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Games outings: Sushi Surf, Party – 1 2 3 4 players, Fantasy Town, ChimeraLand

Today 11 interesting video games land on App Store for your iOS devices and especially Sushi Surf, Party – 1 2 3 4 players, Fantasy Town, ChimeraLand.

Thursday is to video games what Wednesday is to cinema, which is why you find at iPhoneSoft: Thursday game outings for iPhone, iPod and iPad for years.

New free iOS games:

sushi surf icon game ipa iphone ipadSushi Surfing (Game, Action, iPhone / iPad, v1.1.17, 265MB, iOS 13.0, Awfully Nice Studios GmbH)

Surf, fish and make sushi! A new original endless-runner game. Help Kirashi and Miyu surf amazing seascapes and underwater landscapes. While surfing, catch unusual fish and complete missions for Grandma Hinata to cook the most delicious sushi. Collect coins from sunken pirate ships and underwater volcanoes. Watch out for dangerous fish and the rocky sea! Subway Surfers and Jetpack Joyride fans can download it!

Download free game Sushi Surfing

sushi surf capture game ipa iphone ipad

shape king icon game ipa iphone ipadShape King (Game, Action, iPhone/iPad, v1.34, 192MB, iOS 12.0, Incredible Technologies, Inc.)

Your reflexes will be put to the test in this endless obstacle course, full of turns, dangers, but also bonuses. Simple controls allow you to dodge, jump, dive and shapeshift to avoid danger! The course changes every time, which guarantees exciting games! The constant action and scenery of this game accompany a unique musical atmosphere! The first laps show a very addictive game!

Download free game Shape King

shape king capture game ipa iphone ipad

party 1 2 3 4 players game icon ipa iphone ipadParty – 1 2 3 4 players (Game, Board/Role Playing, iPhone/iPad, v0.5.5, 183MB, iOS 11.0, Tellmewow)

Fun guaranteed with these mini-games on one device, together, up to 4 players. A good time with cooperative multiplayer pastimes. This app has many games in one and the best thing is that you only need a smartphone or tablet!

All games are for two players, but you can add up to 3 or 4 players. For times when you are alone, play against the bot and improve your skills to become the best. You don’t need an internet connection to play, you can play offline for free.

Download free game Party – 1 2 3 4 players

party 1 2 3 4 players capture game ipa iphone ipad

kingdom draw icon game ipa iphone ipadKingdom Draw (Game, Cards/Strategy, iPhone/iPad, v1.01, 644MB, iOS 10.0, Eternal Technics Pty Ltd)

A hybrid of turn-based strategy and customizable card collecting game in a medieval fantasy universe.

Gather your armies, prepare your spells and dive into a captivating single-player campaign. Complete missions for each of the 4 factions to earn more cards and delve into the unique story of each of humans, undead, orcs and elves. With new chapters released each season, discover the epic story behind the Kingdom Draw universe.

And if not, try to climb the online rankings.

Download free game Kingdom Draw

kingdom draw capture game ipa iphone ipad

into the breach icon game ipa iphone ipadInto the Breach (Game, Strategy, iPhone / iPad, v1.0, 519MB, iOS 15.0, Netflix, Inc.)

Exclusively reserved for Netflix subscribers, Into The Breach is a very successful port of the eponymous title on PC. A turn-based strategy game with mechas that is both very technical and very complete. If you like Japanese box-by-box RPGs, go for it (but with a subscription to the streaming platform).

Download free game Into the Breach

into the breach capture game ipa iphone ipad

infinite miner icon game ipa iphone ipadInfinite Miner (Game, Action / Strategy, iPhone / iPad, v1.1.6, 108 MB, iOS 12.0, kouhei kitagawa)

“Vampire Survivors” is an indie game where you have to kill enemies and build your character. A very strange title…

Download free game Infinite Miner

infinite miner capture game ipa iphone ipad

fantasy town icon game ipa iphone ipadFantasy Town (Game, Simulation/Adventure, iPhone/iPad, v0.1.2, 558MB, iOS 10.0, INTENIUM)

Harvest your dreams in Fantasy Town! Build your city full of life and talented citizens, set up a farm with its thriving crops, or produce more valuable goods like milk and butter on an animal farm! You can also explore the stunning countryside full of surprises for limitless adventures and endless happiness in this farming simulation RPG.

A city management game as cute as it is complete!

Download free game Fantasy Town

fantasy town capture game ipa iphone ipad

dungeon lord icon game ipa iphoneDungeonLord! (Game, Cards / Strategy, iPhone, v1.1.11, 176 MB, iOS 13.2, Michael Jacobs)

welcome to the Dungeon! In Dungeon Lord, a single-player, turn-based fantasy card game, you lead a team of adventurers through the dungeon to find glory and loot. Defeat powerful enemies and sneaky traps using enchanted weapons and magic spells. With its short and addictive gameplay, Dungeon Lord is easy to play and hard to put down. Can you become…the Dungeon Lord?

Download free game DungeonLord!

dungeon lord capture game ipa iphone

chimeraland icon game ipa iphone ipadChimeraLand (Game, Role Playing/Adventure, iPhone/iPad, v1.0.4, 3.2GB, iOS 8.0, Level Infinite)

ChimeraLand is an open world survival game with strong RPG elements set in a prehistoric and mythical world.
You need to gather resources, craft items, farm and research technologies. Start with the construction of a survival shelter, until the creation of a megabase in outer space! Better, with the hundreds of mythical beasts that you will come across, you will be able to catch them and even tame them.

Download free game ChimeraLand

chimeraland capture game ipa iphone ipad

soulforged icon app ipa iphone ipadsoulforged (App, iPhone / iPad, v1.0.5, 1MB, iOS 11.0, Arkadiusz Bisaga)

Embark on a fantastic journey through a vast and unique world where your character will face many dangers and challenges. Collaborate with other players to discover new technologies, build cities and infrastructure, and venture into previously unknown parts of the world.

A unique game experience where coordination is extremely rewarding, in a game that respects your time and allows you to progress by spending only a few minutes a day in the game.

No fees, no in-game purchases…

Download the free app soulforged

soulforged capture app ipa iphone ipad

New paid iOS games:

alumni escape room adventure icon game ipa iphone ipadALUMNI – Escape Room Adventure (Game, , iPhone/iPad, v1.0.3, 1.6GB, iOS 15.0, M9 Creative LTD)

An adventure inspired by escape rooms. Trapped in a past time – will you be able to escape? Play as a scientist transported to the past, in his memories of university, and try to escape from a nightmarish reality. Explore the areas and observe your surroundings. Use all your puzzle solving skills to make your way through Ridgeway College and back to the present. The graphic atmosphere is very successful, thrills guaranteed!

To download ALUMNI – Escape Room Adventure at €3.99

alumni escape room adventure capture game ipa iphone ipad

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