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Festival Décibulles 2022: a leaning festival and its sixty beers to taste

The steepest festival in France reappears in the heart of the Chena hill in Neuve-Eglise. We did not fail to make an appointment with its eclectic, surprising program and more than sixty local beers with names each crazier than the next. And this 2022 edition is likely to remain etched in our memories.

Day 1. Friday, July 8. 9:00 p.m., set up a tent without poles, possible?

After 3 long hours on the road, we rush to the campsite to settle down… Just in time to realize that we have forgotten the poles of our tent at home. No time to mope, we hear in the distance the concert of the gathering of artists The Groove Sessions which has already started so a bit of rope and some scissors and the tent is up. Neither one nor two, we begin the climb and arrive at the festival site to attend the explosive final of the supergroup. Even if we weren’t able to appreciate the entire performance, the audience seems won over and we’ll have no trouble getting into the mood.

11:25 p.m., luckily there was Vitalic

We let ourselves be tempted by a first beer at one of the festival bars. On the menu, a wide selection and they are all more original than each other. We will opt for a fruit beer at 3.90€ to start well. Niska takes the stage, in front of an audience eager to discover his show. It didn’t take long to see the disappointment in the eyes of the festival-goers. The rapper’s sound settings are bad, there is a lag between the voice and the music playing behind and the bass is saturated. Result, an infernal concert to listen to and an atmosphere that falls soon.

Fortunately, to end this first evening, it is Vitalic who takes the controls to present his last promising live accompanied by an impressive scenography. The artist, who is celebrating his 20-year career this year, will deliver a daunting show full of energy that will win over all the festival-goers who are still standing. Phew, honor is safe!

Day 2, Saturday July 9. 9:22 am, some beer, love and cold water

What could be better than a breakfast and a Doliprane to start the day after a short and eventful night? On the menu, croissant, pain chocolat and coffee, which we order at the campsite’s new catering area, before heading off to refresh ourselves at the secret river, known to regulars, 5 minutes’ walk from the entrance to the campsite. The place is pleasant under the stumps of the trees, even if the water is rather very cold, we don’t hesitate for a single second to jump into it. We will continue the day at the stand of the Pelpass association which is responsible for animating the campsite with a wide choice of board games in free access as well as activities such as badminton, volleyball or the Olympics. For us, it will be Jungle Speed ​​and ping-pong!

5:25 p.m., the campsite is not the only one to be tilted

Back on the festival site, we take advantage of this beautiful end of the day to discover the stands present. Among them, we find that of family planning which educates festival-goers on domestic violence, means of contraception and the various risks caused by drugs. On the new festival space are set up two burlesque stands inspired by fairgrounds with their set of quirky mini games with fanciful rewards. There is also a new bar called “L’atypique” where, as the name suggests, unusual beers are on offer. From a distance, we see a metal structure with a troupe of 3 people inviting festival-goers to join them to watch a show. This one will be comical, family-friendly and full of acrobatics. The band Cie Satchok will delight both adults and children. In short, we were not bored!

6:45 p.m., the caterpillar starts up again

The threesome Delgres takes the stage by storm to perform his Creole blues rock. The concert is festive and powerful, and festival-goers will even launch a giant caterpillar that will roam the entire pit. Now meet in front of “the restaurant” to regain your strength. On the menu for us was a flammekueche (we are in Alsace after all) at €7.50 then head to the cocktail bar “S’schenste tàl” to enjoy a glass of mirabelle plum liqueur and passion fruit for €5. Waiting for the concert Wife we rest our legs on deckchairs. The panard.

9:40 p.m., the sky is added to the program

It was under a splendid pinkish sunset that the group Wife comes on stage to give us an explosive show. Their performance and their interactions with the public will literally turn the festival upside down, between pogo and slam, we won’t have time to get bored and we want more. It is the dry throat that we find ourselves at the bar “Chez Régine” to discover yet another new selection of around twenty beers, we will taste a blonde “La perle Zen”.

