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Chilly Gonzales will come to Limoges to take part in the walkabout on Sunday July 24

Chilly Gonzales, a virtuoso Canadian pianist, fills philharmonic halls around the world. Showman, the artist, unclassifiable, feeds on rap, pop, electro to push the boundaries of music, and makes the concert a work in its own right.

Composer for Feist, Jarvis Cocker, the rocker Peaches and many other artists, collaborator of Philippe Katerine, Drake, Daft Punk, Chilly Gonzales always amazes with his big gaps and his immense talent.

He returns to Limoges, this Sunday, July 24, for 1001 Notes, a festival that left him with a strong memory…

You return to the 1001 Notes Festival, and you hope, this time, not to miss the appointment.

“I came in 2011 with a ten-person chamber orchestra. We were ready when we had to cancel the concert due to bad weather. I hope everything will go well this year, I have moments to catch up. »

Your new title, and its pun, Wondercrowd, refer directly to the public. You give the impression of wanting to touch it physically, to immerse yourself in it, without a mask or barrier gestures.

” That’s it. I will again share, interact with the public on stage. Rediscover that. Sharing and being together is a social ritual that is part of our lives. This tour also marks the return of my voice after a great period of instrumental music that began in 2012. It’s the start of a new cycle. »

Your new song was written with rapper Teki Latex and singer Arielle Dombasle, a second collaboration. What do you like about these two artists?

“They are part of my musical family and of the current French-speaking musical landscape. They have a sense of fun, and make it coexist with deeper feelings and concepts. Above all, we share this philosophy of sharing with the public together. »

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“A concert is never fixed. But I work, I plan with precision so that I can then let go. I trust the animal that will appear that evening.

You embody artistic rigor without ever wanting to take yourself seriously. Will you come on stage in bathrobe and slippers?

“Presenting yourself like this is, I hope, a way of creating a certain intimacy with the public, like when I receive people at home. It’s funny, but it’s not a joke. It’s a concept decided one day, in order to fully share with the people on stage. It’s like making love to someone. Masturbation, most of the time, is fine, but it’s not worth the love we share. I do not have a choice. That’s how I operate. Create an osmosis with the public to succeed in unlocking everything. Sometimes it’s not won. When it doesn’t work, I adopt different strategies and I end up succeeding. These are my favorite times. »

Create osmosis on stage, in an unconventional way.

“If we are in a more consensual society, it seems to me that the new generation has fewer complexes about assuming their artistic tastes, whether they are judged good or bad. She has an instinctive taste. Me, my work is the concert. After the strong Covid period, everything is possible. We need to do this together. »

What are you going to perform in Limoges?

“I prefer not to say it. It’s not quite decided yet. Probably a version of Wondercrowd, and other surprises. I’m still evolving. A concert is never fixed. But I work, I plan with precision so that I can then let go. I trust the animal that will appear that evening. »

Chilly Gonzales in concert, Sunday July 24, at the 1001 Notes festival. At the Olympic ice rink in Limoges, at 9:30 p.m. Online ticketing:

Aline Combrouze


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