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France Bleu offers you a selection of exclusive concerts!

For the holidays, France Bleu puts on its 31 and offers you its selection of the most beautiful concerts.

In the program

From Monday to Friday from 8 p.m., find party evenings with concerts by the greatest French and international artists.

Listen to France Bleu live

Monday, December 20: Julien Doré (France Bleu concert)

The great return of Julien Doré on stage, you experienced it during a unique France Bleu Live, recorded at the Cratère, Scène nationale d’Alès, in the Gard.

Accompanied by his musicians, Julien Doré unveils new versions of the titles The Fever, We, kiki, Barracuda or Wow, tracks from his album Aimee released in September 2020. A more committed album than the previous ones, but in which the artist’s poetry and humor remain intact.

Obviously, the great successes of the singer are on the program of this concert event and Julien Doré interprets in live his successes as wasabi cabbage Where Paris-Seychelles.

A 100% emotional concert to experience only on France Bleu.

Tuesday, December 21: Jean-Louis Aubert (France Bleu concert)

Jean-Louis Aubert on stage, this is the gift that France Bleu gave you on June 16 at the inauguration of the House of Radio and Music, in Paris. A real communion between the public present and the former singer of the group Telephone.

During this unforgettable France Bleu Live, it is an unleashed Jean-Louis Aubert who interprets his hits just an illusion or Where do I turn? but also classics like That (that’s really you) Where Money too expensive.

time again, alter egoJean-Louis Aubert strings together his hits at a frantic pace and unveils excerpts from the album Refugereleased in 2019.

A true fellowship” which does “crazy good“according to the public present.

Wednesday, December 22: Vianney (France Bleu concert)

Vianney on the France Bleu Live stage for an exclusive concert! With his light and unifying songs, Vianney carries around his infectious enthusiasm. The public is not mistaken and his first album, white ideaswas certified platinum upon its release in 2014.

Before going back on tour as soon as the health crisis is over, Vianney went back on stage to present the new songs from his latest album let’s not wait at a France Blue Live exceptional, recorded for your radio in April 2021.

An event that leaves a bittersweet feeling to the singer, “lack of scene” and visibly shaken by this reconnection with the public:

This concert was so good, but in the real world it doesn’t exist anymore!

Thursday, December 23: Francis Cabrel (France Bleu concert)

Francis Cabrel on the stage of the Maison de la Radio in Paris, this is the gift that France Bleu offered to its listeners in March 2021, despite the closure of the performance halls. A salutary moment, in music and poetry, to live in an unprecedented France Bleu Live.

Francis Cabrel performs many excerpts from the album At dawn returning on the France Bleu stage, including look like you, the first single from this record. Touching homage to his father who left too soon, Francis Cabrel claims the mixture of emotions and demands that populate his repertoire:

The troubadours did not just sing about love. They had social observations and tantrums.

Francis Cabrel hits I love her to death, Little Marie, The ink of your eyes, Sarbacane or Bullfighting, have become classics of the French variety. It is with childlike joy that the artist brings these titles to life on stage, with in particular a version tinged with blues accents of the title Sarbacane.

Friday, December 24: the evening of restaurants

From 8 p.m., Willy Rovelli welcomes you for a great evening around the songs that have marked the Restos du Coeur.

Music has accompanied the Restos du Coeur since day one, starting with the famous restaurant song written by Jean-Jacques Goldman. Another essential part of the life of the Restos, the tour of the Enfoirés which brings its share of new versions of international hits each year, as when the troupe adapts the title I was made for lovin’ you from Kiss in If we loved each other, if.

Take part, too, in the show and join Willy Rovelli to share your best memories of Restos du Coeur songs, from 1985 to today.

Saturday December 25: Adèle Live at the Royal Albert Hall 2011

Adèle enjoyed worldwide success with the album 21, which sold more than 30 million copies. To celebrate this success, the singer performs at the Royal Albert Hall in London and offers the large audience present new versions of her hits of the moment, including Rolling in The Deep.

This concert is a turning point in Adèle’s career, France Bleu invites you to dive back into the early years of the singer’s career.

Sunday, December 26: France Bleu Live – the prog’

The programmer of France Bleu has selected for you the best titles of the best concerts of the best artists. Immerse yourself in two hours of live music and discover new versions of the greatest hits in this program signed France Bleu.

Monday, December 27: Julien Clerc (France Bleu concert)

Julien Clerc on the stage of the Maison de la Radio in Paris to offer us an exceptional France Bleu Live, a concert full of emotion to be experienced only on France Bleu.

