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Be warned, 2022 will be the year of XXL French rap projects

With the successive releases of Jazzy Bazz, Dinos, Benjamin Epps, Rémy, 1pliké140, Kaaris, Kalash Criminel, Vald and already many others, it’s an understatement to say that the year 2022 of French rap got off to a flying start. Do you want more ? Rejoice because it’s February and it’s just the beginning. The agenda of releases for the next ten months is already full and we are certainly not at the end of our surprises.

Looking a little closer at what is happening, we realize that in addition to the big and highly anticipated solo projects such as those of PNL, Nekfeu, Dinos, Stromae, Alpha Wann, Hamza, Disiz or Shay, before us a slew of XXL collective projects. By this term, we do not mean the traditional joint albums between two rappers or between an MC and a producer, but those which bring together artists in packages of 10 or more. These projects so ambitious that even the Americans have never thought of them.

We are talking about these projects which, like 93 Empire, 13 Organized and Classico Organized, have offered us connections, each one more incredible than the next. Collabs that would probably never have seen the light of day without such collective enthusiasm. Because let’s face it, if bringing together so many heads on a single project seems easy on paper, these gala albums are in fact real logistical challenges that few artists can boast of being able to carry out.

Not enough to frighten the gratin of French rap visibly, since we already know that the large gatherings of MCs will rain this year. Between some who wish to come together to represent their city or their neighborhood and others who seek to come together simply for the love of hip-hop and performance, French rap listeners have not finished taking loud musical slaps. You do not believe in it ? Without further ado, here is a small overview of the compilations and XXL French rap projects planned soon.

Bad times, the 100% Sevran project

We told you not long ago: this year, Sevran has everything to become the new queen city of French rap. Sign that the rap scene of this hub of 9-3 is doing well and has the wind in its sails, its representatives have decided to join forces for a project probably entitled Sale Époque. While the whole of France is waiting for this 100% Sevranaise compilation with a firm footing, the artists increased the pressure a few months ago by unveiling the first extract: a double clip entitled SE WIRE / TRANSAC bringing together Kalash Criminel, DA Uzi, Zefor Koss and Woorrupet and which includes multiple references to The Wire series.

As if this first big hit wasn’t enough, we also know that this album made in Vran-Se will be accompanied by an eponymous documentary. Immersive images shot in the heart of the city to best capture the essence and strong identity of Sevran rap.

While waiting for the release of the project, which unfortunately should be done without Maes, the first part of the documentary is already online and director Céline Ms’ili presented her work with these words: “A report around the city was needed. With a first part which presents the different neighborhoods of the city, the strongholds of current and emerging rappers, but not only, the inhabitants, neighborhood guys, also take the floor.This part makes an inventory, so that the public can understand where this aggressiveness and determination comes from”.

Shtar Academy Season 2

We agree, prison is not crazy. It was with a view to embellishing stays in prison that producer and DJ Mouloud Mansouri launched in 2014, the first project of the Shtar Academy. Behind this name, as wacky as it is brilliant, the idea was to highlight prisoners through collaborations between big French rap names.

On the first volume released eight years ago, we found there among others Disiz, Niro, Médine, Ali, Tunisiano or even Lino, but also and above all, the beautiful skewer composed of Bakar, Orelsan, Gringe, Keny Arkana, Lino, Médine, Nor, Nekfeu, Némir, REDK, Sat de la FF, the Psy 4 de La Rime and Tékila on the flagship single of the project “Les Portes du Pénitencier”.

The first Shtar Academy caused a stir at the time when it was released, and a few weeks ago, the collective announced the arrival of a second season very soon. Of course, the guests once again promise to be prestigious. According to the photos already shared on the Instagram account of Shtar Ac, we will find on the tracklist names such as PLK, Rim’K, Doria, ZKR, Hornet la Frappe, Heuss l’Enfoiré, Leto, S.Pri Noir , Le Rat Luciano, Rémy or even Fianso. Clearly, it makes you want and all you have to do is wait for the official release date.

