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films, series and documentaries to watch in August 2022

July on Netflix delighted fans of series between the second part of Stranger Things and Virgin River season 4! On the film side, we note the releases of Persuasion or The Gray Man on which the streaming platform has relied heavily. But what does Netflix have in store for us this month of August 2022? Quickly find out what you can watch during the next heat wave or in the event of a storm forcing you to stay in front of the television or your computer. Question series, there will be something for everyone between Sandman or the return of my first times for a third season. Action movie lovers should be satisfied with the programming for this month of August with Carter or Day-Shift. Of course, the platform has not forgotten the children, nor the fans of documentaries!

Netflix series of the month of August 2022

Minamdang Cafe (from 01/08)

Forecasting Love and Weather (from 02/08)

Bom Dia, Veronica : season 2 (from 03/08)

Tamara Falco, exquisite marquise (from 04/08)

Sandman (from 05/08)

After years of imprisonment, the Dream Lord begins his journey across worlds to find what was stolen from him and reclaim his power.

twenty five twenty one (from 05/08)

Renovation operation (from 10/08)

Iron Chef: Brazil (from 10/08)

Locke & Key : season 3 (from 10/08)

In this thrilling final chapter, the Locke family finds even more magical keys and faces off against a new demonic threat bent on taking them.

school tales : the series (from 10/08)

Indian Matchmaking : season 2 (from 10/08)

My First Times: Season 3 (from 12/08)

After finally saying goodbye to single life, Devi and her friends discover that relationships are soul-searching and not without a stir.

A Model Family (from 12/08)

Under the Ember (from 08/17)

Nothing Suspicious (from 08/17)

echoes (from 19/08)

Kléo (from 19/08)

Alma (from 19/08)

After losing her memory in a strange accident where almost all her comrades perished, Alma tries to understand what happened and find her identity.

Glow Up : season 4 (from 08/19)

Chad and JT Go Deep (from 23/08)

Unforgettable Ollie (from 24/08)

MB (from 24/08)

Queer Eye: Brazil (from 24/08)

The famous makeover show arrives in Brazil with a dream team of five experts who help their proteges transform their lives. A lot of emotion in perspective!

Selling The OC (from 24/08)

Under Fire (from 08/24)

All the way to the Maloofs (from 26/08)

Ludik (from 26/08)

Family at stake (from 31/08)

Netflix movies of August 2022

Buba (from 03/08)

Blame Karma? (from 03/08)

Wedding Season (from 04/08)

Under pressure from their parents, Asha and Ravi pretend to be a couple for a summer of weddings. But their plan is derailed when they fall in love with each other.

Carter (from 05/08)

Darlings (from 05/08)

The Fate of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Movie (from 05/08)

Bigger Life (from 06/08)

Overwhelmed by responsibilities, a mother struggles to find an apartment big enough to accommodate her entire family.

Songs of the Heart (from 10/08)

13: The Musical (from 12/08)

Day-Shift (from 12/08)

One life or another (from 08/17)

Royalteen (from 08/17)

365 Days: The Year After (from 19/08)

Crisis of confidence, jealousy and mafia rival playing spoilsport: will Laura and Massimo’s relationship hold up?

Fullmetal Alchemist: Scar’s Revenge (from 20/08)

That’s Amor (from 25/08)

love between adults (from 26/08)

Me Time: finally alone? (from 26/08)

Seoul Vibe (from 26/08)

In the days leading up to the 1988 Olympic Games in Seoul, pilots and mechanics play the undercover to dismantle a huge money laundering network.

Under his Cup (from 29/08)

I Came By (from 31/08)

August 2022 documentaries

Classic Chaos: Woodstock 99 (from 03/08)

In 1969, Woodstock was a festival of music and peace. How could the 1999 edition descend so quickly and so easily into chaos and violence?

I killed my father (from 09/08)

The Thieves of the Century (from 10/08)

A Question of Balance: Skateboarding According to Leo Baker (from 11/08)

The Other Side of Sport: Volume 2 (from 16/08)

The Other Side of Sport: The Imaginary Girlfriend (from 16/08)

L’Envers du sport: AND1 and the golden age of streetball (from 23/08)

The Other Side of Sport: A referee caught at fault (from 30/08)

Our language to cats (from 08/18)

In this captivating and touching documentary, experts analyze the behavior of cats to reveal the true capacities of these felines always on the lookout.

McAfee: From Viruses to Demons (from 24/08)

Never the same story : season 2 (from 25/08)

I AM A KILLER : season 3 (from 30/08)

America: A club facing itself (from 31/08)

Children’s films and series for the month of August 2022

Big Tree City (from 01/08)

A team of animal heroes with special abilities and equipped with speedsters together keep Big Tree City safe and solve the city’s trickiest problems.

Super Giant Robot Brothers (Super brothers, megarobots!) (from 04/08)

Team Zenko Go : Season 2 (from 08/08)

Deepa and Anoop (from 15/08)

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe (from 15/08)

The Cuphead Show! : Part 2 (from 08/19)

Angry Birds: a crazy summer : Season 3 (from 08/25)

Birds Red, Chuck, Bomb and Stella go on camp with their feathered friends. A high-flying summer that promises to be rich in antics!

Mighty Express : Season 7 (from 08/29)

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