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Festivent Ville de Lévis 2022 – Day 1

We disembark in the surrounding streets of a small family neighborhood where the decor of the Festivent aka the Hot Air Balloon Festival is set. We enter through the labyrinthine VIP entrance to arrive on the site, a bit empty and for good reason; it is not yet open to the public. At the main entrance, a long line gets impatient under the merciless sun of this end of the day.

Between the rides of Beauce Carnival and the kiosks of screaming animators so that we can win a teddy bear by games of skill more or less fucked upis the main scene fragmented into four parts.

A smaller stage sits at the back of the soccer field, cushions and throw pillows spread throughout to make the experience casual.

I took out $20 at the checkout, just to test my “cash only” budget. My Lebanese galette ($15 with tip) in hand, I walk around to better appreciate the surrounding cacophony. For the neurodivergent that I am, the pile of sensory information that I receive in the face is an implosion of sounds, lights and noises. I panic and trip at irregular intervals.


After a mess on the hour, we start gently and in pop flavor with Lysandre on the Fido stage. Children dance and the air smells of sweet tallow from nearby restaurants. The intermingling of soaring voices carried by the roundness of the notes lulls us as if by magic and leads us towards the movement of the bodies. Sitting on my piece of grass, I’m crushed by the heat and I just nod rhythmically. Between two songs, the singer confides to us her phobia of hot air balloons and carousels, which is funny given that despite the blindness of the sun, Lysandre is literally surrounded by her phobias, with a direct visual on her terrors.

Nay! Here she is rocking with confidence, surrounded by her musicians and delivering her performance with groove and above all courage. A great discovery for me, having missed his passage at the Pantoum, I was more than delighted with the mess of hours allowing me to attend his opening of the Festivent.

Tradition obliges, I stop to eat a candy apple ($5) or taffy apple as they say around here and my budget is immediately dead. I savor my trophy and the annihilation of my meager achievements while listening to Pelch, giant screen format, sing the fruit to us on the Loto-Québec stage. In the distance, the first hot-air balloons are fully inflated and I suddenly understand Lysander; still a little deformed and gigantic, there is something grotesque before the grandiosity of their flight.

I’m not quite sure if I’m allowed to smoke on site, but in my rebellion I smoke one, while smiling smugly at security (just in case).

Elliot Maginot

Elliot Maginot is back and this time you don’t need an incantation to get sunshine! Of course it’s my time Angel to my Buffy and I fangirl as I wander from scene to scene to test out the best zigzag. Big atmosphere in the VIP (we are 30) and in the proscenium (they are 4), so I’m going with the good people crowded together and the view is breathtaking! I am also not the only one fangirl solid. Of the Easy Morning, Paulette would take it too! From 16 to 76, everyone agrees that musicians are pretty good.

We have the right to the mystical beginning that was stolen from us at the Festive!

Little birdsong and sounds of nature are there. The singer’s voice goes wonderfully with the saxophone, guitar, piano, drums and harmonica for a most pleasant cohesion on stage. A mastery of the artists and in particular (since it takes its favorites) of its guitarist with multiple stringed instruments Jean-Philippe Hébert. What’s better than a built man with a cute ukulele? Nothing. Absolutely nothing beats that, know.

Beautiful moments of tenderness and strong rock moments for a success that I would describe as dry and total.

I go to live the festive part of the place while waiting for the headliner and I meet one of the ladies of the Amarula drink kiosk, on stilts, who greet me with her great butterfly movements. There are as many people for the rides as for the music; a turbulent tide awaits festival-goers who would like to cross at their risk and peril toddlers warmed up by cotton candy and caramel popcorn. Not to mention the equally excited parents and the teenagers who came show-off.

I’m going to squat at the Media HQ, which consists of a white marquee type canvas, two tables and 7 chairs. Suffice to say an oasis of peace for my legs which are beginning to feel the weight of my day in the field; horticulture and blogger what a life !

Young The Giant

The number of festival-goers has drastically increased in all sections, we can feel the excitement in the air and the hormones of young people in bloom!

A cool crowd gathered at the front despite the summer weather. Because yes, the public is made up of very young cool Lévisiens and tonight, they are ready to do anything to hit the barrier.

It’s the outburst of cries from the first notes of the song apartment. A rock and dapper energy instantly unfolds from their dreamlike presence. The indie, pop, very dreamy and catchy rock tones take the already s’ul top to another level and silence for a moment those who have confused living room and show.

Generous, the group offers a new song for the first time and the fans of Young The Giant are in heaven. The musicians chain the titles and the wave of love is palpable. It’s a musical delight and it’s good to let yourself go with the notes, absorbed by them.

Eyes half-closed I savor from afar, the stage, the screens and the Ferris wheel illuminated in the darkness.

We leave Lévis on the road empty of traffic, in a gentle calm, which will have been carried throughout the evening by the variety of local and distant artists.

Despite some problems at the start and an esoteric separation from the floor, the bar is already very high for the next few days!

Tomorrow Thursday August 4, if the rain spares us, I’ll tell you about Electric Neon Cloud, Jake Clemons and Cage The Elephant. A promise of a twist between friends for a Thursday that promises to be quite moshpitous in its final!

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