosphere is the opposite: he’s a real pop star. Communicative, smiling, both with the public and with her musicians, she plays hits: Be Honest, Addicted, Blue Lights… The few people who hadn’t come to see her left convinced.

Gorillaz dazzles us

Right after, it is on the main stage that we find Gorillaz, headliner of the evening. And we understand why, 20 years later, the public is still present: forties, teenagers, French, foreigners, everyone is eager to see them. And after just a few minutes of show, we understand why: Damon Albarn is a real rockstar. Both lost and touching, he looks tiny on this stage filled with musicians. So at the first opportunity, he goes down the cleverly placed steps at the foot of the stage and goes to greet his audience, climbing the barrier, shaking arms, hands, anything that is offered to him and that can be caught. Behind him, the screens alternate between animated images, the signature of Gorillaz, and broadcast of the concert. After a few songs, the guests are added to the party and it is the Australian actor Ben Mendelsohn who comes to deliver a speech that could be described as strange before CrackerFactory. The guests who cannot be present then appear on the giant screens: for example, we will have the right to Robert Smith or slow thai.

For the first time live, Fatoumata Diawara joins him on stage to perform sorry, with touching emotion. But alone or accompanied, Damon put on the show. And it is accompanied that he chooses to be for the end of this concert, playing in particular the biggest hits of the group: Feel Good Inc. with Pos, dirty harry avevs Bootie Brown before ending with Clint Eastwood with Sweetie Irie.

After about twenty songs, the group leaves the stage and the public has only one sentence in their mouths: “It was completely phew! Curious festival-goer or fan for twenty years, we are looking for the person who will tell us that it sucked.

Floating Points, the good weather before the rain

Saturday is only Floating Points that we will have time to see. Under the tent of La La Land and its disco balls, the weather is still fine during the DJ Set of the Englishman, who offers a much more edgy techno than his last albums. But as usual, Floating Points seduces the stamping crowd and asks for more – until the storm arrives as a distinguished guest and puts an end to the festivities for the evening. sorry phoenixyou are not brits but we would have liked to see you anyway…

slowthai in underwear in the rain

On Sunday, We Love Green decided to continue the festival despite everything and the weather is very nice at the start of the day. At least compared to the day before… slow thai arrives on stage for a set that we do not promise madness, but the rain also had a two-day pass. slow thai, so we will see him behind the umbrellas. And of course, with these conditions, he was able to finish his show by singing barbie girl in underpants is magic.

Wet Legs for Wet Leg

For Wet Leg, the sun is shining and the audience is there, but it’s not what we expect… By playing at 5:30 pm on the main stage, the majority of people are already waiting for the concerts of Angèle or PNL. And even if some Angèle fans seem to know or appreciate the duo, to say that the public of Wet Leg is not the same as that of NLP is an understatement. Same Lounge Chair, which closes the concert, will hardly have moved the crowd. Only WetDream will have been able to find an audience of connoisseurs, and the recent cover of this song by Harry Styles is surely not for nothing. On the other hand, there must have been something magical about the main stage because, like Angèle, who chased away the clouds and made a rainbow appear by interpreting your queen, Wet Leg also suffers from the inconveniences of the weather. To honor the English, a heavy downpour disrupts the concert – so that we all have wet legs – and will end with the long cry of Rhian on Ur Mom. The English will still perform some excluded ones, like It’s not so obvious and girlfriendas well as another new one for which Rhian put down his guitar.


The English offers a set between techno and rap at La La Land, which delights all those who stop and it must be said that there is enough. Outfit, dance, pyrotechnics (under a tent!!!), eartheater who comes to twerk on the fireworks, it’s both total chaos and one of the best shows of the festival.

Disclosure to close the British scene

After PNL, the public goes to the tent where plays Disclosure, the two brothers perched on a dais on the stage. And even if it always moves more than PNL – very pretty scenography but without real added value compared to the clips –, we are not necessarily conquered. It moves, it dances, but it lacks a little something to really appreciate this set. On the way to the exit, the Italians of Tale of Us play La La Land. And there, nothing is missing from this set to make it perfect.

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