In 50 years of career, we can say that Julien Clerc collect tubes: My preference, The Cavalry, Women, I love you, rocker heart, Melissa… The artist has always been able to renew and adapt to remain popular with the public.

Julien Clerc presents the new songs from his latest album earthlingbut also his greatest hits like Useful Where Leave me a placeduring this exclusive concert to listen to on France Bleu.

Tuesday, December 28: Tryo (France Bleu concert)

Tryo has been traveling the roads of France for over 25 years. And when the group offers us an exclusive France Bleu Live, it’s obviously an event! On the occasion of the anniversary of France Bleu Mayenne, a handful of lucky men and women had the privilege of meeting Guizmo, Christophe Mali and Danielito for a concert like no other.

Tryo, which celebrated its 25-year career in 2020 with a double album entitled XXVhad to resign themselves to postponing their gigantic concert planned at the Accor Arena in Paris with prestigious guests, such as Renaud, Alain Souchon and his sons, Véronique Sanson, -M-, Hubert-Félix Thiéfaine, Bernard Lavilliers or Vianney. More motivated than ever, the group got back on the road as soon as the sanitary measures were relaxed.

Recorded in November in Laval, this concert is an opportunity to sing with the group its most famous titles such as The anthem of our campaigns, Hold me, but also those of their seventh album like To like or battle song.

Wednesday, December 29: Kimberose (France Bleu concert)

Kimberose offers us an exclusive concertrecorded in studio 104 of the Maison de la Radio et de la Musique in Paris.

During this exceptional France Bleu Live, the singer, revealed by the show Taratata 100% Live on France 2, gives us a breathtaking version of her first single, I’m sorry.

The voice of Kimberose is impressive. On the title Back on my feetshe reveals all the power of her influences soul music. The excerpts from her first two albums follow one another with sensuality and intact strength, as when Kimberose performs I’m broke Where The urge to waltz.

An exceptional concert to listen to exclusively on France Bleu.

Thursday, December 30: Texas (France Bleu concert)

Texas is back on stage! A few weeks ago, the Scottish pop rock band met its fans at studio 104 of the Maison de la Radio et de la Musique in Paris for a France Bleu Collector to listen to exclusively on France Bleu. This concert is an opportunity for Texas to sing their most famous titles like Say what you want, inner smile, The Conversationbut also those of their 10th album like Hi or Mr Haze.

For 30 years, Texas has enchanted us with their blues, rock, pop or disco hits. The group, carried by the voice of Sharleen Spiteri, moves forward in time, guided by their sole passion for music. And it still works as well, the French public is there! In fact, the band pays him back, as Sharleen says:

Everyone knows, I love France!

Friday, December 31: Sting (France Bleu concert)

France Bleu offers you a selection of handpicked stars, to spend the best of the end of the year.

From 8 p.m., you have an appointment with Sting to relive the best moments of his France Bleu concert, recorded at the Panthéon in Paris last October. An exclusive concert organized with FIP on the occasion of its 50th anniversary.

From 9 p.m., live on your radio the New Year’s Eve presented by Stéphane Bern for France 2, from the Royal stables of the Château de Chantilly. On stage, find Nolwenn Leroy, Zaz, Clara Luciani, Julien Dore, Benabar, Pascal Obispo, Were, Vincent Niclo, but also Nicoletta, Crow and many others.

An exceptional event in partnership with France Télévisions.

From midnight, the evening continues with two hours of mix signed Bob Sinclar to start the year in the best possible way. The party continues with an episode of New Year’s Let’s Dance to find exclusively on France Bleu.

Saturday January 1: Celine Dion at the heart of the stadium

Celine Dion rocks the Stade de France in Saint-Denis.

In June 1999, the Quebec singer offered two remarkable performances in front of 90,000 spectators. Celine Dion performs on stage the titles of the album If it were enough to love like the singles We do not change, While waiting for his steps and Zora smiles. During this singing tour, we also find titles from the singer’s debut, such as Of love or friendship or the theme of Titanic, My Heart Will Go On.

An event concert to live on your radio to start the year in the best way.

Sunday January 2: France Bleu Live – la prog’

The programmer of France Bleu has once again selected for you the best excerpts from the best concerts. Immerse yourself in two hours of live music played live with your fingers and discover new versions of the greatest hits in this program signed France Bleu.

Happy Holidays music on France Blue !

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