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Concerts, food trucks, open-air cinema… Guéret (Creuse) vibrates to the rhythm of summer

There was electricity in the air on the evening of Thursday, July 22, in Guéret. And that was not due to stormy weather, but rather to the very rock’n’roll programming of the Nuits d’été, a free festival that animates the streets and squares of the Creuse prefecture, until July 29.

From 7:30 p.m., a joyful and colorful crowd takes over the terrace of the Hops Stage beer bar, Place du Marché. Tourists, families, young working people… Everyone awaits the concert of the Limougeaud group Greyborn over a drink and under a generous sun.

Stoner rock concert

“I hesitated between going to the Lézart Vert festival in Fursac and staying here. At the moment, there are things to do every night in Creuse,” says Chris, a 36-year-old Guérétoise, who came with a group of friends.

Guitar, bass, drums… The three young musicians start playing around 8 p.m. Greyborn’s rock is heavy and saturated (connoisseurs call it “stoner rock”). But this austerity of facade is counterbalanced by a hypnotic effect caused by the repetition of the riffs.

Everything takes on a “rather cool psyche-rock” side at times, sums up Idriss, a 27-year-old caregiver. “Guéret is not very big. People all know each other, at least by sight, but don’t necessarily talk to each other. It’s good to have moments like this to find each other, ”he said in the midst of a joyful hubbub.

Concert by the Limougeaud rock group Greyborn.

Foodtrucks and deckchairs place Bonnyaud

It is true that the Creuse city currently looks like before Covid. In particular Place Bonnyaud, where parasols, deckchairs and wooden furniture have been installed near food trucks offering Thai cuisine, generous burgers or Breton pancakes, as part of the Le Grand Bazar summer operation.

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“The atmosphere is really nice here. We said to ourselves that we were going to eat there this evening before going to see the film, ”explains Véronique, 47, owner of a second home in Chapelle-Taillefert, who has come to spend some time with her family in Guéret.

Place Bonnyaud takes on the appearance of a beach.

Cult comedy Wayne’s World screened outdoors

“The movie” is Wayne’s World. The American comedy which gently mocks hard rock culture was broadcast in the open air at 10 p.m., Place du Marché, by the La Sénéchal cinema.

The opportunity to celebrate the thirtieth anniversary of the feature film “which was not successful when it was released, but which later became cult”, indicates Christophe Bréchard, director of the Sénéchal. The laughter heard that evening proves in any case that the jokes of Wayne Campbell and his friend Garth Algar continue to have their effect… and that the nights, in summer, in Guéret, are not made for boredom!

Summer nights. Two musical evenings are still on the program of the festival:

– Thursday 28 July, at 8.30 p.m., esplanade F.-Mitterrand. The Gang, Associative Group of Gueret Nights, invites two very different artists, the brass band Suck Da Head and the rockers Mickle Muckle.

– Friday July 29, at 8:30 p.m., esplanade F.-Mitterrand, the association Crème de Biche will close the Nuits d’été with Johnnie Carwash as well as the local groups To’Night and Broken Face.

premium The Musique à la source festival promises concerts in exceptional places in Creuse

Text and photos: François Delotte


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