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Concert New Stage Radio France 2021

Since 2019, each radio season in September is now punctuated by the back-to-school musical concert of Radio France antennas. On the stage of the mythical Studio 104, our 5 antennas: France Inter, France Bleu, France Musique, Mouv’ and Fip carry the music on a daily basis and present a new talent from the French scene.

This exceptional evening dedicated to the artists of tomorrow embodies the musical strength of Radio France by deploying both on the score of discovery and musical diversity. It is also an opportunity to seize in a single evening the complementarity of our offer, thus combining the audacity inherent in risk-taking and the constant mission of highlighting the French scene.

Since the first edition, the Covid 19 health crisis has been there, giving even more relief to this evening which is one of the strong illustrations of our solidarity with the entire music industry and extends the support systems. and assistance that Radio France has put in place, since March 2020, to be more than ever alongside artists: Radio France with the French scene, Hyper Nuit, the christening of the Maison de la Radio et de la Musique, the contest “sing 20 years in 2021″… This evening also reflects our loyalty to artists “born” here and who have since met a large audience. A way also to illustrate the power of the link in our house between disciplines and artists who are not used to working together. This is called creation and it is also one of the prides of the public service to carry out this dialogue. The identities of each of our radios are powerful. Grouped together they are an incredible force to nourish and write the musical and cultural history of our country..

Didier Varrod, Musical Director of Radio France antennas

Find the 2021/2022 back-to-school concert of the Radio France antennas in replay

The Maison de la Radio et de la Musique celebrates its return to school with the new French scene

Thursday, September 9 from 8 p.m., the mythical Studio 104 opened its doors with an exceptional evening for all types of music and dedicated to the artists of tomorrow. The musical strength of Radio France is embodied both in the emergence of new talent and in musical diversity.

In 2019, Clara Luciani was the first godmother of this evening, in 2020 Apple succeeded him. This year it’s the turn ofEddy de Pretto to be present and to offer the public a unique creation by reinterpreting three titles from its repertoire with an octet of musicians from the Orchester Philharmonique de Radio France.

We invite you to discover 6 young artists selected by the antennas of Radio France: Johan Papaconstantino, Allan Védé, Laventure, Philia Trio, Frenetik and Nina Versypwinner of the “Sing 20 years in 21” competition.

An evening orchestrated by Didier VarrodMusical director of Radio France branches.

The New Stage artists of Radio France 2021

► Eddy de Pretto, sponsor of the 3rd edition of the back-to-school concert for Radio France antennas

Eddy de Pretto © Marie Schuller

He was already the boy apart. The one next door, whose voice joined with strength and pride those who are said to be bizarre. Them, them, to all the bastards. It is in this beautiful inclusive movement, which starts from oneself towards others, that Eddy de Pretto’s second album flourishes.
He made his first radio broadcasts on France Interin particular as a resident of “Sentimental Crowd” in 2016. Since then, gold records and awards have made this Kid of French song a major artist of hybridity and sound of the time.
For this concert he takes a new artistic bet by performing with some musicians from the Orchester Philharmonique de Radio France three songs from his repertoire which thus escape from his electro pop environment.
Sponsor of this third editionEddy de Pretto has not forgotten the years when he was an artist who dreamed of being recognized.

► Nina Versyp, winner of the “Sing 20 years in 21” competition

Nina Versyp, winner of the competition
Nyna Versyp © Clara Fernan

In April 2021 Radio France launched its “sing 20 years in 21” competition as an extension of the “Radio France with youth” operation in support of this generation sacrificed by the pandemic.
In 20 days, we received 600 original songs written especially to express the upset feelings of this disoriented but hopeful youth. Apple brilliantly chaired our jury made up of the musical directors of each antenna and our 5 regional musical delegates. On June 21, 21-year-old Nina Versyp won the contest with her pop song titled ” It’s been 20 years overwhelming charm and sincerity.
This young singer-songwriter, of Franco-Kabyle origins, was until then totally unknown. Bringing his emerging creation to life on Instagram. Her beginnings singing alone with her guitar led her to work today with her producer Balthazar Picard on a first EP in preparation.
This September 9, she will give her very first concert for Radio France. The Maison de la Radio est de la Musique lives up to its name, illustrating its mission as an original matrix for the French scene.

