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[Dossier] On the road to festivals 2022

Dance, circus, creations, classical ballets and contemporary works, in open-air theaters or amphitheatres… The tour of France of the writing of summer festivals, which have resumed their full force after two seasons in parentheses.

the Rendez Vous

Dance Agenda – Summer 2022

Summer dances! After two checkered years, the festival season resumes fully in 2022. Not to mention a few companies that are playing extra time. Here are more than 35 dance proposals – classical, contemporary, circus, flamenco… – in France and abroad, to have some ideas for shows even during your holidays. Make way for discoveries, creations and a lot of slightly different moments, in the many open-air theaters that punctuate the territory.

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[Festival d’Avignon 2022] The sacrifice – Dada Masilo

After two cancellations due to the Covid, the question arose whether the South African choreographer Dada Masilo would come to present her reinterpretation of the Rite of Spring at the Avignon Festival. It’s done ! The sacrifice was finally able to unfold in the courtyard of the Saint-Joseph high school. For this piece in which she has chosen to confront Igor Stravinsky’s masterpiece like many choreographers before her, Dada Masilo returns to her African origins and draws on the elegant and precise gestures of Tswana dance. If this Sacrifice is perhaps a little below her previous pieces, the choreographer still wins the day and knows how to seize us with a sober staging but of great plastic beauty.

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The sacrifice by Dada Masilo – Avignon Festival

[Montpellier Danse 2022] Philippe Decouflé and Marcelo Evelin

The opening of Montpellier Danse 2022 was definitely done in musical tones. After Pontus Lidberg who worked on Kurt Weill, Philippe Decouflé went to rock concerts for his new piece Stereo, created for this festival he knows so well. Halfway between concert, performance, dance and acrobatics, the work is above all a tribute to rock, its raw energy and the mad desire to party after these two years of pandemic. The dance itself is rather set back. But the well-balanced music, the tight-knit artists and the balmy summer air in the open-air Théâtre de l’Agora do the rest. A real “feel-good” show, which resonates as an outlet both for the artists and for the public.

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[Montpellier Danse 2022] Pontus Lidberg – The Seven Deadly Sins et Roaring Twenties

Montpellier Danse opened its 42nd edition with a regular (Philippe Decouflé) and a newcomer: Pontus Lidberg, with the Danish Dance Theater in Copenhagen, which he has directed since 2018. The Swedish choreographer and his company offered a curious evening in two parts , full of stage tensions, energies and surprises, in the absence of a powerful choreographic gesture. The “sung ballet” The seven deadly sins by Kurt Weill and Bertolt Brecht thus leaves more room for a hypnotic staging than for a real dance work. Then Roaring Twenties, a creation for Montpellier Danse, evokes the youth of the 2020s between disenchantment and deep optimism without an obvious personal choreographic touch but which carries away with the grace of the ten performers from the Danish Dance Theatre.

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[Paris l’été 2022] Nass by Fouad Boussouf

Fouad Boussouf had made the opening of Paris last summer at the Louvre museum, which has now been added to the emblematic places of the festival. For this edition, the choreographer resumes Nass, hit show created five years ago and which continues to lift the public as it contains an overflowing and communicative energy. This piece for seven dancers, hailing from hip-hop, circus or contemporary dance, is a concentrate of power that comes as a form of trance, prayer and combat, built on a breathtaking choreography of precision and speed. Carried by the music of the rock band Nass el Ghiwane, Näss (the people) is a virile and generous, exhilarating and seismic show that set the Lycée Jacques Decour on fire.

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[Festival d’Alba-la-Romaine 2022] La Compagnie Singulière, the Acrobatic Group of Tangier and La Sociale K

If we talk a lot about dance festivals during the summer, circus festivals are not left out. DALP therefore made a stopover in Alba-la-Romaine, a small village in Ardèche, which has been alive for 13 years with its circus festival in July, carried by La Cascade, National Circus Pole of Bourg-Saint-Andéol. For a week, recognized and emerging troupes meet in the very beautiful open-air theaters of the village. And in the evening, audiences and artists gather at Carbunica, a place of conviviality and concerts under the trees and the stars. A space which has finally been able to reopen after two years of pandemic, and which has given all its festive colors to the Alba-la-Romaine Circus Festival. On the show side, the Compagnie Singulière amazes with its show Amalgams around… the protection of personal data. We would have found a sexier theme? The troupe makes it a hard-hitting moment, using the codes of illusion like tightrope walking. We also find with pleasure the energy of the Acrobatic Group of Tangier and we discover La Sociale K for a journey in balance.

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The Alba-la-Romaine circus festival

The 47th Hamburg Ballet Days

It’s a ballet lover’s dream: every year, when summer comes, the Hamburg Ballet Days begin. An extraordinary festival during which the pieces from the program of the past season follow one another on the stage of the Opera. Added to this is a repertoire entry – this year The Winter’s Tale by Christopher Wheeldon – and a guest company, the Polish National Ballet with The Tempest by Krzysztof Pastor. And it ends with the famous Gala Nijinsky mixing the works of John Neumeier and other choreographers. After two lean years due to the pandemic, these dance days have once again brought together the troupe and the public of Hamburg for a grandiose and unique celebration in the world.

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[Festival de Marseille 2022] Aina Alegre, Marlene Monteiro Freitas and Compagnie l’Autre Maison

Second stopover at the 2022 edition of the abundant Marseille festival, rich in proposals that upset and question. The opportunity to discover RAUXA, the intense solo of dancer and choreographer Aina Alegre that we missed during the 2021 edition of June Events. Also catch-up session for Mal – Embriaguez Divina, the play by Marlene Monteiro Freitas with its unbridled expressionism that upsets everything in its path presented at the last Autumn Festival. Finally, Parade, the creation of the company L’Autre Maison based in Marseille, which delivers its festive message of a dancing community associating differences.

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[Festival de Marseille 2022] Kyle Abraham and Dorothée Munyaneza

Kyle Abraham and Dorothée Munyaneza opened the Festival de Marseille 2022. The first with Requiem: Fire in the Air of the Earth and the second with Mailles. Two very dissimilar proposals but which have in common the power of intentions, illustrating the credo of a festival which promotes otherness and plays with the current decompartmentalization of the performing arts, as its new director Marie Didier wishes. Kyle Abraham questions death and its rituals in a dazzling piece that virtuously summons several choreographic styles. Dorothée Munyaneza for her part brings together the singular destinies of six African or Afro-descendant women who share their know-how and their stories on stage in a polyphonic poem questioning their destinies.

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Requiem: Fire in the Air of the Earth by Kyle Abraham

[June Events 2022] Daniel Linehan / Marco da Silva Ferreira / Christos Papadopoulos

June Events opens the dance of summer festivals in the bucolic and already summery setting of the Cartoucherie de Vincennes. For this 16th edition, the director of L’Atelier de Paris Anne Sauvage has designed a program “questioning the relationship to the living and to our humanity“. Three shows thus go beyond the framework of the theater and take over the Bois de Vincennes. Daniel Linehan had invited the public to join his company from 9 a.m. for a choreographed walk as a prelude to his latest creation. Listen Here: The Cavern. Christos Papadopoulos confirmed with Larsen C that he is a major artist of today, digging his furrow with a piece that holds the public in hypnosis. Finally the Portuguese Marco da Silva Ferreira presented an irresistible miniature inspired by urban dances. A subjective journey as allowed by June Events.

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