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Focus on music professions

Are you passionate about music, entertainment or sound techniques? Discover the music professions and find the one that meets your aspirations. From musician to sound engineer via instrument maker, l’Etudiant provides you with an overview of possible career opportunities in the musical world.

What careers in music for those who practice an instrument?

When we think of make a living from his passion for musicthe first idea is often that of become a musician. To get a place in a classical orchestra, you have to start your career early. playing an instrument. The musical direction is carried out by a conductor. In both cases, passion for music classic and solid musical studies within a conservatory are essential.

You can also pursue a career in a rock, metal, jazz or reggae band depending on your affinity with a musical genre and the instrument you play. Self-produced or produced by a label, you will live from the sale of your albums and your tours. You can also pass castings for a musical show, an event requiring the presence of seasoned musicians.

Good to know: some musicians turn to music teaching careers whether it be music teacher in college and high school or teacher in individual lessons or in a conservatory Where an association.

Examples of professions to practice an instrument:

  • Musician in an orchestra
  • Musician in a band
  • conductor
  • music education, music teacher

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What are the technical professions in the sound sector?

Music, you especially like it when you mix it or enhance it. The main outlets are in the technical sound professionswith sound engineer and sound technician on your mind.

In the media, at the cinema, in theaters or at a festival, these sound engineering professionals manage the sound recording and its distribution for a rendering that meets the expectations of the artist or the group that is performing. He also intervenes on TV or cinema shoots for the installation of cabling and sound control, sound recording and then mixing of the various sound tracks.

For those who appreciate festive atmospheres, become a DJ makes it possible to combine this taste for celebration and music. Remix Composer and Music Programmeryou contribute to the success of an evening, a show and to the reputation of a nightclub by offering to mix live.

With the development of video games and animated films, the profession of sound designer is also growing. This professional imagines and designs a sound universe for a game, a film, an advertisement, etc. It then responds to a specific command.

Examples of sound professions:

  • sound designer
  • DJ (disc jockey)
  • Sound engineer
  • Blender
  • sound engineer
  • sound engineer
  • sound technician

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What opportunities in music management professions?

Although some successes are born on social networks, most artists or shows need a artistic agentof a producerof a musical or vocal coach for a long-term career. Knowing perfectly the workings of the music industry, the media and the entertainment world, they put their know-how and their address books at the service of a singer, band, dance companyetc.

examples of music management careers :

  • Artist agent
  • Label production manager
  • Artistic director
  • Music producer

Music craftsman: the possible professions

If current music is based on the MAO technique, computer-assisted music, the majority of music is imagined and played with traditional instruments: violin, piano, guitars, double bass, etc. And to give life to its instruments, it is necessary to call on instrument makers.

These craftsmen are able to make, maintain and restore musical instruments:

  • the luthier of bowed string instruments specializes in violins, violas, cellos and basses, etc.
  • Iand guitar luthier specializes in acoustic, electric and bass guitars,
  • Ie maker of wind instruments makes flutes, saxophones, oboes, clarinets, French horns, trombones, etc.
  • Ibow maker excels in the art of designing and restoring bows,
  • Ie percussion factor takes care of drums, timpani, gongs, cymbals, etc.
  • the piano maker knows how to tune and repair all pianos, etc.

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