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discover these 5 singers of all records


With nearly 230 million certified sales, Rihanna engraves its name in the history of music. In just 15 years of career, the pearl of Barbados has conquered the whole world. With so many albums sold, she now exceeds the legend of rock’n’roll Elvis Presley. In addition, the singer widens her prize list thanks to the trophy of “Best-selling digital artist of all time” exceeding 251 million downloads to date. No legend resists the passage of Rihannanot even the Beatles! With more than 60 weeks at the top of the American charts, she is the first artist in history to dethrone the legendary English group. The woman of all records naturally found her place in the ranking of the most influential personalities of Time magazine in 2012. The same year, the Forbes ranking designated her as the 4th most powerful artist in the world. After world famous hits like Unfaithful, We ride, Pon de Replay, Umbrella or Diamondsthe singer still promises to surprise us.

Taylor Swift

At only 28 years old, Taylor Swift already holds several records to his credit. His albums have so far sold more than 180 million copies worldwide. Each disc release is a real event. She is indeed the only singer in history to sell three consecutive albums to more than a million copies in the first week. His work 1989 will even top sales in 78 countries around the world. In just 14 years of career, the singer managed to accumulate 323 awards including 10 Grammy Awards and 19 American Music Awards. In 2015, she found herself propelled into the Forbes ranking of the most powerful women in the world.


According to Guinness World Records, only four artists have announced that they have sold more than 300 million albums in music history. Among them, only one woman, Madonna! Throughout his career and for all of his opuses, 305 million records seem to have been sold worldwide. But a small downside to this incredible performance, the number of certified sales would be much lower, only 170.6 million. With planetary tubes like Like a Virgin, Music or even 4 minutes, the singer is now considered one of the first female pop stars in the music world. She was even inducted, in 2008, into the Rock and Roll Hall of Famepantheon of the greatest rock artists in history.

Mariah Carey

It is with more than 143 million albums sold throughout his career that Mariah Carey ranks 4th in the standings. His tube We belong together will remain at the top of the charts for 14 weeks in a row. The singer also set a new record: that of the artist with the most singles in first place on the Billboard Hot 100, ranking of the most popular titles in the United States. Thanks to this performance, she too surpasses the icon Elvis Presley. But the artist has several strings to his bow and the world of cinema has often opened its doors to him. She will contribute to the soundtrack of several successful feature films such as Men in Black, The Prince of Egypt or even Precious. In 2000 it will even be erected to the status of “female artist of the millennium” on the occasion of World Music Awards.

Katy Perry

Katty Perry caused an earthquake on the musical planet at the release of its title I kissed a girl in 2008. The singer has since followed a smooth road and will sell more than 129 million albums. With a pop and colorful style, she has created her own style over the years. No matter the look, her fans are always there! Proof of this is that she is currently the most followed person on Twitter with over 100 million followers.

Little bonus: Celine Dion

Celine Dion is the first French-speaking singer in the ranking with more than 125 million records sold worldwide. It’s with his album Twocomposed by Jean Jacques Goldman, that success knocked at his door in 1995. This album is, even today, the best-selling in the history of French-speaking music. Two years later, she performs the mythical title My heart Will go we for the movie titanic. The artist then enters history with more than 18 million singles sold. The whole world will wear since Celine Dion in his heart. The public will prove to him especially when he returns to the stage in February 2016, only a few months after the disappearance of his lifelong love. Rene Angelil.

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