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Côtes-d’Armor: 10 fireworks… that might not take place

COTES-D’ARMOR. After the July 14 festivities, as in this photo in Saint-Brieuc, a new round of fireworks will be fired around August 15. ©city of Saint-Brieuc

The fireworks always have their small effect in the eyes of children and even adults! A dozen municipalities organize pyrotechnic shows in the Cotes-d’Armor in August 2022.

Provided that the prefecture of Côtes-d’Armor does not purely and simply prohibit these shows due to drought, as is the case for example in Finistère or certain municipalities in Morbihan.

At present, in the Côtes-d’Armor, the issuing of a prefectural decree prohibiting the launching of fireworks and smoke bombs is not envisaged. The fire risk indicators for natural areas, monitored by the departmental fire and rescue service (SDIS 22), place a large part of the department at light to moderate risk. Vigilance, which is required when organizing such events, must therefore be maintained

Prefecture of Côtes-d’Armor

So let’s cross our fingers. In the meantime, here is an overview of the activities planned in the department, especially the weekend of August 15.

Disco ball in Hénanbihen

HENANBIHEN. The festival committee organizes friday august 5 an evening meal with mussels and fries and a disco ball with fireworks. Tray of mussels €5. Tray of fries €2.50. Sausage €2.50. Dessert €1.50. Free admission.

Village festival in Saint-Jacut

SAINT-JACUT-DE-LA-MER. Between Matignon and Beaussais-sur-Mer, the Saint-Jacut festival committee organizes Saturday August 13 his village festival. Popular ball and fireworks on the program.

Glochos in Plestan

PLESTAN. The festival committee proposes a great evening to celebrate the 20th anniversary of its great festival of August 14. An anniversary that should have taken place in 2020 but postponed due to Covid. On Sunday, from 7 p.m., a barbecue meal will be hosted by Les Glochos and the Génération orchestra (prices €13 adult / €7 child / €6 concert only). A fireworks display, “larger than usual”, will be fired around 11:15 p.m. Meet at the communal water body. Such. 06 63 39 69 82 or 06 80 41 98 80.

Night party in Saint-Alban

SAINT ALBAN. Second night party Sunday August 14 in the small town of Saint-Alban. The first, in July, was a real success with more than 1,700 admissions. On the program: music with the Tony Mac Carthy trio and the Kalffa group. Grills, mussels, fries, pancakes, cakes… A small village festival whose warmth and friendliness has made its reputation in the surrounding area. It is organized by the festival committee, the Celtic circle Fleur d’Aulne, the football club Côte de Penthièvre and the Amicale laïque.

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It takes place in front of the church, in the parking lot of the village hall where large tables of guests are unpacked. And to close the evening, fireworks are set off in the village and the ball extends the festivities inside the village hall. Admission €2.50.

Disco ball in Uzel

UZEL. Sunday August 14you can go inland, towards Merléac, to enjoy a fireworks display on the place of the fairground and a disco ball with fast food, refreshments and stands.

Sounds and lights in Erquy

ERQUY. At nightfall, monday august 15, a pyrotechnic show will be visible from the central beach and the boulevard de la mer. The theme of this sound and light show: “Mysterious”. From 10:45 p.m., free.

Saint Quay concerts

SAINT-QUAY-PORTRIEUX. Monday August 15, head to Goëlo to attend concerts by Dowdelin (Creole/electro/jazz/soul) and the Voodoo Ambassadors collective. Snack bar and snacks on site. The traditional fireworks will be fired from the Pointe de l’Isnain at 11 p.m. and can be admired from the casino beach. Free.

Firefighters’ ball in Saint-Cast

SAINT-CAST-LE-GUILDO. Monday August 15, a great evening is organized by the friendly firefighters of the canton of Matignon. Music and dances on the program. The fireworks will be visible from the large beach and the party will continue until the end of the night.

Washhouse festival in Pontrieux

PONTRIOUS. For those who would be strolling in the Trégor this time, a stopover will be essential in the little Costa Rican Venice which organizes monday august 15, from 10:30 a.m., its laundry day. Traditional musical formations from all over the department will perform there and the day will end with a fireworks display.

August 21 in Dahouët

PLENEUF-VAL-ANDRE. Back in the Penthièvre Sunday August 21at the Quai des Terre-Neuvas in Dahouët, where the Breizh Art More association will be organizing a sea festival all day long with a beautiful fireworks display at the end.

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