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from the conservatory to the first part of Orelsan, itinerary of a child, passionate about music.

The group 3pour100 was chosen by Orelsan, to accompany him in the first part, not on a date, but on the WHOLE tour! A real springboard for these three friends, from Caen, JD, Floyd, and a certain Mao, who started music very early.

We know the difference between Orelsan, the prince of rap and William Christie, the king of baroque music. But the hyphen? Because yes, there is someone in Caen who could claim to have played with these two extremes.

Everyone calls him Mao. Well known in the Pierre-Heuzé district where he grew up, with his friends Floyd and JD. Soft-spoken, always smiling, not the type to roll mechanics, even if he could.

Small, Mao is good at school. But he is bored. His CP mistress took advantage of the visit of Robert Weddle, then creator of the Maîtrise de Caen, to make the presentations.

This is how he embarked on this course, set up by the Caen theater and conservatory. You see sport-study, well it’s the same thing except that here we live to the rhythm of Mozart, Beethoven and… William Christie, founder of Flourishing Arts.

Every year the Mastery*, directed since by Olivier Opdebeeck, is working on a large-scale show, with big names. From François Morel to David Lescot, recently. In 2008, Mao shared the bill with William Christie for the opera Il Sant’Alessio.

Their tour takes him to the skyscrapers of New York. Mao, so alto soprano remembers “to have had a good laugh when we played wolf with our friends, in a hotel where the series Gossip girl was filming.” An American series for teens, very popular at the time.

Those years he says have it”built.” Even if at the beginning, it was difficult not to be in the same school as his neighborhood friends.

The Mastery brought me a lot humanly, we were mixed with people from all walks of life and it opened my mind. I may have a different approach today thanks to this training.”

His former teacher, Olivier Opdebeeck, has a very precise memory of the young boy, You could see right away that he had an artistic temperament. One day there was a difficult solo. He was with the little ones, the big ones couldn’t do it and he immediately wanted to try. He was not afraid. He had this desire and this self-confidence that encouraged him to surpass himself.”

The musical director of the Maîtrise is therefore not surprised to see him evolve in music. Rap or classic, it doesn’t matter.

Music is music. What is important to me is that the artistic personality of my students can develop. I’m not trying to turn them into classical musicians, but rather to turn them into well-made human beings, through music.

Olivier Opdebeeck

Musical director of the Maîtrise de Caen

3percent – Paris


The classic taught him to lay down his voice, maintain it and prepare before the stage. “We acquire gymnastics and the more we repeat, the more the stress goes away”explains Mao, who has become one of the singers of the group 3pour100.

Orelsan and 3pour100 know each other well. They met thanks to Ablaye, Orelsan’s faithful companion, who had become his producer. He has an eye, spots them and here is how the trio finds themselves twice in the first part of the Norman rapper, in 2018.

It was for the “Party is Over” and it looks like it has just started since Orelsan is taking them on ALL the dates. “The challenge is to make us known, beyond Caen”explains JD.

So let’s do the introductions: Mao, Floyd and JD have never left each other. Their group 3pour100 is first and foremost the story of a friendship.

In their titles, they tell each other. Their hopes in Paris. “I never dreamed of bandits but I dreamed even less of running after my life”.

Their beginnings in At exactly midnight “I grew up at the bottom of the block and I understood that three people could have fun”.

Their loves in the last title that will be presented a certain February 22, at the Zenith of Caen.

They love music, and you can feel it when you listen to their sound, more instrumental than outbursts of beats. As if the classic had sown the right seeds.

3POUR100 – Minuit Pile (Official Clip)


*To see all clips of 3pour100

*Registrations for the Maîtrise de Caen are open until March 15, 2022.

All the information on their site.

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