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Booba: his craziest figures and records

Proof that Booba still deserves the Throne of French rap, here comes the point on the craziest figures and records of his career.

Let’s put the leases from the start, Booba is a legend of French rap. Love him or hate him, it’s impossible to question his supremacy in French rap. At a time when his first album, Temps Mort, is preparing to celebrate its twentieth anniversary on January 22, we can only bow to such longevity. It’s a fact, no artist in France can boast of having lasted as long as him in the game while remaining at the top of French rap sales for 20 years.

Moreover, the Duke of Boulogne is not only a commercial monster or an avid clasher, he is also a precursor in many areas. Always the first when it comes to pushing new musical trends before everyone else, he knew how to update his art and thus always stay in step with the times. Also, a wise producer, he has been working for quite a few years to prepare the next generation of French rap through all his musical labels, from 92I to La Piraterie, via 7 Corp and 92i Africa.

Finally unable to retire from music after his tenth album ULTRA, Booba is also an accomplished business man with many brands to his credit and history: from Unkut to his whiskey brand DUC, via OKLM media, his champagne in collaboration with the brand Frerejean Frère, his bronze busts and recently his wave of NFT…. In short, there is almost no juicy sector in which the rapper has not yet put his nose. It is for all these reasons that Booba is and will remain a legend of French rap. Its figures and records bear witness to this.

Booba: the numbers and records of a legend of French rap

25: On the fly, it’s the number of artists and showbiz personalities with whom Booba started a beef during his career. From Sinik in its beginnings to Gims via Rohff, Kaaris, Damso, Seth Gecko and La Fouine, B2O undoubtedly has the biggest list of enemies in the history of French rap.

10 : This is the number of artists currently signed by Booba on his 92I label. We find in order: SDM, Green Montana, Elia, Lestin, Dala, Dixon, Bilton, JSX, Azem, Sicario & Gato Da Bato.

2002: The year of the release of his first solo album, Temps Mort. The album will celebrate its twentieth anniversary on January 22. Before that, he had already released four projects with Lunatic, the duo he formed with Ali officially until 2003. Their joint discography obviously includes the classic Mauvais Œil.

35: According to the SNEP, this is the number of singles certified only gold from Booba’s discography (featurings included)

30 : According to the SNEP, this is the number of singles certified only platinum from Booba’s discography (featurings included)

16: According to the SNEP, this is the number of singles certified only diamond from Booba’s discography (featurings included)

488,000 : As of January 10, 2022, these are the sales figures for the album Trône. Released in 2017, it is still Booba’s most sold project today. With this figure, he should quickly obtain the first diamond disc of his career, equivalent to 500,000 sales.

2,138,570,704: As of January 11, 2022, this is the number of views accumulated by Booba on his Youtube channel, one of the few social networks where he has not yet been banned. Opened on August 23, 2010 and with a total of 3.75 million subscribers, its channel remains one of the most visited on the platform.

100,988,488: The number of views on the clip of “DKR”. Unveiled in 2016, it is still the most viewed clip and video on Booba’s Youtube channel.

39 118 : These are the sales figures for Booba’s Ultra album after one week of operation. In the lot, there is a large share of streams with 35,922 plays on the platforms.

100 million : This time we are talking about the number of digital sales in the world of his album Ultra after only 10 days of operation. Proof that Booba’s aura shines in France, but not only.

39.9: This is the launch price of the bottle of DUC Triple Cask Whisky. A price considered at the time somewhat excessive for a bottle with a capacity of 70 cl.

564,000 : In euros (equivalent to 150 Ethers in cryptocurrency), this is the total turnover generated by the sale of 25,000 copies of its first NFT. The music video for “TN” ended up sold out just four days after it went on sale. To this is added the 1000 additional cards sold for his second track exclusively in NFT, “GDC”.

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