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Doro mousso. African music in Rennes

Doro Mousso was celebrating its second event at thepastor hotel of reindeer July 20, 2022. The young association intends to make the Breton capital dance by introducing the multitude of current music from the African continent, from Tuareg blues to Tanzanian singeli. Meeting with Louise Louvelone of the three creators of Doro Mousso.

On July 20, 2022, the editorial staff of Unidivers spotted an atypical event in the cultural landscape of Rennes: an invitation fromDoro Mousso Association to come and wiggle to African music at thepastor hotel, in the courtyard of the kindergarten located there. It is in fact the second event of this recent local initiative which aims to share the effervescence of contemporary music from Africa to reindeerand more broadly the culture of the continent through food and dance.

Doro Mousso was founded in September 2019 by three people from Rennes, Louise Louvel, Chloe Paillotin and Bertille Kapela, all three working in the fields of culture, associations and social issues. They take this name which means “little sisters” in Dioula, a Mandinka language from West Africa, spoken and understood by millions of people. The full name of the association is in fact Doro Mousso du Ouagajunglein reference to the musical structure created in Burkina Faso by Camille LouvelLouise’s brother.

My older brother lived in Burkina Faso for 18 years. He had opened an associative bar, the Ouagajungle, which aimed to allow musicians to come and create and distribute their music. I went to see him several times there and each time I was amazed by the musical creations, especially in hip-hop“says Louise Jouvel. Another important reference is the Ugandan festival Nyege Nyege, launched in 2015 and has since become the Mecca of African electronic music. “Camille went there often and every time he showed me videos I hallucinated from the atmosphere“says Louise.

The fascination for these current artistic expressions of the African continent meets the observation of their almost complete absence in reindeer. So germinates the desire to participate in the dissemination of this music at a local level, in line with the French media WFP, for Pan African Music. Drawing on their professional and personal experience, confident in their ability to organize events, Louise Louvel, Chloé Paillotin and Bertille Kapela join forces with Camille Louve for her great expertise in African music, as well as with Joel Daventry of SwapMusica Rennes-based structure for touring production and artistic support.

Doro Mousso aims to show a current image of Africa. “When we explain that we organize African music evenings, we are immediately told about djembe“laments Louise Louvel. Even if the Musical Trans have been working in this direction for several decades already, there is clearly still work to be done. The young association wishes to show the variety behind the cliché: certainly, to include traditional music, but also giving pride of place to rock, hip-hop and electronic music.

Launched in September 2019, Doro Mousso was to organize a first event in 2020, prevented by the pandemic that we know. This premiere finally takes place on December 17, 2021, at the city ​​hallwith the Burkinabè artist Salif Diarrakora player, Parisian DJ and producer Praktikafan of African electronic sounds, accompanied by the Burkinabè percussionist Little Pepperthe DJ from Rennes Zazu and a media journalist WFP having swapped his pen for turntables, representing the PAM soundsystem. Doro Mousso’s second event took place on July 20, 2022 at thepastor hotelwith the Burkinabè blues rock musician Patrick Kabre and the Franco-Ghanaian DJ PoMember of the family Nyege Nyege. “We enjoyed doing our first edition at the Cité, which is a historical symbol of the dissemination of music in Rennes; then Pasteur, for the second edition, a place that is part of a desire to invite sharing, diversity and decompartmentalization“says Louise.

Each event is also an opportunity to present a bit of African gastronomy. The first event invited the restaurant Ethiopialocated rue de Saint-Malo in Rennes, while for the second, the Canteen of the association supporting exiles From here or elsewhere had prepared an Angolan meal together with the association Breizh Insertion Sport. Doro Mousso also wishes to integrate African dances into its events. The members of the association are thinking about what to do next: the month of November 2022 is mentioned, as well as different places to extend their festive, friendly and intergenerational spirit beyond Rennes city center. Don’t miss their next enchanted stopover!

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