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After having started with a spelling mistake, in order to already blast the boundaries of normality which it claimed to claim a little, the valiant and indispensable local label Les Disques Normal is in the spotlight in this month of May. Born in 2006 and with today almost 70 references in various formats (vinyl, cd, download) in its beautiful catalog, the Normal Discs celebrate their fifteen years of existence in two stages: an exhibition of the covers of a large part of the label records (enhanced by some of our photos of the bands live) at the Jardin Moderne and two evenings of concerts with no less than 8 bands from the label playing on May 20 and 21, still at the Jardin Moderne. To prepare this celebration with dignity, we offer you daily until the fateful date an interview with each of the groups. We continue this review of the troops with BLUE HAIRED GIRL.

Fifteen years already that the small but valiant local label Normal Discs draws and defends his independent and sensitive vision of music. In a decade and a half and more than seventy records, the little band has built an ensemble that is both highly coherent and yet deliciously adventurous. From the intimate folk of Jocari to the orchestral pop of the debut album by mermonte passing by the dandy garage of LadyJanethe indomitable rock of fat supperthe classy Americana of santa cruzthe oblique hip hop of Yes Basketball! or even indie rock alive withArianna Monteverdi… we no longer count the discs of the label which are now among our favorite cakes. We are therefore more than happy to participate in the celebrations of the first fifteen years of this great adventure. For this we went to meet the eight formations invited on the two evenings of celebration. We start with a podcast exchange with BLUE HAIRED GIRL that you can see the Friday May 20 to Modern Garden.

Interview (carried out in January 2022)

►► ALTER1FO: And if you tell us about Blue Haired Girl ?

Didier (bass guitar) : I participated in the founding of the group with Geoffroy in 1998. We met on the benches of the university and we had a lot of musical points in common, in particular post-rock, and groups like Mogwai in particular… At the time, Geoffroy already had a bass, so I bought myself an electric guitar. We started playing together. Blue Haired Girl was born. Simply. Very quickly, we recorded a first demo, and then Joseph joined us. In 2002, we released a much more successful EP, and our first real album dates from 2007, released by Normal Discs.

Geoffrey (bass, percussion, vocals): Very early on, we composed instrumental pieces and wanted to explore different musical sounds. To compensate for our imperfect mastery of our instruments, we especially sought to create different sound textures. We therefore use instruments from Asia or Turkey. This pushes us towards other horizons, to think outside the box. However, we remain very influenced by post-rock as Didier mentioned, and we are looking for heady and adventurous melodies. The originality of the group also comes from the presence of Joseph’s cello which brings real harmony to our pieces.

joseph (cello, xylophone): Personally, I have a more classical training in cello: music theory, conservatory etc. By joining the group, I was able to deepen my musical culture, and that’s what I find great. But I especially remember those long evenings where we all improvise on a riff. Most of the time it does nothing. (laughs…) but sometimes it can also end up on a recording years later. The central point that binds us is ultimately this desire to get together to play.

Geoffrey : It’s exactly that. Joseph describes it perfectly. The group is a story of human encounters, exchanges, and sharing of music between us.

Joseph: It shows in our way of working. Even if we work our parts on our own, we hold long work sessions, to be able to be between us during weekends or holidays. Didier or Geoffroy can welcome us in good conditions, so it’s very pleasant.

►► ALTER1FO: How did you know Normal Discs ?

Didier : We first met Jean-Charles and Martial through their web radio born with the Association of Normal People. At that time, we were discussing together to set up a distribution network between the Lorraine and the Great West. Once their label got together, the release of our album Remoteness happened quite naturally with them! It was their second release, after Jocari’s excellent album.

Geoffrey : I observe a huge upheaval in the logic of music distribution since our first album. I speak of this without nostalgia, but today, distribution is done in a more confidential way, hence the importance of being supported by a label. Casually, the fact of offering an album under the label of a label, its fame and its catalog, greatly improves the visibility that one can have. And then, it is also and above all an artistic exchange. For our album Dérive, Martial accompanied us during the mastering.

►► ALTER1FO: How can you describe a live by Blue Haired Girl ?

Didier : We tend to change instrumentals a lot between songs, everyone has to play at least I think… So, there is still a certain organization to be had.

joseph : To make it even funnier, we change it even during the songs (laughs…) !

Geoffrey: And then, live, we are not super demonstrative, eh (laughs…) We are rather from school shoegaze, watching our pedals. The mood and atmosphere of the concert mainly comes from our music that we play!

Tycho Brahe, Julian Angel, Blue Haired Girl and Arianna Monteverdi will play Friday, May 20, 2022
Fiascø, A Movement Of Return, The Marquesas
and The Missing Season will play Saturday, May 21, 2022
from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m. – Price 1 day: 12 € in presale or 15 € on site
2-day pass: 20 € only in presale

The Modern Garden, 11 rue du Manoir de Servigné, Rennes
Bus n°11 (Jardin Moderne stop)
Bus n°9 (Cleunay stop)
lines 54, 55, 56 (Berthault stop)

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