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Formula 1 | The fabulous 48 hours of Alpine

In Formula 1, the silly season always gives rise to improbable turnarounds in transfers. A game of musical chairs that always leaves someone alone once the music stops. And this summer, the Alpine team is not about to sit down.

The Hungarian Grand Prix ended the first part of the season. And if the Budapest turnstile often offers soporific races, this 2022 edition was majestic. At the top of the list, the Ferrari strategy allowing Charles Leclerc to go from P1 to P6 thanks to the use of hard tyres. A pure delight.

Especially since the Scuderia had been warned of the poor performance of these, given that a team had already screwed up its strategy by putting them on: Alpine. Well. It must be said that by starting 5th and 6th, the Alpine drivers had good hopes of shining in this last race before the break. But the blue cars finally finish in 8th and 9th position. A small disappointment on the track which will very quickly continue behind the scenes.

Act I: Alonso drives Alpine crazy

The next morning, tragedy strikes.

Aston Martin announces the arrival of Fernando Alonso. Information very quickly confirmed by the principal concerned. And we will see later that this detail is important. The funny thing about all of this is that Alpine director Otmar Szafnauer saw nothing but fire. So much so that he learned the news from the Aston Martin press release. Another twisted shot from this old Spanish veteran.

“I asked the question, and he (Fernando Alonso) replied: “No, no, I didn’t sign anything”. So I was a bit surprised…” O. Szafnauer

Even better, Fernando didn’t just lie to him about his future in F1. He did the same for his vacation spot. A little more or a little less, we are no longer close to that.

“Since then, I haven’t spoken to him, since he is on a boat, I believe, somewhere in the Greek islands” O. Szafnauer

The boat in question.

The main disagreement came as Alpine offered the Spaniard a one-season deal with an optional one. While Fernando hoped for several seasons without an option. The seed that gave rise to an unforgettable episode. And to think that just two days before the Hungarian Grand Prix, Alpine celebrated Alonso’s 41st birthday with joy and good humor. A video that has aged rather poorly.

Act II: The almost signature of Piastri

Despite this unexpected announcement, Alpine is not giving up. And for good reason, the planets finally seem to align for the young and talented Oscar Piastri. A member of the Alpine fold, the 21-year-old Australian has been F2 and F3 champion for the past two seasons. Each time being a rookie. A performance performed by Lewis Hamilton and Charles Leclerc in the past, for comparison. The departure of Alonso is therefore a golden opportunity for Oscar and Alpine. The day after Aston Martin was made official for Alonso, the French team announced that Piastri would therefore be the new official driver for the 2023 season.

But at Alpine, dreams do not exist. Their joy is short-lived. It lasts exactly 1 hour and 49 minutes. This is the time between the formalization of Alpine and the denial of Piastri. In the legend.


“I understand that, without my agreement, Alpine issued a press release at the end of the afternoon indicating that I will be driving for them next year. This is false and I have not signed a contract with Alpine for 2023. I will not be driving for Alpine next year. » O. Piastri

Popcorns are starting to become impossible to find in stores.

Clearly, everyone is in front of their PC enjoying the spectacle that Alpine and Piastri are offering us.

Act III: Alpine does not let go

Because yes, after this capital denial, the world of F1 is not long in joining the party. And to add a little more weight in this lose tricolor, now visible around the world. Alpine, he looks like this guy in a box who takes a rake and sees all his friends make boxes of it. Hasn’t F1 become the finest standard of French know-how?

Faced with this humiliation in the public square, Alpine decided to play the “forcing” card. Despite Oscar Piastri’s masterful wind, the French team continues to assert that the track leading to the Australian is not confirmed.

“We believe our statement is legally correct, but we have nothing further to say” Alpine spokesperson

Do you also feel this endless affair coming? Netflix is ​​already rubbing its hands, and so are we. In the meantime, this announcement from Piastri has just sealed the future of his compatriot Daniel Ricciardo. Indeed the McLaren driver has a (very) good chance of being replaced by Piastri next year. Oscar did not follow Alpine (only) for the kiff. A seat in Formula 1 is only refused if you have a better one in your sights. Basic rule. And it is that of this good Daniel who currently owns the place of the idiot.

The question now is this. After taking a wind from space, will the Alpine team call back its ex? Even his exes?

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