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Friday at sea: “I wanted techno on this album”


The Genevan makes a 180 degree turn with her disc “Metamorphosis”. She is in concert at L’Usine à Gaz in Nyon (VD) this Friday, May 13th.

Friday on sea released its second album “Metamorphosis” in March 2022. She is in concert in Nyon this Friday, May 3.

It’s a Friday, with a view of Lake Geneva in Lausanne, that we meet Friday on the sea. Her real name, Charline Minot, the Genevan returns with an album that blurs the tracks: “Metamorphosis”. Excellent in her French synthpop universe, she decides to surprise and begins a 180 degree turn, doing the splits between techno beats and a piano-voice. She also opens up more: “I’m saying things I’ve never said out loud.”

The 27-year-old artist speaks of this disc as “a birth”. An ode to the woman she has become who lives more and more in the present moment. She has only one desire: to play her new songs as much as possible live. It will also be this Friday, May 13 at L’Usine à gaz in Nyon.

You come back with a second album entitled “Metamorphosis”. Quite a musical metamorphosis, right?

Yes, it is a will. I couldn’t have made the same album twice. And above all, I wanted to explore a lot of things. I had fun on this record like never before. I’ve worked with a lot of amazing people and I’m so proud of it. I am delighted because, when I arrived in the world of music, I discovered everything with carelessness. And I really, on this project in any case, chose what I wanted to do. I took the reins a lot more and made a turn. It’s me. More than on the first album, finally.

What inspired you for this 180 degree turn?

I am inspired a lot by what I live and what I feel. The difference with this record is that we don’t find any melancholy. The songs represent my feeling of the moment. It’s also much more intimate. I am thinking in particular of the title “If it is”. It’s about what I think of myself and what I never tell anyone. Okay, now everyone will know… (Laughs.)

In this piano-voice, you say, “I only know how to break and start all over again. I’m never enough.” Are you very demanding of yourself?

Yes I think. I don’t give myself too many options and I always wonder if I did things right. Sometimes I look back on situations and interpret what others may think of me. I am struggling for nothing. Not necessarily in music, but more in my life in general. I am attached to the past. I often have memories that come back to me.

Are you melancholic?

Yes, quite. Both sad and happy times. It’s strange… It allows me to take stock and above all to push myself upwards. For example, remembering who I was and seeing how far I’ve come. When I have moments of doubt, it allows me to put things into perspective.

With the title “Disillusioned”, we imagine ourselves in a Berlin club.

When I thought about this album, I wanted to work with someone who came from techno. I didn’t know yet what the record was going to look like, but I had this certainty. I met Sam Tiba from the techno group Club Cheval with whom I produced the whole record. I needed to go to the extreme and look for something else. I no longer wanted to be a Venus (note: his inspiration for his first record). It was very good to start my career, but now I wanted to go elsewhere. It was the best way to make this turn.

“I wanted to work with someone who came from techno. I needed to go to the extreme of the previous album and look for something else.”

Friday at sea, singer

Speaking of turns, your songs are usually more spoken than sung. This time, you have decided to do the opposite. Why?

During the first confinement, I was leaving my tour which was quite long. On stage, I was so happy to find that when the choruses came in, people sang them with me. I was like, “This is crazy! I love that!” And above all, I wanted to sing more, because I never really dared. By fear. I didn’t consider myself a singer. I didn’t think I could. There, I decided to break all my barriers. I took lessons. Today, when I’m in concert, I notice that paradoxically the most complicated are the parts where I speak. (Laughs.)

Your second single, “Monochrome”, is worthy of the best Yelle could do. Do you like this artist?

Yeah, I love Yelle. People often talk to me about it. And also Mylène Farmer. I can only be honored because they are two artists that I admire a lot. To get to know Yelle a little, she is a woman who is fascinating and who nevertheless resembles me quite a bit in what she is personally and in what she can bring out on stage. There is a kind of mutation which is quite phew! It’s a nice parallel.

You also follow Angèle on Instagram, do you know each other?

We have already met many times at festivals or other concerts. I think she brought something fresh. It’s the opposite of what I do. But I admire authentic artists, who are logical with their purpose and the image they send back.

You are on an international tour. You are also this Friday, May 13 at L’Usine à Gaz in Nyon. How will this show be?

There will be a lot of energy. In any case, with the time we’ve lost over the past two years, I think it’s going to boost the energies of all the artists on stage a little. And above all, I have my musicians who are great, who accompany me and who listen to me a lot. In concert, the album is transformed. It takes on a whole new dimension. This is the final touch to this artistic project. I hope you will come and find out.

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