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From July 21 to 27, last week of the Nohant Chopin Festival

The Nohant Chopin Festival will continue and end in July, inviting musicians, recognized or to be discovered, and the public to explore the romantic fervor, theme of this 56th edition.

In addition to the concerts, given by established artists and young talents to be discovered, the conferences and the public masterclasses animated in the morning by Yves Henry, president of the festival, a literary and musical impromptu around Marcel Proust, whose centenary we celebrate this year of death, and George Sand will be proposed on Saturday July 23 by the pianists and actors of the Academy of Young Talents 2022, on texts chosen by Danielle Bahiaoui (president of the Friends of Nohant).

On Saturday evening, Bruce Liu, winner of the 2021 International Chopin Competition in Warsaw will give Nohant his first recital in France in a Chopin, Ravel and Liszt program.

The Nocturnes of Chopin and Field

The evening of Sunday July 24 will be devoted to the nocturnes of Chopin but also of Field with Florent Albrecht. This great specialist in the nocturnes of the two composers will play them alternately on a Pleyel 1844 piano, to be as close as possible to their inspiration. The next day, July 25, the pianist will give a lecture entitled From Field to Chopin, evolution of the nocturnein which he will reveal the secrets of this musical form.

It is the same Pleyel from 1846 which will also be used for the masterclasses. It belongs to the festival, which launched a subscription with the Heritage Foundation to restore a second Pleyel, dating from 1844.

A concert in Bourges on July 22

The Nohant Chopin Festival is used to concerts outside the walls, but Bourges had not yet hosted it. This will be done on July 22, as part of the beautiful summer in Bourges.

At 9 p.m., on the forecourt of the cathedral, Guillaume Vincent, winner of the International Marguerite Long Competition, will play part of the complete works of Rachmaninoff, which he is preparing to record. Free recital with free participation.

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July program

Thursday July 21

8:30 p.m.: recital by Charles Richard-Hamelin (piano). Second Grand Prize and winner of the Krystian Zimerman Prize of the International Frederic Chopin Competition in Warsaw 2015.
Franck, Ravel, Chopin.

Friday July 22

10 hours : public masterclass.

16 hours : Chopin and Proust, the meeting of two geniuses, Proust writer on Chopin, lecture by Jérôme Bastianelli, writer and president of the Friends of Marcel Proust.

8:30 p.m.: recital by Philippe Cassard (piano).
Schubert, Liszt, Chopin.

Saturday July 23

10 hours : public masterclass.

18 hours : literary and musical impromptu around Marcel Proust and George Sand (park of George Sand’s estate) with the pianists and actors of the Academy of Young Talents 2022.

8:30 p.m.: recital and Bruce Liu (piano), First Grand Prize of the Frédéric Chopin International Competition in Warsaw 2021 unanimously.
Chopin, Ravel, Liszt.

Sunday July 24

Anne Gastinel. Photo Jean-Baptiste Millot

11:00 : springboard-discovery. Winner of the 2022 Cortit Prize (piano).

16 hours : chamber music with Anne Gastinel (cello) and Claire Désert (piano).
Complete works for cello and piano by Chopin.

8:30 p.m.: recital by Florent Albrecht on a Pleyel 1846 piano.
Nocturnes by Chopin and Field.
Concert followed by a literary and musical evening stroll in the grounds of George Sand’s estate with the participation of young talents from the Nohant Festival Chopin Academy.

Monday July 25

10 hours : public masterclass.

16 hours : From Field to Chopin, evolution of the nocturne, conference by Florent Albrecht, with the participation of Jean-Yves Clément and Yves Henry.

8:30 p.m.: recital by Javier Perianes (piano).
Beethoven, Chopin, Granados, Liszt, Wagner/Liszt.

Tuesday July 26

10 hours : public masterclass.

16 hours : Chopin, from improvisation to publishing, lecture by Jean-Jacques Eigeldinger, musicologist, with the participation of Yves Henry (piano).

8:30 p.m.: recital by François Chaplin (piano).
Chopin, Mozart.

Wednesday July 27

15 hours : closing concert of the young soloists in residence. Julia Ozowska (piano), chosen by the Chopin Institute in Warsaw; Zu-An Shen (piano), Alfred Cortot Normal School of Music, Paris; Maya Nagakura (piano), winner of the Nohant Festival Chopin Japan Piano Competition 2021.

Talks-meetings, conferences and springboards-discoveries
are presented by Jean-Yves Clément.

All the masterclasses led by Yves Henry, the conferences and the
talk-meeting in July, take place in the Maurice-Sand hall of the Théâtre de
La Chatre.


Mail: by returning the booking form to be downloaded from the website of the
festival (, at the La Châtre tourist office, 134 rue Nationale, 36400 La Châtre
Online at
By telephone (02 54 48 46 40) and direct sale at the La Châtre tourist office.

On the sidelines of the festival

Chopin’s Nohant: visit of the house focusing on the presence of the musician during the seven summers spent in Berry, July 25 at 11:30 a.m. (reservations essential).
Visits to the sound of the piano: at the end of the last guided tour of the house, the young soloists in residence at the Nohant Chopin Festival play in the living room on a Pleyel piano from Chopin’s time. July 22, 25 and 26 in partnership with the Nohant Chopin Festival. Free access to the house on presentation of a festival ticket during the visiting hours, depending on availability.
Information and reservations on and on

The Enchanted Room: this is the title of the first recording ever made in the house of George Sand. Yves Henri performs a dozen works composed by Frédéric Chopin during his summers in Nohant, on a Pleyel from 1839 installed just under the room where the composer worked.

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