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Feldermelder & Julian Sartorius in concert in Guin (FR), “Showing teeth” at the Grütli Theater: our cultural agenda



Here are two acrobats: Feldermelder behind his machines and his jungle of cables; Julian Sartorius behind his drums and his forest of drumsticks. Both work askew, tracking down the epiphany by using their instrumentarium against conventions. We expect here a beautiful hitch, a high-flying debate, between the pulsation of the electric signal and the wriggling of the cymbals. P.S.

Federmelder & Julian Sartorius. Bad Bonn, Guin, Mon 4-8 p.m.



High mass of visual and technological arts, the Mapping Festival returns to Geneva for new synthetic daydreams. On the menu, 47 artists and their immersive, virtual or monumental installations. In particular, you can explore your inner self and relax in a small space capsule, experiment with techno-shamanism thanks to mixed reality helmets or admire, in the former Vernets barracks, 360° projections thanks to an XXL geodesic dome. . Cosmic. V.N.

Festival mapping. Various locations, May 19-29.


Women have always had to smile, swallow their anger and allow themselves to be guided. Enough! revolt Fanny Brunet and Olivia Csiky Trnka. In show teeth, the two actresses from Geneva dissect the processes of influence, “that is to say the manipulation of one being over another to break it down to the denial of one’s own identity”. “Yes, there will be a love story, but not as expected. Yes, there will be violence but – FINALLY – where we want, because a Chihuahua can hide a lioness”, assure the two reckless. We rejoice! M.-P. G.

“Show teeth”. Rütli Theater, until May 22.



“Your voice seems to have passed over the sea in the spring.” Pelléas and Mélisande by Debussy is a work apart in the history of opera. Taking as a libretto the melodrama of the symbolist Maurice Maeterlinck, Debussy composes dreamlike and quivering music. In this production, the cast of singers is almost entirely Swiss with notably Bernard Richter and Carine Sechaye for the two protagonists. J. DBG.

“Pelleas and Melisande”. Théâtre du Passage, Sun. 3 to 5 p.m.


The cotton grass’s cotton bells flutter in the wind. The heather paints the ground red. The black earth is waterlogged. It feels like Ireland. But at Ponts-de-Martel, your feet stay dry on footbridges that span old peat bogs. The path awakens the memory of the place and hosts an exhibition of the Photoclub of Neuchâtel until September. A contemplative stroll between marshes and enchanting birch trees, through a landscape that looks like an ink drawing. O.Y.

Peat bog trail, the Ponts-de-Martel. Exhibition of photographs until September. Guided tours in the Marais-Rouge,



Twenty years ago they were shooting The balance sheet. But what is the balance of Balance sheet? May time pass, pass, pass but may the Neg’Marrons go through the ages. Founded in 1995, this group which brewed solar reggae, smart flow and dancehall became legendary with hits that were just as legendary – La Monnaie, Everybody stand up! Guys from the neighborhood now almost fifty, Ben-J and Jacky will arrive at the Port Franc with an era under their arms, to nod heads on their biggest successes. V.N.

Neg’Marrons. Free Port of Sion, Fri 8 p.m. to 8 p.m.



  • On the campus of the University of Lausanne, we don’t just study classical authors, we play them too. For six years, the Lausanne Shakespeare Festival has been celebrating the work of the Bard there with plays, workshops and performances at free prices. For this edition, a variation on Storm, one of Shakespeare’s last plays that probes our dreams; an exploration of the figure of Ophelia or the screening of films like… The Lion Kingfreely inspired by Hamlet. Yes Yes… V.N.

Shakespeare Festival. Théâtre La Grange, Lausanne, from May 20 to 22.


The originality of Alexandra Bachzetsis? Take five dancers to interview the duo. In a room where two pianos also play their part, the Zurich choreographer seizes bodies and body-to-body that we thought were familiar to split them and reparameterize them. Something to tell with finesse and relevance the hybridity that now guides our society. Dizzying games of mirrors for those who love ambiguity. M.-P. G.

“Chasing a Ghost”. Vidy-Lausanne, Mon 17 and We 18 at 8 p.m.

stand up

Beware of Nathanael Rochat. He looks all limp and sleepy and, wham, just when you think he’s sinking talking about sores or the Olympics on TV, he goes on an unfiltered introspection of his sexuality laborious and there, we laugh, but we laugh, to the point of not being able to catch up – my neighbor next door, at the Casino-Théâtre, in Geneva, on February 10, can testify to this. The Romand comedian plays it so low profile that his solo doesn’t even have a title. Whatever the packaging, Nathanaël Rochat is the bomb. Do not miss! M.-P. G.

Nathanael Rochat. Casino-Théâtre, Rolle, from May 19 to 21.


With an international aura, the Vaudois pianist Cédric Pescia is known far and wide for his delicate and vigorous touch – but also his astonishing musical encounters. You just have to see: on a metamorphosed piano extended by an electronic device, this time he will perform an unpublished work by the Lausanne composer Kevin Juillerat. Odyssey extended by the journey, visual and sound, of flutesinstallation by designer Benoît Renaudin made up of 100 recorders. V.N.

Cedric Pescia and Kevin Juillerat. Theater 2.21, Fri 20 at 6 p.m. and 9 p.m.


Passionate about music, Stéphanie Meylan – alias Stefmel – has been attending concerts and festivals for ages. It is therefore logical that her artistic practice led her to specialize in musical photography, between portraits, images of concerts and stories, in collaboration with the designer Luz. Here it is on display at the Docks. Logic. S.G.

“Stefmel – Live portraits”. Les Docks, Lausanne, until July 1.

On tour


Charles Dutoit will lead the OSR in a Russian program with violinist Leonidas Kavakos as soloist. The choice fell on Rouslan and Ludmila (opening) of Glinka, the Concerto in D major by Tchaikovsky and the ballet Fire Bird by Stravinsky. Works largely linked to Switzerland since Tchaikovsky composed his concerto on the shores of Lake Geneva while Stravinsky had offered the OSR an orchestral suite taken from his Bird of Fire. J. DBG.

Charles Dutoit, Leonidas Kavakos and the OSR. Victoria Hall, Geneva, Wed 6 at 7:30 p.m.; Salle Métropole, Lausanne, Thurs 7 to 8:15 p.m.

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