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Cantal: meet at the Madcow Festival in Cheylade

An expected event. (©MadCow Festival.)

Every year since 2019, with one exception, the festival teams have settled at the water’s edge for several months to prepare for the event, which brings festival-goers from all over France. “75% of festival-goers come from outside Cantal”, explains Charles DauzetPresident and Company Founder MadCow. A figure that can be explained, among other things, by the development of the department’s resources: “What better place than the Lac des Cascades in Cheylade to discover Cantal?”, he adds.

The company, which has been filming the delirious attractions it creates since 2014, relies on the Splash association, which specializes in the creation and management of events, to offer a unique festival full of surprises. “The association takes care of the artistic part, the music, the scenography, and Madcow takes care of the activities and the logistics”, specifies Adele Vidal, president of the Splash association. A successful cooperation.

Last places

Because for this third edition, tickets are soaring. A few days before the event, the festival is almost sold out. “We have already sold more than 90% of the places”, announces Adèle Vidal. “There will probably be no ticket office on site,” she warns.

Tickets can therefore be purchased exclusively on their website. with four prices: a 3-day pass for 60€, a pass for Friday evening at 35€, a pass for Saturday and Sunday at 45€ and the pass only for the day on Sunday (the only day open to minors) at 5 €.

2 stages, 14 artists

From a musical point of view, the festival saw things big and showed eclecticism. On the two stages of the festival, no less than 14 artists responded to the appointment. First headliners like Joris Delacroix, a young man from Montpellier with stratospheric melodies who knew how to export himself internationally in the great basin of deep house. By his side, Arnaud Rebotini and his analog machines, champion of vintage electro who signed the soundtrack of 120 Beats per minute, or even, in a mix of rock and pop this time, the sensitivity, the pen and the worked melodies of Fishback will enchant festival-goers.

The good mood is there.
The good mood is there. (©MadCow Festival 2021 – © Julie Bru Photographer)

A local scene

Emerging artists will also be there, such as Urtraxa 17-year-old prodigy who is setting the French techno scene ablaze, Gargantuathe shock group that does not spare its audience, mixing the codes of black metal with French song or even the sunny and sparkling Mimaa, playing with the codes of trap, Latin music and flamenco. Finally, we can highlight the presence of local artists, such as Armoniprotean violist from Auvergne whose nimble fingers mix symphony orchestra, gypsy jazz and electronic music or the incredible roar of Foolbazardfour friends from Cantal with a crazy universe that creates a cheeky and delirious rock.

Activities for all tastes

In terms of activity, the “adrenaline” theme takes on its full meaning: towed slip’n’slide demonstration, waterjump ramps, climbing blocks, skate contest, slackline between the trees or above the water, wild excursions… Production of dopamine and shivers in the key. But the list does not end there. Yoga, hikes, improvisation theatre, Do it yourself workshops to try out manual activities such as watercolour, pottery, embroidery, or even the manufacture of pocket ashtrays, but also adaptations well-known games like MadCow Lanta or a giant Cluedo to unlock the secrets of Cheylade and its surroundings. “There’s something for everyone, everyone finds it,” reassures Charles Dauzet.

Videos: currently on Actu

An eco-responsible festival

Pocket ashtrays which, in any case, will be distributed at the entrance. “We are lucky to have an idyllic place, with unspoiled nature. Every year, we do everything we can to respect it,” enthusiastically defends Charles Dauzet, who strives every year to reduce the ecological footprint of the festival. To do this, the team does not lack resources.

Free drink tickets if…

And it all starts with transportation. The festival team obviously recommends carpooling to reach Cheylade and encourages the use of soft mobility by offering drink tickets to those who can prove that they came by bike or on foot. Waste management is also taken seriously: in addition to pocket ashtrays, sorting bins are present almost everywhere and an almost plastic-free scenography, thought out and produced by the little hands of Marie Marcombe. “She does a crazy job,” insists the president of the association.

A caring town hall

Because what would the festival be without the twenty people invested in the project all year round and the 150 volunteers who work on the assembly and development of the site, the decoration, the reception of the public, the management of the ticket office , security, bar, entertainment, and intense cleaning after 3 days of festivities. “We must thank all those who directly or indirectly participated in the realization of this third edition. The employees of the company, the members of the association, the volunteers, the partners, and especially the town hall of Cheylade and its inhabitants who welcome us every year in the best conditions”, supports the president of the MadCow company “They are fully behind us, and this, from the beginning, ”concedes Adèle Vidal, definitely affected.

Ticketing on the Madcow website.

Florian Olivieri

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