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Bulgaria 2022: Intelligent Music Project in interview!

Their names are Ronnie Romero, Bisser Ivanov, Slavin Slavcev, Ivo Stefanov, Dimitar Sirakov and Stoyan Yankulov. If in mid-September, their leader had announced the color, it was on November 25, 2021 that the BNT (Bulgarian broadcaster) formalized the news of their election. It’s with Intention that the group will compete in Eurovision 2022 and will try to continue the beautiful series of Bulgarian finals started in 2016. After having been able to discover their portrait a few days ago, here is Intelligent Music Project in interview!

EAQ – What is your state of mind a few weeks before the competition? Are you feeling any pressure as you approach Turin?

Intelligent Music Project – We are very excited. It’s a huge event in the world of music and we are proud to be part of it. But we don’t feel any pressure. We have been professional for so many years and have many scenes under our belt. Each of us has performed in front of large venues during our respective careers. Let’s just remember that our singer Ronnie Romero is a member of one of the most legendary rock bands, Rainbow, while our guitarist played at the Olympia a few years ago. You also know that Stoyan Yankoulov placed fifth in Eurovision in 2007. We know what to do on stage, we have amazing singers and there is no need to worry. We only feel real excitement and the best will be to have fun with the great performers who participate in Eurovision this year. We met most of them and became friends with some.

What are the origins of your Intelligent Music Project ? Why this name?

Intelligent music is the name of our label which was created in 2010 by our producer Dr. Milen Vrabevski in order to popularize contemporary Bulgarian music and culture. Later, when we decided to form a band to play music, the band took the name of the label with this “project” at the end.

What does Eurovision represent for you as an audience and as artists?

Each year, Eurovision creates a spectacular show for viewers. Until now, we were. Now we’re going to watch the show from behind the scenes. This huge stage is an incredible opportunity for artists to showcase their music to the world. Eurovision is representative of the spirit of Europe, united in its diversity. There are so many different musicians and musical styles participating in the competition and performing on stage… That’s the most precious thing: you can see so many different artists in just one evening!

What are your best memories of the competition?

Bulgaria had many proud moments at Eurovision! As we told you before, it all started with our drummer Stoyan Yankoulov in 2007. Our country then took second and fourth places several years later.

For Stoyan, this will be his third participation in the competition after 2007 and 2013. Why did he decide to make a comeback?

Because Stoyan is part of Intelligent Music Project. We had the opportunity to participate in Eurovision, so we seized it. And it was more than normal for him to come with us. The fact that he has entered the competition twice in the past is pure coincidence. Stoyan is our lucky talisman!

From rehearsals to the choice of outfits, how is your preparation going?

Good. We rehearse a lot, like we do before a live and we are almost done with our preparations. We participated in the pre-parties, an incredible experience during which we finally saw and felt the reactions of the public during our performances. We are lucky to be able to say that the public gives us a very warm welcome and that most are surprised by our energy and our show. We appreciate every step of our preparation!

How would you describe your title Intention ?

Intention evokes a personal struggle in our thoughts and in our spirits to free ourselves from old patterns of belief and behavior that hold us back. Through the title, we want to highlight a very simple fact: it is never too late to take the right path, the one that makes us grow, that of dignified existence and the mission that life gives us. The shadow chasing you is your old “you”. Turn your back on ego and selfishness, and start living for the people around you. But change often involves a difficult inner struggle with your soul, even a war with yourself. If the best part of you prevails, you will feel free and happy! And the freer you feel, the further away from reality you will be. It’s a paradox at first glance, but the environment in which you evolve is not made to make you happy by default. The feeling of freedom and happiness is a state of mind that you learn to make dominant in your thoughts. It is the result of a daily test. So find deep within you the inner signals of those incomparable feelings of joy, freedom, and spiritual satisfaction with life. For all of this to happen, you need a strong intention.

What do you think of the reactions of eurofans to your song?

We adore them. We are in disbelief at the number of positive messages and the energy we are receiving via our social networks. Thank you all for your support ! And we’re backed by real rock stars. If you haven’t seen or heard them, you can find them on YouTube or Facebook. We received support videos from legendary bands like Whitesnake, Judas Priest, Rainbow, Black Sabbath, Nazareth, Uriah Heep and many more. It’s a great honor to have the support of the rock world!

Can you tell us more about the scenography that you reserve for the public?

It will be very fun to watch!

Among your competitors, what are your favorite artists and songs?

We got very close to Zdob şi Zdub and Frații Advahov (Moldova), Mia Dimsic (Croatia) and Sam Ryder (UK), but we wish the best to everyone else. They are on top!

After the competition, what are your plans?

After Eurovision, we will continue our concerts and our tours. We will release our seventh album, Unconditioned, which is already recorded with Simon Philipps on percussion and musical co-production, and Ronnie Romero on vocals. We will then carry out a promotional tour.

Do you have a final message for our French-speaking readers and fans?

We played in Paris a few weeks ago. We love the French public and would appreciate it if they vote for us. But whoever gets his vote, he won’t be wrong!

Many thanks to Intelligent Music Project for answering questions from the editorial staff of Daily Eurovision. We give them an appointment on Tuesday, May 10, in 7th position of the first semi-final of Eurovision 2022!

Thanks also to Svetla Toneva for organizing the interview.

© Orlin Nikolov

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