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Twice a month, the editorial staff offers you a selection of clips that have made the music news. For this first selection of the month of‘april :

Nicholas Ly – Subliminal directed by Elisa Baudoin

While his second EP Subliminal is scheduled for this Friday, April 15, 2022, Nicolas Ly unveiled a first eponymous title a few weeks ago. In the direction, the talented Élisa Baudoin (November Ultra, Vianney, Janie…) with whom he had already collaborated on the – already sublime – clips of “Elle Souriait”, “Third basement” and “Midnight Zone”. Once again, words and cinematographic music marry perfectly his images in the same universe. Here, a trumpet sounds in the nocturnal underworld of the city. The singer appears there as a robber dressed in a black leather suit and a blood red tie, like the one he loses after being shot.

Tell me the time that passes / On this bullet that goes through my heart / And which goes towards the sky / There’s a deja-vu / Like a taste of metal / Right at the edge of my lips. he intones as the mental images are already accelerating, the films mingle in a form of visual hallucination between shadow and light, nightmare and dream. “Subliminal”, like a last jolt passing through the spoken word and more urban sounds that blend with the usual lyricism of Nicolas Ly.

Diane Lestage

The Noiser – Sweet France directed by Aurélien Ferré

For this new clip, Le Noiseur in the middle of the presidential campaign finds its director Aurélien Ferré to put in images the title “Douce France” with the humor and the discrepancy that characterize them. They announce the color with these words: Douce France / Get up and dance / Let’s get mixed up / The bald ones and the bangs “. After distributing leaflets in a market, Simon Campocasso retires to a curious country headquarters, both a hair salon and a club called Le Nois’Hair. With his usual whimsy, Le Noiseur announces a program of capillary but above all French cultural diversity, united by dance for this “Douce France”.

Diane Lestage

Antenna – Fire directed by Mathis Biyiha

It is a surreal journey that Mathis Biyiha offers us for the piece “Incendie” by the Lyonnais trio Antenn.e. Featured on the EP A. Bogoliubsky, Dog. newly released, “Incendie” is a rock song full of vivacity and experimentation. The images are jerky and look like comic book mechanics. The shots follow each other, but are not alike, sometimes a frantic race, with trembling images, sometimes static shots with dancing shadows. Antenn.e breathe novelty and take us on board in their very own style.

Eva Duke

MacThenardier – It does not happen nothing made by himself

MacThenardier unveils “Il ne se passe rien”, single which will appear on his next EP Ronan Ronan Ronan. For the clip of this melancholy ride, MacThenardier takes us on his Vélo’v through some streets of Lyon. In this song, the musician laments the absence of the loved one and the blandness of the moments when we find ourselves alone, waiting for his return. Regulars will immediately recognize the Presqu’île and the quays of the Rhône that it takes. Something to be a bit nostalgic for your hometown and its famous city bikes, with which every trip is an adventure.

Eva Duke

A VOID – Newspapers directed by Camille Alexander

Garage trio A Void are making headlines with their single ‘Newspapers’. Between France and England, the group creates a fabulous mixture of influences from both countries to form a powerful and colorful whole. French chic and elegance meet the rebellious and original side of the English. And no, the garage style is no longer just about baggies, spiky hair and concrete places. Now make way for the glamorous garage, where delicate aesthetics can just as well be filled with strength.

Eva Duke

Ibeyi & Jorja Smith – Lavender and Red Roses by Lucrecia Taormina

The Ibeyi twins team up with English artist Jorja Smith for their new track, illustrated by a strong clip, rooted in Greek mythology. Through the desert, the three women follow a rope that leads them to a well. They pour lavender and red roses into it, which scatter over a masked man, trapped at the bottom of the abyss. He clings to the rope, they pull him towards the exit. Unable to extricate him, one of the sisters then cuts the thread and seals his fate, condemns him forever: his fall is fatal. All the beauty of the poured flowers then springs from the well and is finally returned to them: when you cannot save someone you love, you sometimes have to know how to cut the cord. Message received.

Robin Schmidt

Sessa- Gostar do Mundo directed by Rollinos

Sessa’s saudade is back with this new roots reggae ballad with bossa nova sounds. The Sao Paulo native introduces us to “Gostar do Mundo” and its colorful clip combining perfectly with the tropical notes of the track. Singing us love with her sweet guitar, Sessa transports us to the psychedelic nuances and hues of her video. Signed to Mexican Summer, the artist announces with this new title the release of his new album Esrela Acesawhich could be translated as Sparkling Star, scheduled for June 24. A solar piece made for starry nights.

Thomas Soulet

Hazlett- Please Don’t Be directed by Kyle Dobie

Hazlett’s folk poetry will take you to the heart with the sweet song “Please Don’t Be”, delicate new title from the Australian composer, who has been living in Sweden for some time. The clip, directed by Kyle Dobie at the Super 8, presents the singer to us in the middle of an almost magical landscape during a trip to his native country, Australia. Armed with his guitar and his imperfect but raw velvet voice, the musician sings to us of the pain of seeing the being we love fall in love with someone else. A title à la Bon Iver that will draw more than one tear from you.

Thomas Soulet

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