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Booba asks Sinik to “keep his name out of his mouth”!

Booba seems to be closely following the return of Sinik, who promotes his new album Niksito the point that they exchanged a few words on Instagram… Rohff also remains in his sights!

If Booba has had many concerns lately, between busy political and military news, Shay’s return, the releases of his artists on his various labels (Dala, Sicario, Bilton, SDM, Green Montana…), and of course his children with whom he shares many videos on Instagram, he keeps an eye on the progress of certain files, even if they are a bit dated. This is the case of the one concerning Sinik who is currently defending his 9th album, Niksi, in front of the media. In clash since the mid-2000s, Le Duc had mentioned Malsain L’Assassin and even shared the 1st excerpt from his new project, Lost bulletsin which the 91 rapper tackled Rockin’Squat, Franck Gastambide or even Angèle, wishing him sarcastically “good luck” for the release of his opus. Since Kopp reposts in Insta story, Sinik’s statements about him during his interviews. After relaying our interview The day whenor Sinik explained that he was surprised that B2o relayed his piece Lost bulletsthe latter sent him a DM of which he published a screen in an IG story: “You still have my name in your mouth, huh! You never got up from Cardboard Rose! Good luck”. Courteous, Sinik then responded in DM to justify himself: “I just answer questions even if it sucks and you know the circuit: it’s not me who writes it. Then I could tell you a lot of things I did after your clash but what’s the point 15 years later… Good luck to you too.

Booba sends a DM to Sinik…

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“Keep my name out of your mouth…”

Episode 2. This Tuesday, April 19, Booba who had done his little daily press review, reposted, still in story, new interventions by Sinik in the media about him. We can read : “Sinik explains why rappers are afraid of him…” Where “Booba is not an impressive guy asure Sinik.” Neither one nor two, Booba sent a new message in DM to Sinik (whose screen he still publishes here) to whom he asks, using Will Smith’s expression after his slap in the face of Chris Rock at the 94th Academy Awards on March 27, 2022: “Keep my name out of your mouth, it’s better, it won’t get you anything.” Note of humor or reminiscence of their clash, Niksi once again took the time to answer him, always with courtesy: “I don’t expect it to bring me anything, and I assure you that it breaks my balls much more than you to harp on the same things for 15 years. But rest easy, we briefed the media.” If the Mc des Ulis had so far answered questions from journalists, since it was obviously not on his initiative that he spoke to them about the rapper from 92, apparently he no longer wishes to mention his name and have made arrangements with of the media… At the same time, it was Booba who had revived the “hostilities vis-à-vis Sinik by taking an interest in his new album!

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Always an eye on Rohff

Another ancestral clash still maintained by Booba and vice versa, that which opposes him to Rohff. A few days ago, Kopp was interested in the sales of Housni’s latest album, the 10th of his career, Great Sir, published on December 10. A 26 titles, including among others feats of Jul, Naps, Tayc, Dadju or Imen Es, which would struggle to reach the gold record according to the figures announced (and updated on April 8) by the media Midi / Minuit and picked up by Twitter accounts. Indeed, the latter announced that the album had so far sold 30,000 units, after having posted 13,123 sales in the first week. A score which, of course, B2o seized on to make fun of his fellow rapper. “Rohff, by dint of digging you will end up finding gas”, he swung on Instagram by displaying a screenshot of a tweet as well as laughing emojis! A spade that should not reach the rapper from 94, who had also declared not to focus on sales figures: “Me, I trust my music. I’m not here for the picture. Some have artistic shortcomings and compensate with the image. I got into rap for the art and the numbers followed. And today all those who have gaps only talk about numbers. Because numbers don’t lie, they can be bought. Behind these platforms, there are people who can take sides and who will promote certain artists over others.” On good terms, hello!

rohff 30,000 sales

rohff sales 30,000MM

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