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But by the way, what is the film “Rock’n’Roll” by Guillaume Canet worth?

MOVIE THEATER – Everything to succeed. “Rock’n’Roll” Guillaume Canet’s latest film has everything on paper to hit: a bankable cast including his companion Marion Cotillard, comedy, a genre particularly appreciated by the French, and its director, most of whose creations liked, with the exception of “Blood Ties”, curiously the one that led him to this new idea.

For the promotion, the Canet team had a rather relevant idea. Using Instagram accounts and the real relationship between the director and the Oscar-winning actress to attract viewers. On social networks, unfavorable shots of the two lovers began to bloom over the days. We first discovered Marion Cotillard asleep in the train, her mouth open, then Guillaume Canet slipper on her feet and hot water bottle under her arm…

But, hidden behind this mass of file photos, we would have almost forgotten that the main object of this operation is a film, “Rock’n’Roll”, in theaters this Wednesday, February 15. If we have heard of the disguises of the director of “Don’t tell anyone” or the bizarre faces of the woman who shares his life, we have heard less of the film as such.The HuffPost therefore decided to tell you what is really behind this tagged poster and this colorful trailer, as you can see below.

“Rock’n’Roll” is clearly a two-part film. The first, relevant, lively, very funny, the second (the last 50 minutes) roughly imagined. An opinion shared by many critics. The Inrocksrather believe the opposite. For the newspaper, “Rock’n’Roll” lends itself to “a fairly tedious exercise in self-irony but which, at its end, offers a fanciful exit from the road”.

However, the first two half-hours during which Guillaume Canet (in the role of Guillaume Canet) questions himself following the remark, however quite harmless, of a journalist are quite jubilant, in particular thanks to the interpretation of Marion Cotillard . How pleasant it is to find it in the energy, the dynamics. She makes the public laugh out loud with her perched remarks and especially her new fad: learning Quebecois for Dolan’s next film. And when we say to learn, it is to live this accent. It BECOMES Quebecois, at least by ear. His interpretation of “Pour que tu m’aime encore” by Celine Dion, famous, also provokes lovely laughter in the room.

Humor, a strong and then weak point of the film, on the other hand, greatly displeased the Cinema notebooks. “Confusing ego trip and cinema truth, Rock’n Roll can be seen as the Nouveau Roman demarcation of the great neo-beauf saga: a sinister gag factory unraveling the cogs of a system which the recent Brice 3 has already proven to be was definitely outdated,” judge journalist Vincent Malausa.

The first part is that of the questioning, that where all the subjects on the image in particular are approached. “This exercise in self-destruction, so unFrench, is a pleasure to see, especially on the part of a filmmaker-actor who is supposed to embody the aristocracy of our cinema”, considers Live Cinema Studio. First, however regrets that the criticism does not go further. “The good idea is to have made the true-false Guillaume a blacker character, to depict the identity anxiety of a lost hero. Do we still exist in a society obsessed with selfies? Do we exist only by the place we occupy and the face we have? By only touching on these subjects, the film loses a little of its initial corrosiveness, before sinking into a cartoonish finale”, can we read on the magazine specializing in cinema.

The passage to the act of the second part is more predictable, it indeed provokes less interest.

The few witticisms at the beginning give way to a grotesque farce without depthThe Cinema Blog



The sequel tells a specific element of the plot

Are you really sure you want to know?

So let’s go

During the last quarter of an hour of the film, Guillaume Canet, to stay young and “beautiful”, abuses cosmetic surgery. We then discover his face swollen, similar to that of an allergic person after a wasp sting. He becomes addicted to bodybuilding and relatively pathetic, but fulfilled. Despite all this, Marion Cotillard runs after him on Demis Roussos (which is rather pleasant to hear for the second time in the film, we admit).

This physical transformation and everything that surrounds it loses the thread so well woven at the start of the film. The irony leaves room for what could be likened to a coarse parody that is not very enjoyable. If the laughter was frank during the first hour, it becomes almost embarrassed during the second. A point that also regrets The Cinema Blog. “By dint of exaggeration his film ends up leaving us at a distance from this delirium of youth and, more annoying, no longer makes us laugh where the first part of the film was nevertheless quite pleasant”, writes the critic of the site. An opinion shared by Michel Berjon of the Files of the cinema. “Started on the basis of a jubilant reality-fiction – by its quirky self-mockery -, “Rock’n’Roll” then gets bogged down in a grotesque metaphor on youthism”, underlines the critic.

If only one thing had to be remembered. “Rock’n’Roll” is worth a look just to hear the Québécois accent of Marion Cotillard, for the rest, we would do without it.

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