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Twice a month, the editorial staff offers you a selection of clips that have made the music news. For this second selection of the month ofApril: an existential crisis by Yaya Bey, the expected return of Nusky and Vaati and an ode to friendship by Vincent Delerm.

Nusky & Vaati – Super star directed by Vaati

We have been waiting for this return of Nusky & Vaati for a long time. Before the reunion album with a slew of duets (Philippe Katerine, The Pirouettes…), the two companions offer us a clip with David Numwami. We could see the latter in the first part of the concerts of Sébastien Tellier. With a few colorful costumes, the team launches into a smooth clip, filmed on the fly. We recognize the universe of Vaati, coated with irony and some synth notes. It’s light, like Nusky’s latest solo sounds. The impression is reinforced by the softness of David Numwami’s voice. If this return sketches a smile, we await with curiosity the rest of the album to see if the stars remain aligned.

Clement Simon

Pink Pantheress ft. WILLOW- where you are made by BRTHR

Solitude, confetti & psychedelia for the clip following the excellent collaboration between the two artists. The guitar is plugged in, the first notes start. The Englishwoman is in the middle of the crowd, between sweating bodies and strobe lights, but her gaze is empty, fixed. Images saturate, contrast, dazzle and tear as faces remain closed. The confetti falls and the young person finds herself alone on the track, the music cuts off, the lights begin to go out. A video that responds brilliantly to the piece, signed by the BRTHR duo, already behind the camera for The Weeknd, Lana Del Rey, Grimes, Travis Scott… The little English star definitely knows how to surround himself.

Robin Schmidt

Vincent Delerm- With Joan directed by Bertrand Jamot

Twenty years after the release of his soberly titled first album Vincent Delerm, and concerts at L’Européen, the singer is back in this Parisian venue for a series of anniversary shows. Next October, he will release a very beautiful object, a 140-page book-disc and a double album like a story and Without words full of nice surprises and already available for pre-orders.

But before, he offers us a song, With Joan, as a declaration to her stage sister, for twenty years, Jeanne Cherhal. In a clip directed by Bertrand Jamot, singer / singer in black and white reminiscing, in color launched in a game of ping-pong on stage. With simplicity and sincerity, With Joan is one of the most beautiful declarations that an artist can make to another, that a friend can entrust to another. Each, each after twenty years of career remembers that ” the place of Clichy, we lived that “. And it’s beautiful.

Diane Lestage

Eloi – Jtm de Ouf by Brieuc Schieb

Revisit the tube I love you from Ouf from teenage pop star Wejdene in a hyperpop, eurodance version, you had to dare, Eloi did it. Prelude to her second EP to be released on May 6, she delivers her track with an emo clip that draws a little more the intriguing universe of the producer/singer selected for the Inouïs du Printemps de Bourges 2022. Directed by Brieuc Schieb, the video plunges us into the entrails of a teenager’s room populated by stuffed animals that the artist will shred in a thousand different ways and then end up burning everything.

A clip from which emanates smells of bubble gum and sulfur which perfectly depicts the teen trash universe of Eloi. Like a rite of passage from childhood to adolescence, from brilliant innocence to burning disillusion, the video obsesses as much as the piece.

Pauline Pitrou

Yaya Bey- ‘alright’ directed by Yaya Bey

The new queen of rn’b Yaya Bey presents her new track to the soul jazz hip hop production ‘alright’. It is with a homemade clip that the singer tells us how she lived through the pandemic, sprinkled with a realization of her existence and the importance of thinking about yourself and showing off. Livened up by an old school instrumental à la Lauren Hyll or Eryka Baduh, Yaya charms us with her soulful and warm voice. Through this existential crisis and this kaleidoscopic video, the artist from Queens sings to us with poetry and love the importance of his musical icons. Yaya Bey will delight us with a new album titled Remember Your North Star scheduled for June 17 on the Big Dada label.

Thomas Soulet

Hot Chip- Down directed by Douglas Hart and Steve Mackey

It’s on a sample of the funky and groovy track More Than Enough of the group Universal Togetherness Band that the British group Hot Chip announces their big comeback. Down makes us dance on a riff of bass and fuzz and synthetic guitar that will animate the dancefloors. The animated clip of strobe lights, a dancer, distorted images of the band and a subtle reference to the film The Shinninggoes perfectly with the groove of the English. Down was the first worked song from the new album Freakout/Release which will be released on August 19 via Domino Records. an 8th opus that they will defend at the Olympia on October 8th.

Thomas Soulet

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