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Calogero “likes the festive atmosphere of Brive”

It deeply touches me. I’ve been doing this job since I was 16 or 17. Today, I am 50 years old, and to know that people have grown up with my songs, that moves me deeply. The most complicated thing in this job is to stay for the long term. So what touches me above all is that even if time passes, people still ask to listen to me.

Have you ever been to Brive??

This is my first time at Brive Festival, but I had already come to play in Brive. I also came with Bernadette Chirac for the yellow pieces. And I also happened to come and party here with friends. I like the festive atmosphere of the city, so I’m very happy to come here.

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What show are you going to offer on Sunday evening??

Festivals are very happy places, so I mostly offer energetic songs. I obviously play my biggest titles because that’s what people expect. If I go to a Rolling Stones concert and they don’t Satisfaction I would be disappointed. There it is the same. Then I also play sounds from my new album such as The rumor which is a good surprise in festival so far.

You are currently touring festivals. How’s it going for you, the rhythm isn’t too hard to keep??

Yes absolutely, I was in Carcassonne last Sunday and at the Francofolies a week ago. In total, I do about twenty dates, but that’s fine, the rhythm is not too tiring. So far, things are going really well, the atmosphere is very festive. I bring my family and my friends and after the concerts we go for drinks or tapas, it’s very nice. I don’t want to be the kind of singer who comes with a big car and a driver, I prefer to be on a bus with my friends.

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Do you prefer to perform at festivals or concerts?

The two are very linked and both have brought me a lot. So I can’t choose one, I love to do concerts and I love to do festivals. In each case, as soon as I’m on stage, I feel alive again.

How would you define your musical style?

I never really defined my musical style. I think I have a very recognizable style, but I couldn’t define it, it’s just me, Calogero. The best compliment anyone can give me is to be recognized in two measures. Afterwards, my style is often defined as pop rock, that suits me very well too.

How would you define your new album Downtown ? What topics do you cover there?

It’s an album that I made during the Covid era, so it is marked by that period. Especially the song act as if, which was one of the first to come out in support of caregivers. And this music had been taken up by around 2,500 caregivers who had sung it on video. I also try to bring positive notes to the album with It was better after, for example, which is my favorite song on the album. And otherwise, I deal with many themes, such as rumor, for example, in the song of the same name.

You sang a song on the album in duet with Rufus Wainwright. Why did you do it with an English artist?

It’s just for fun. Everything I sing, I do it for fun. So why him? Simply because he is an artist that I really appreciate and who makes very beautiful songs. So we decided to sing the song Time together, and we immediately got along very well.

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Why don’t you write any of your songs?

It’s not really a choice. I can’t write lyrics. On the other hand, I compose my music. So as soon as I have an idea for a melody, I jot it down. And then I send it to lyricists who will write about it, like Elton John did, by the way. So there are authors with whom I am used to working, like Paul Ecole for example, to whom I often entrust my melodies.

After eight albums, do you still manage to renew yourself?

I hope so. But that is above all for the public to say (laughs). A little more seriously, I don’t think I’ve done the trick yet, I don’t feel like I’ve said everything. And I still have lots of desires and lots of ideas.

Do you have other projects planned?

Yes indeed. But I keep the surprise for now.


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