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Batch. Meeting with Christophe Loiseleur des Longchamps, organist – inspired composer

Christophe Loiseleur from Longchamps. (©DR)

Christophe des Longchamps has often offered young choristers pieces adapted to their learning and their service. This context allowed him to create in 2008 a musical based on the Count of Monte-Cristo by Alexandre Dumas, the Edmond Dantès Affair, then successfully restored to the “Three Provinces”, a large performance hall in Brive-la-Gaillarde.

It is undoubtedly thanks to the recognition of a fluid and “general public” writing, quite close to film music, that he was offered the writing of a work commemorating the 10th anniversary of the Pays de Martel music school.

An album of melodies shared over recitals

The ideal was to rely on a story rooted in local culture and deployed in the national narrative: a tale describing the journey of the obelisk from Luxor to Paris under the guidance of a Lotois, Raymond de Verninac. “Objectif Concorde” was born. A completely split score so that very young instrumentalists can play alongside experienced adults and teachers. A result that is already very promising, judging by the first rehearsals of the choirs and the orchestra.

The album “Crossings”

In July 2019, Maria Mirante and Paul Beynet, two young talents from our national conservatories, recorded a wide selection of melodies. This album called “Traversées”, a real journey through emotions, the amateur public of a very French style (Fauré, Duparc and the inevitable Poulenc are not far away!) can discover it partially through recitals. After Périgord, Limousin, Île-de-France will be able to enjoy a few pieces in a program of already famous French melodies (Issy-les-Moulineaux then Paris, October 7 and 8, 2022).

inspired voices

Is it two more crossings? this time those of the English Channel and the Atlantic? which will be pretexts for discover the choral work of Christophe Loiseleur des Longchamps. Music lovers will be delighted to discover this summer, as part of the Heure d’Orgue de Souillac, the excellent English choir of the Royal Holloway. If the first part of the concert will introduce you to the polyphonies of the Tudors, the second will be a strong tribute to César Franck (200 years old and not a wrinkle!) with a collection of French choral pieces. Anticipated by Christophe des Longchamps who had composed a new Dextera Domini echoing that of the Franco-Belgian master, this commemoration will also include the French creation of this piece (in Souillac, the August 4, 2022). Its world premiere has just taken place in the chapel of Royal Holloway near London.

Always in a spiritual register, but also oriented towards a meeting around the Francophonie, the invitation of a Canadian composer from the University of Sherbrooke, Robert Ingari, will also be a great event in the Southwest. In complicity with Christopher Gibert, a young composer and choirmaster from Amadour, five concerts and master classes will be offered in September under the title “France-Canada, fraternal heritages”.

An opportunity to juxtapose choral pieces by these three composers with better-known tracks from the French-speaking repertoire, finely interpreted by Dulci Jubilo under the direction of Christopher Gibert. One of the highlights of this meeting will be the concert as part of the Musicales du Causses de Gramat, a music festival whose program enjoys an excellent reputation.

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A busy 2022 season for those who consider themselves, being little publicized, as a discreet craftsman of music!

Do not miss

Souillac, abbey church, August 4, 2022, 8:30 p.m., Choir of Royal Holloway; dir. Rupert Gough.

Gramat, Saint-Pierre church, Musicales du Causses de Gramat, Dulci Jubilo chamber choir, September 18, 2022, 8:30 p.m..

For the other concerts, see the website:

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