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Coldplay at the Stade de France, back on a third masterful evening

Tonight, Coldplay will perform for the last time at the Stade de France: from the framework of its world tour Music of The Spheresthe British group took up residence on one of the biggest stages in the country, for four exceptional concerts.

While some attended their 61st concert, others experienced for the very first time a live performance offered by the British band. On the program for this magical evening, a setlist perfectly calibrated for stadiums, an ecological approach and above all, a unique moment of sharing between Coldplay and its audience. “It’s impossible not to love this concert”, we hear on the way out, as confetti litters the floor and the lights dim. And it must be said that for its big return to France since the pandemic, Coldplay has lived up to its reputation (but also the expectation). After two captivating first parts (Lous and the Yakuza and London Grammar) and above all, after being announced by two (lucky) fans, Coldplay offers itself an entry worthy of a stadium (the most cinephiles will have recognized the theme of ET, a nice nod to the “Everyone is an Alien Somewhere” printed on the band’s merch).

To start with great fanfare, Chris Martin sings High Power followed by Adventure of a Lifetime – enough to unleash the 80,000 or so people present. Because the group has a sense of showmanship, the bracelets offered at the gates of the stadium light up, the confetti shoots out and, from the first track, fireworks burst in the still heavy Parisian sky. In just a few minutes, Coldplay promises an unforgettable show. But because it’s not just glitter and confetti, the group was keen to offer a performance that would be environmentally friendly : in 2019, Coldplay thus announced its desire to film in a smarter way to better spare the planet. Two years and a pandemic later, Chris Martin and his gang put their plan into action: reduction of its CO2 emissions and a new way of generating energy, Coldplay has managed the feat of offering one of the most beautiful concerts of the year by changing the rules of the game : “ We will install photovoltaic solar panels before each show, behind the stage, around the stadium and, if possible, in the outdoor halls”, announces the group. And that’s not all : ” We will install kinetic floors in certain areas of the stadium so that the dances of the fans are converted into energy and literally help to fuel the show”.

So obviously, many are those who, seeing the confetti twirl in the sky and the pyrotechnic effects follow one another, will wonder: ” Is it really that green? The answer is YES : In addition to propelling biodegradable confetti, Coldplay took advantage of this tour to use “a new generation of durable pyrotechnic products, with less explosive charge and new formulas that significantly reduce harmful chemicals. These formulas dramatically reduce or eliminate harmful chemicals. All tubes and supports are biodegradable or recyclable…”

Who said that ecology had to be, as our English-speaking neighbors put it so well, ” boring » ? Not Coldplay which, undeniably, delivered a masterful show punctuated with hits: Paradis, Charlie Brown, The Scientist or even now cult Viva la Vida, the group deliver their greatest hits on a luminous set – all while juggling between three scenes, to better meet the audience.

So obviously, we could stay there for hours, detailing the magnificence of the show, listing the songs, describing the light and pyrotechnic effects that made this concert unforgettable. We could. But instead, we would like to remember the contagious kindness of Chris Martin who, for the occasion, addressed his audience in perfect French before singing a translated version of Magic. We would also like to remember the sign language interpretation of Something Just Like This and emotion on the face of the leader who, even after 20 years of career, still gives everything he has, even performing more than twice on the same stage. We could tell you about the emotion that reigned in the stadium when Martin interpreted Fix you, sitting on the ground but, we prefer to remember this moment when, in the middle of A Sky Full of Starsthe Brit preferred to stop to better ask the public to tidy up “phones, tablets and screens” in order to better enjoy the moment (an epiphany which, moreover, must have done a world of good to all those who stood in the pit).

In short, we would have liked to make you relive the evening but, now, we can say it: a Coldplay concert, it is not told, it is lived. After more than two hours of intense show, after having greeted (tears in the eyes) several times, after having thanked each person present in the stadium (from the security agents to the medical teams via the public who braved the scorching temperatures) , Coldplay will leave the stage leaving spectators still dreaming. Moreover, the choirs of Viva La Vida will still resonate for long minutes in the aisles of the stadium, as if to prolong a show that has passed too quickly.

Tonight, Coldplay will deliver its last date at the Stade de France and, between us, we would go back there.

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