Frenetik, artist selected by Mouv’

Frenetik, artist selected by Mouv' for the concert Nouvelle Scène 2021
Frenetik © FIFOU

A feather. A vision. A lived experience. A message to carry, driven by a triple XL voice. Shocking images that parade, over the measures that are ticking away. With a dark and lucid gaze, Frenetik bursts in from his native Belgium, and it’s all rap that takes on color. Located in Brussels, in the commune of Evere, the Congolese of origin is only 21 years old, but the experience of those who have grown up quickly. If he wears such a blaze, it’s because he sees, lives and feels things with great intensity: rare are those who only half touch him. His music ? A palette of emotions, sometimes plunged into darkness, sometimes illuminated by a ray of light, which shock, touch and intrigue… but which never leave one indifferent.

Laventure, artists selected by Fip

Laventure, artists selected by Fip for the concert Nouvelle Scène 2021
Laventure © Franckhess

Combining keyboards, pedals and guitar, double bass and vocals, the Strasbourg duo Laventure weaves miniature hymns using their falsely mismatched bric-a-brac, at once pop, glo-fi and soul. Laventure is a kaleidoscope pocket concert. Of those evenings that start in the living room and end on the roof. Of these memories that we keep preciously close to us when the sun runs out.

The group was spotted by our musical delegate from Strasbourg, Marie-Lyne Furmann and very quickly relayed by Fip. Beautiful beginnings in perspective.

Allan Védé, artist selected by France Bleu

Allan Védé, artist selected by France Bleu for the concert Nouvelle Scène 2021
Allan Védé © Cris de Almeida

Allan Védé, this singer-songwriter is at 26 years old a “Free Electron”.

Spiritual child of Francis Cabrel, between Brussels, Paris and the south of France, he feeds, dreams and immerses himself in his very own universe that he likes to make us hear today! Imbued with different cultures and the languages ​​that go with them.

He arrives today on the New Stage with his single “Golden Rays“first extract from his first album expected for the end of 2021. It is the bet, France bleu’s favorite on this evening, which made him shine strongly on his playlist from April 2021 and which will continue his support with his new single.

Philia Trio, artists selected by France Musique

Philia Trio, artists selected by France Musique for the concert Nouvelle Scène 2021
Philia Trio © Angie Kremer

The Philia were born from the friendship of three young musicians sharing a musical sensibility and a desire to explore new sounds together.

From the National Superior Conservatory of Paris, the violinist François Francois Pineau-Benoisthe accordionist Theo Ould and the cellist Lisa Strauss were able in this place of excellence to foment the contours of this unprecedented artistic adventure bringing a certain singularity to the world of classical music.

Their first album “madnesswill be released in October 2021.

Johan Papaconstantino, artist selected by France Inter

Johan Papaconstantino, artist selected by France Inter for the concert Nouvelle Scène 2021
Johan Papaconstantino © Jehane Mahmoud

It has a name that gives Johan Papaconstantino escape desires. It smells of the blues of a cafe of revolt. Finally specifically challenging in the heat of summer. The rebetiko blues. Marseillais with Greek ancestry. Languor of a solitary lover, love girl, the day after a party, draped in purple, the night drives mad against the light. Painter ascendant musician too. There was the shock of the Renaissance. The Renaissance for Papaconstantino produced its own renaissance. Giving meaning to images. This is also what he does in his pictorial music. Color but above all curves of feelings. Self-taught and multidisciplinary, Johan Papaconstantino is an artist who could illustrate this somewhat forgotten notion of “world sound”. His music combines electronic influences with his Greek roots and the Eastern musical background of his youth. He also started on France Inter, as a resident of “sentimental crowd“. He returns this fall 2021 with a second EP. The road is long, the future is encouraging.

Reservation essential on
We draw your attention to the fact that the number of places will be limited and that they will be reserved in a few minutes.

The back-to-school concert for Radio France antennas in partnership with the Mutual credit, the Sacem and RiffX

Concert Nouvelle Scène in partnership with Crédit Mutuel, Sacem and RiffX


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