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embark on Booba’s ship

Booba definitely has a very strange definition of the term “retirement”. He who announced that he wanted to bow out after the release of his tenth album, Ultra, finally could not bring himself to hang up. A true music and business addict, he continues to work every day to develop rap and hip-hop culture. In addition to his unique longevity in the game, his crazy productivity and his avant-garde frenzy for NFTs, the rapper is also committed to ensuring the next generation of French rap. This is what he has always done through his 92i label and his many cells including Tallac Records and 7 Corp, and this is the ideal he is pursuing more than ever today with his new structure distributed by Because Music, Piracy Music.

La Piracy, before being the name of Booba’s new official Instagram account, is first and foremost a clothing brand, the one that succeeded Ünkut and of which the Duke is the muse and representative. Pirates, or ratpis, is also the name he affectionately gave to his fans. More than a word widely used in its daily jargon, piracy is a state of mind. A marginal philosophy which, in time, gave birth to a new pool of talent.

Piracy Music, a new form of independence

Booba, which develops artists, is not new: Kaaris, Damso, Shay, SDM… Many people have seen their careers launched within 92I. It was then that in 2019, he decided to give the reins of a new indie cell to Ibou, one of his most faithful acolytes and man in the shadows. “He’s a field guy”affirms Balthazar, the marketing director of Because. “For Booba, it was a way of passing the torch to him to thank him while pursuing his desire for independence”. Afloat just over a year ago, the ship of La Piracy already holds its crew: Captain Kopp and his two sailors, rappers JSX and Dala.

We first discover the first, signed in October 2020, on the clip of “Mona Lisa”. Born in Aubervilliers and pure product of 93 who raps “the real life”, JSX stands out with his hoarse voice, his particular diction, his aggressive flow and his vibes between dirt and melancholy. His sidekick Dala joined the ship in March 2020. Active in rap for more than 11 years in his neighborhood of Mantes-la-Jolie, he can also be found on the track “Vue sur la mer”, from Booba’s tenth album . Bearer of a darker, less open and very incisive rap, he waited for the best moment to launch his career by teaming up with the one he listened to the most in his youth. Happy with this signature, the rapper from 7-8 confides: “It’s motivating and it makes me proud to have someone so great who believes in me and who helps me move forward stone by stone”.

Indeed, within La Piraterie as in its other musical stables, it is Booba who takes on the role of main artistic director.

“That’s where he is very good and I think he showed it with the different signatures of the 92i. He receives a lot of instrumentals and listens to everything to direct his artists as well as possible. That’s him who will tell them which productions will be the most appropriate for their universe. He will also help them in the direction of writing and the choice of themes. Concretely, he is the one who directs absolutely everything artistically. Because is the distributor , but it is the producers who make all the decisions and Booba who dictates the rules.”

“He is present and gives me a lot of advice every day”confirms JSX. “He guided me a lot on my use of autotune”Dala adds. Booba is number 1, he is a visionary and when he gives advice, you have to listen“.

Even more than independence, the watchword of Piraterie Music is to never do like the others and act outside the framework of the traditional rules of record companies. “Contrary to the often square and calculated strategies of record companies, he will not hesitate to overturn everything if it’s for the best”, confesses Balthazar. Like a real pirate, understand that if tomorrow he decides to release a sound a day for a week, he will do it without any hesitation. “From the top of his more than 25-year career, he has seen that the ways of consuming music have changed, that artists live in an era of creative freedom and that they can afford anything. He also knows that he can be a real accelerator for artists, so he plays this card thoroughly”.

Concrete example to illustrate his working method, the recent release of the track “PRT”. According to the label’s executives, Booba upset the release schedules initially planned for JSX and Dala at the last minute. He simply felt that it was too early to send his artists rounds and that they needed a little extra push before they could bring out the heavy artillery. It was then that the song “PRT” was released a few weeks ago. This hymn to Piracy brings together the captain of the ship, Booba and his pirates JSX and Dala.

Galvanized by the strength given by his boss, JSX quickly followed, from the first Friday of 2022, with the release of his latest clip, “Anarchy”. A dark piece in which the rapper lets all his lyrical aggressiveness and the darkness of his pen express itself.

Unexpected at the start, the strategy paid off since “PRT” hit the charts with already more than a million streams on Spotify alone. Proof that this title has shed more light on these two artists still unknown to the general public, the piece of JSX released later achieved a thunderous commercial start with a total of 500,000 streams in one weekend. A real pirate hold-up that testifies to the commercial power of Booba and Piraterie Music.

Piracy, a commercial tidal wave

At a time when the artists of Piraterie Music have only unveiled singles for the moment, the Duke’s vision has proven to be correct from start to finish. Each title released under the label of his new label has achieved commercial prowess. Take for example “Pompéi”: the collaboration between JSX and Booba and the first title released by Piraterie Music is already certified GOLD with more than 15,000,000 streaming listens.

With his five other titles released since, he has accumulated a staggering total for an artist of his caliber, with more than 40,000,000 streams and 15,000,000 views on YouTube. Figures to which we can add those of the single “Mona Lisa”, their duet present the album Ultra certified diamond single. With more than 80,000,000 streams, the title is in the top 10 of the most listened to songs in France in 2021. The eponymous clip meanwhile has accumulated nearly 60,000,000 views on YouTube. “This single represents my determination, it gave me the strength to get where I am and I’m proud of it”asserts JSX.

Dala, for his part, has a total of 8,000,000 streams on his freestyles alone and exceeds 10,000,000 listens on his feat with Booba, “Vue sur la mer”. “It’s motivating and it makes you want to go even further. My ambitions are to do the job, to make good music that I love and that people like”, confides the native of Yvelines.

After a slew of balanced singles in 2021, don’t be surprised to see Dala and JSX’s respective solo projects land this year. But not only that, because if we are to believe the words of the label’s marketing director, La Piraterie and the 92i promise to break like a tidal wave on French rap: “Expect future connections between the artists of Piracy and 92i, but also with other artists close to Booba. Because even if they don’t do business together, it’s still family”, he warns. For those who still doubted it, no, piracy is never over. Even better, it’s only just begun.

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