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Chris Pine in 2 new films on Prime Video: 5 things to know about the actor – Actus Ciné

Showing two films in April on Prime Video, The Contractor and The Knife by the Blade, Chris Pine is more and more talked about. But do you really know everything behind Hollywood’s most piercing blue eyes?

In April, Chris Pine is the star of Prime Video since we find him in two films! In The Contractor, a fast-paced action film, he portrays an elite soldier fired by his superiors. A mercenary mission to Eastern Europe might solve his financial problems, but nothing goes as planned…

We also find the actor on the platform, in duet with Thandiwe Newton, in The Knife by the blade: a sentimental spy thriller. The couple of CIA agents, broken several years earlier by a mission whose outcome was dramatic, find themselves by chance over a drink… But disturbing elements of the past resurface, as well as the demons of their relationship.

On the occasion of the release of this tandem of feature films in which Chris Pine deploys the extent of his talents, here are 5 anecdotes that you may not know about him.

He comes from a family of actors.

Chris Pine had barely set foot on his first movie sets than he already inherited a status. His grandmother, Anne Gwynne, was a Hollywood star in the 1930s and 1940s. She starred alongside John Howard in the series Public Prosecutor, known for being the first recorded television series in history (until then , they were rather performed live with an audience).

Gwynne Gilford (Chris Pine’s mother) made a few film appearances in the 70s and married Robert Pine, a major figure in American series from the 60s to the 80s, and who can still be seen on TV until the 2010s. Now 80, he has left the limelight behind.

Prime Video

He will make his first film

The information is very fresh but it causes a sensation: Chris Pine will go behind the camera for the very first time! The project will tell the story of a pool cleaner from a large hotel in Los Angeles who thinks he is a private detective and investigates the corruption that plagues the city of angels.

The title role will be held by Chris Pine himself, and we will find Danny DeVito and Annette Bening in the cast, just that! The film, which should be called Poolman, does not yet have a specific release date.

He is part of the Chris club

Chris Hemsworth. Chris Evans. Chris Pratt. Chris Pine… If you question the respective interpreters of Captain America, Thor, Star Lord and James Kirk, they will all tell you the same thing: for the past ten years, they have been confused daily by passers-by or even by journalists.

It must be said that the four Chris exploded thanks to a first science fiction role, that they are all about the same age… And that they are rather handsome. But if the confusion is frequent, Chris Pine likes to play it, and takes the subject as a joke: he even went so far as to make a hilarious song about it on Saturday Night Live.

He speaks French

A lover of the language of Molière since his language studies at the prestigious University of Berkeley, Chris Pine has lost none of his French. Evidenced by his ability to respond without a translator during interviews for French media. In order not to lose too much vocabulary, he confides that he got into the habit of cooking while listening to French radio news channels. If we have not yet had the pleasure of finding him in a tricolor production, it is a credible possibility for the rest of his career!


He explores new avenues

After forty, Chris Pine says he wants to let go a little more. Anyone for whom the character of Kirk in Star Trek has long stuck to the skin wants to explore new avenues: Elite soldier in The Contractor, chic secret agent in The Knife with the Blade, and soon in a main role for the adaptation Dungeons and Dragons cinema scheduled for 2023.

Excellent singer, he pushed the song in the film Into the Woods, or in Small Town Saturday Night. The actor therefore also seems to want to explore the musical track in a more serious way… So who knows, maybe we’ll have the chance to see a disc by the actor parading in the hits?

The Contractor and The Knife by the Blade are available on Prime Video.

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