11:15 p.m., like a desire to sleep

woodkid, accompanied by his symphony orchestra, starts a visual as well as musical show in front of a huge crowd who come to applaud him. The show is grandiose, the visuals displayed on the screens combined with the power of the orchestra allow an immersive journey into the universe of the French artist. After a few minutes, we start to get tired, it’s true that it’s very beautiful, but after La Femme and their energetic concert, we go from nothing to everything, the concert is too calm and fatigue is felt. We decide to go to the side of the bowling alley where the party is in full swing but we can’t find the motivation. Too bad for French 79, we go back to the campsite to join our makeshift tent.

Day 3, Sunday July 10. 12:30 p.m., who for karaoke?

After a restorative night, here we are in good shape, ready to start the day with broken voices and itchy throats. We go for a tea in the hope of being able to recover it, because the hour of karaoke has come and we hear the first massacre of song. This marvelous karaoke has the sweet particularity of being autotuned. Festival-goers who jostle will have no difficulty in slaughtering the classics of Claude François or even Johnny, and what a treat! Our ears are bleeding, but what a pleasure to savor our lunch in front of the magnificent performances of the singers.

6:00 p.m., senior concert

Once our camp has been repacked, we will applaud The Surroundloop. The two sixty-somethings accompanied by their canes, two MCs and a trumpet player are going to wreak havoc in the Vallée du Décibulles. Their reggae/hip-hop will shake the crowd and make the last festival-goer dance.

And today, we discover the third beer bar of the festival “Chez Lulu” and… you guessed it, its wide choice of beers, including one that caught our eye due to its green color and its nettle perfume, a great discovery!

8:00 p.m., we enjoy the vibe

Barely devoured an American at 6€ than the concert ofHugo TSR begin. The rapper will know how to please his first fans as well as the people who come to discover him. The performance will be energetic, but at times a bit monotonous due to its often similar music.

The crowd is now gathered to welcome Dub Inc., eagerly awaited by festival-goers young and old alike. They will not fail in their reputation, indeed, their show overflows with energy and the public is in madness. Unfortunately for us, the party ends prematurely, it’s time for us to go home, because we have a long way to go. This is only a postponement !

The balance sheet

On the concert side

The unmissable

Wife, their concert will be breathtaking. Literally.

the veteran

Vitalicafter 20 years of career, has lost none of his talent.

The overpriced

Niskathe higher the expectation, the greater the disappointment.

Festival side

We liked:

  • The magnificent setting of the festival in the heart of a valley

  • The organization and the atmosphere: you feel good and safe there

  • The efforts made by the festival to respect the environment: dry toilets, pocket ashtrays, sorting, eco-cup

  • The price of food: the food is good and mostly organic local products.

  • The wide choice of beers available at the various festival bars

  • The new “fairground” area: bowling at a festival is unheard of!

  • The presence of street art companies to animate the breaks on the big stage

  • The presence of the Pelpass association to animate the campsite

  • Female urinals: to be installed everywhere.

We liked less:

  • The dust very present in the enclosure of the festival due to the drought

  • Dry toilets are good, but clean is better

Practical information

Drink prices:

Food prices:

  • Flammekueche : 7.50€

  • American: 6€

  • Cold sandwich: 5€

  • Fries: 2.50€

Festival prizes:

1 day pass: €38, Pass 3 day: 85€


Many free shuttles are available to come and leave the festival.

Conclusion :

For this 28th edition, the festival was sold out on all 3 evenings and won the hearts of festival-goers who came. Throughout our weekend, we did not hear a single criticism: the setting is worthy of a postcard setting, the beer is flowing, the entertainment is impressive and the concerts were for the most part quality. We leave with excellent memories and great encounters. So… see you on July 7, 8 and 9, 2023?

Story and photos: Arthur Fargeot and Mélanie Tardy

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