Lacrim’s Champion’s League

After the release of the Organized Classico, we already imagined that the next collective madness of the J would be to bring together an Organized Champion’s League with the greatest French and European rappers. Except that no, obviously, it is Lacrim who has planned to take care of it. Interviewed by our colleagues from the newspaper Le Parisien during the promotion of his album Persona Non Grata, he said: “”As Jul did in France, I set up a European rap project with the headliners of each country, with a tour to boot. This is even more dear to my heart than my own albums “.

And there, boom, we start dreaming of the most ambitious project in the history of French (and European) rap. Of course, it will take time and an immense sense of logistics for El Tigre to carry out his plan, but we can only validate it. At a time when connections between French, Belgian, Italian, German and other rappers are still too rare, such an initiative by Lacrim already promises us great musical discoveries beyond our borders. We tell you in all the languages ​​of Europe, we can’t wait.

Rim’K: This is Paris

Even if Marseille has worked for a few years to become the capital of French rap, Paris does not intend to let itself be dethroned so easily. In any case, the capital can count on Rim’K to make its rap scene shine with all its brilliance. At the very end of last year, he announced that he was working on an XXL project called Here is Paris. The objective of such a name as you can imagine: to assert Parisian supremacy on the map of French rap.

Invited to Booska Colombien’s “Soyons Foot” program, the uncle of Bled born in Paris had said this: ” It’s a big big big project, a huge musical project that will bring together a lot of Parisian artists so you have to take the time to do things “. We don’t yet know when it will be released, but what we can confirm is that in addition to bringing together the cream of Parisian rap, this opus will give pride of place to international collaborations “There will also be very beautiful international surprises,” he said.

European or American rappers? It’s still too early to tell, but clearly, anything is possible. Given Rim’K’s longevity and place in the game, there’s no doubt that his address book must be pretty full.

91 All Stars

By producing 93 Empire, the album that brought together all the rappers from Seine-Saint-Denis, Fianso achieved an extraordinary feat. A move that obviously gave ideas to its Ile-de-France neighbors. This time it’s 91, Essonne, qui organizes itself in turn to promote its rap scene. And with a title like 91 All Stars, we already know that the ambitions are immense.

For now, three extracts have been revealed, including the track La Zone by Ninho, Gang Gang by S-Pion and Wejdene, then the latest Andale with Bramsito and Moha MMZ. According to the producers of the Jungle Squad Prod project, we can already expect appearances from Disiz La Peste, Alkpote or even Luv Resval. But the question everyone is asking is of course whether the two PNL brothers will participate in the project or not.

Obviously, such a name on the tracklist would greatly help the compilation to blow up all over France, but today, nothing like that has been announced yet. Just like the release date which nevertheless, should not take too long to be communicated.

The Chronicles of March III

Definitely, since 13 Organized, we have not stopped the collective fervor of Marseille. In total since 2020, no less than four collective projects have come out of Marseille. Between the OM album, V13, the NouvlR compilation and the gargantuan Classico Organisé, the rap public was served. And it’s not over ! Because if you diligently follow rap news, you probably know that the third installment of Les Chroniques de Mars, the trilogy initially produced by Imhotep of the IAM group in March 1998 is currently under construction.

The wick had been sold in June 2020 by the Marseille rapper Bouga, at the helm on this project. If these new Chronicles of Mars open the doors to new intergenerational collaborations between all the MCs of Marseille and its surroundings, we still have little information on the connections that will be retained on the final tracklist.

The only definitively recorded is a collaboration between Akhenaton and SCH. For those who don’t believe it, we had the chance to listen to it and we can assure you that you won’t be disappointed. But for now, we will have to wait a little longer, because no release date has yet been communicated. And you, what other collective XXL projects would you like to see born in the future of French rap?

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