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DISCOVERY. Medicis puts the rock under tension

Brand new to the Nantes rock scene, the Medicis quartet quite simply promises to send us riffs, good riffs. The group has just released an EP and gives us an appointment in concert. Interview…

Rock is not dead, it is still moving. And he moves rather well with Medicis, a group formed a few months ago in Nantes with the firm intention of stripping daddy’s rock a good shot…

You don’t come from Florence, you don’t do health insurance or real estate, so why this name, Medicis?

Viktor. We thought for a long time about the artistic direction we wanted to instill in this project. The royal universe is very inspiring, because it notably symbolizes power, which can also define one of the characteristics of our very rock music.

Medici is a family name known to everyone, it is also what we liked, the fact of “diverting” a famous name. It’s a kind of pop’art approach that can also be found on the visual of the EP cover.

Even if this name is directly linked to the Italian and Florentine Renaissance, the dynasty was also very present in France, through Marie and Catherine de Médicis. So it’s a little nod to our origins.

In detail, Medicis, who is what?

Julian. MEDICIS is an alternative rock band from Nantes, made up of Victor on guitar and backing vocals, Nicolas on guitar, Thomas on drums and myself Julien on vocals and bass.

You have just released your first EP, simply called Medicis. A beautiful baby of five titles after only a few months of existence. Happy ?

Thomas. Very happy ! We were looking forward to finally being able to present the project, and to be able to go on tour afterwards. It was a big job for us, the collaboration with Jérémy Grollier was a real pleasure for his professionalism and his good ideas in the arrangement and in the mix of the EP. We are very proud of this release, the tracks sound as we imagined and we are happy that our music is reaching the ears of our audience.

You recorded and mixed it at Rezé, more precisely at Athome Records, and mastered it at The Exchange studios in London. Why this choice ?

Nicholas. Thomas knew Jérémy very well who recorded and mixed the EP, they had worked together on other projects. They introduced us to him and the current went very well. It was a very enriching encounter both humanly and musically. He then introduced us to Graeme Durham of The Exchange studios, who agreed to master the EP. We are very proud of them given their references (Franz Ferdinand, Oasis, Massive Attack, Foals,…).

Let’s talk, let’s talk about music, you play an energetic rock, very energetic, which you even qualify as wild… Was it a desire from the start?

Thomas. Absolutely. Since the creation of Medicis, we wanted to breathe this energy and this “wild” aspect into our music, through the riffs in particular, but also in the work of the sound, the stage, etc. Some of our tracks, like One More, are quieter, but the intensity and tension are still there. We live our music 200%.

Among your influences, you cite the English, Arctic Monkeys, the Americans, Queens of the Stone Age and the French, Bandit Bandit. What attracts you to these different bands?

Viktor. Indeed, we have quite different and quite geographically extensive influences! The ardor and aura of the Arctic Monkeys, the stoner intensity of QOTSA and the sensual and psychedelic energy of Bandit Bandit are all aspects that inspired us enormously in the creation of this EP and our writing in general. But beyond transatlantic rock and these three artists, our individual influences are very diverse and varied, allowing us to explore a multitude of different ideas and sounds.

First single, See You On The Other Side, what does it say? What do your texts say more broadly?

Julian. The texts of this first EP have quite varied themes, sometimes very personal, sometimes totally fictitious. The first track The Wave, for example, talks about the love breakup of one of the band members via the analogy of drowning, while See You On The Other Side features two sworn enemies who put their oversized egos on the table.

You have been selected by the Spot scheme for “emerging Nantes talent” and will be accompanied by Gaume during residencies at Le Ferrailleur, a concert hall in Nantes. A word about this device…

Nicholas. This selection allows us to benefit from financial assistance from the city to prepare our performance during the SPOT festival. We offered the organization a scenic residency at Le Ferrailleur with the presence of an artist who could help us refine our live set. The festival will take place from June 30 to July 3, 2022, we don’t know when our visit will be yet.

Rock is best enjoyed live. On that side, where are you? Soon concerts?

Julian. Exactly, rock is an experience to live in concert! The next concert is in Pornic, on April 1st, and we will soon announce the new dates which are starting to accumulate very quickly, but we can already say that we will be spending the next few months in Tours, Saint- Brieuc, Île d’Yeu, Les Sables d’Olonne and just about everywhere in France. And of course in Nantes!

An EP and after?

Viktor. Lots of gigs! We can’t wait to perform our songs on stage, those from the EP as well as the new ones, to be able to transmit our energy and our music beyond screens or headphones.

A live session was filmed in Les Sables d’Olonne in collaboration with Yohan Gerard on production and Jérémy Grollier on sound. A first part of this live session was released on March 2 and the second should be released in a few weeks.

And after ? We take time to think about it!

Thank you Medici. More info about the group here

Interview on March 10, 2022

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