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Burlesque theatre, jukebox caravan… L’Estival du Luisant will be a show!

The Estival du Luisant is back in Germigny-l’Exempt! For three days, from this Friday to Sunday, this funny little festival will offer something to sing, dance, dream, laugh, think and even eat in the same beautiful spirit.

Thank you who? Thank you Atelier Val d’Aubois, which works tirelessly, from Germigny-l’Exempt (311 souls), “to the dissemination of art and performing arts in rural areas” and supports “inter-municipal cultural actions” radiating in the Loire-Val d’Aubois region. We are there, remember, 25 kilometers from Nevers (Nièvre) and nearly 50 from Bourges.

Street theatre, pyrotechnics, rock music… Les Flo’lies sur Cher, a three-day festival in mid-August in Saint-Florent

The base of operations of the Atelier Val d’Aubois is therefore Le Luisant, an old barn in the village ingeniously recycled into a small performance hall with a hundred seats. Artists are programmed there all year round, some come in residence to the village and all this great bazaar, furiously friendly and inflated, reaches its peak each year in the summer, for the aptly named Estival.
This year, the health crisis having been a little distant, hay gauges and restrictions!

Bewitching concert and atypical songs

The feast will therefore open this Friday evening, at 8:30 p.m., with L’Affaire Capucine and its five musicians. A not sad band and a bit quirky that intends to offer a bewitching, spectacular and intimate concert based on atypical, whimsical and dreamlike songs. In short, music that does not run the streets, and even less the fields.

Big day Saturday, August 6, as a main course. We start at 4:30 p.m. with burlesque theatre: it’s Glad to hear you, played by Super Super + Robert and me. Without spoiling anything, the artists promise “something with theories and songs”. At 18 hours : Entrails by La Carotte. Three clownes (ladies), abandoned on a vacant lot, are waiting. Godot? Who knows ! At 7 p.m., Place aux Frères Scopitone, by The Barda Company. A 4 m2 jukebox caravan where this wacky trio revisits the greatest standards of the French and international repertoire. And like all that, it’s hollow, a country meal at 8 p.m., then gypsy swing and blue notes offered by the Quartet Romain Vuillemin.

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Sunday August 7 at 3 p.m., Boule and her digestive songs. At 4:30 p.m.: Of wood, restitution of the theater course. At 5.30 p.m.: Fiammiferi, by the company of Six Fake Nosesan adaptation of The little girl with matches for a puppet. At 19 ‘o clock : Anti Rabbit 34, or the discovery of the myth of Antigone. At 8 p.m. finally, shared basket, it’s eaten without hunger, with the Scopitone Brothers.

Practice. From Friday August 5 to Sunday August 7, in Germigny-l’Exempt. Prices: Friday €6, €10 and €12; Saturday and Sunday, 1-day pass: €6, €10, €15 and €20; 2-day pass: €10, €15, €25 and €35. Free for children 6 and under. Country meal on Saturday evening: €13 by reservation. Contact:;; or by phone at

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