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Friday on Sea returns transformed with a second album: “I put certain fears aside”

You released “First emotions” in 2019 and we find you three years later with much more confidence and self-confidence. Have things changed?

Friday on Wed: “Enormously. There was a void called confinement that allowed me to question myself. I had time to think about what I wanted and took paths I hadn’t taken before. It was a personal and artistic metamorphosis. I put some fears aside and it gave me confidence in my daily life too! »

Your first album was very well received, what went through your mind when you started the process of writing the second?

“I knew what I wanted. During the tour, I realized that I was missing vocals and something more raw, that was the starting point. So I turned to the middle of techno and I met Sam Tiba. Little by little, people like Myd and Owlle joined the project and detached me from my Venus side. I wanted to go the opposite of what I had done until then, without knowing where it was going to lead me. My metamorphosis came from me, but also from others around me, I discovered myself! »

This second part changes a lot from the first. Were you afraid of the return of your public?

“I wouldn’t change anything on this album, but I knew I was going to lose part of my community. I also knew I was going to win some and that’s the game when you release something. I couldn’t do the same thing as during “Premiers émois” because everyone would have been bored, starting with me. Of course, you have to get used to this new style, but it reflects my desires. »

How did you come up with the idea for the name of the album, “Metamorphosis”?

“It was difficult to find a name for this album. For three months, I left the question hanging and I even hesitated not to give it to him, because the story that the album tells already says it all. My teams and my entourage kept talking about metamorphosis and, as it came up often, I ended up choosing it because it made sense. »

If we compare “Metamorphosis” to your first album, it is clear that you are much more into singing than speaking, as was the case before. Is this another consequence of this gain in self-confidence?

“I wanted to break down barriers and have fun, so I decided to sing more. There is something that has changed and I have relieved myself of the weights and fears that I could feel, because I did not feel legitimate. This is also what helped me gain confidence! »

On “How are you going to finish”, you talk about sexuality in a very open way. Is it liberating to approach this directly, in such a raw way?

“Women don’t often talk about this in the current musical landscape, so I wanted to break this form of taboo and deconstruct the image that people might have of me. A lot of people text me saying that it makes them want to have sex, so it makes me happy (laughter). »

Some texts are also imbued with a certain form of darkness. Did you also feel the need to show this facet of your personality?

“This album is very anchored in the present and spontaneous, at the limit of automatic writing. I didn’t see this album as gloomy, but I realize now that it’s been released that it is, even if there is light. For a track like ‘Si il est’, I cried a lot and it allowed me to let go, because I say what I think of myself and the look that I have the impression that we put on me, which I had never said. »

In a few lines:

Friday on the sea has dared to dare, and has rediscovered itself musically on this second album. “Metamorphosis” is aptly named and teaches us a lot about the singer who had remained very mystical until then. The techno touch may surprise fans who liked “First emotions”, but brings real added value to the approach of the 27-year-old young woman. The disc contains some nuggets that will soon be included in your playlists. 4/5


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