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Baroque singing invites itself into the church of Égleny

“The place is very beautiful. For the acoustics of our music, it’s perfect.” Here are the words of Fiona Fauchois, director of the show “Sorelle” and musical director of the project. She and her friends from the “6-4-2” company have made the church of Égleny an artists’ residence throughout the week, in agreement with the town hall. The group performs this Friday, July 22 at 7 p.m. in the religious building, for one hour.

The church is open during rehearsals. The artists give voice and hope to arouse the interest of passers-by and see them enter the parish. Micheline Couet, the mayor of the village, has also distributed flyers in the mailbox of the inhabitants of Égleny, announcing the time and date of the show. The latter adds on this subject: “An artists’ residence is not a closed cloister, it is not exclusive”.

Women and the Baroque in the spotlight

Artemisia Gentileschi. This name is not well known to the general public but it is around her that the show focuses. Italian painter of the 17th century, she is a recognized artist of her time, but forgotten by history.

Combining song and theatre, the event is in a way a tribute to this woman, but not only. “The objective of the show is to put the talented women of the time on the front of the stage and at the same time allow the public to discover these forgotten artists”, confides Fiona Fauchois. “We highlight the works of women, it has a particular significance for us. I am proud to participate in this project”, delivers Célia Legentil, the soprano of the band.

The whole group getting ready to sing, with the Bazil Fenot (on the left of the image)

“The staging is at the service of the music. The objective of this week is to share this music. We are carried by this magnificent place”. The words of Benedicte Bezault, the alto of the group, transpire the passion and the desire to make known this musical genre, neglected nowadays. “We want to break this image of inaccessibility. We want to show that there is an artisanal side to this music”, adds Bazil Fenot, the company’s creator. For him, as for the artists, these songs are universal and arouse certain emotions in people.

Culture in rural areas

Micheline Couet wants to organize cultural events in her village. The church represents a cultural register adapted to the sight of the proposed spectacle, which is converted into a concert hall for the occasion. “This is an opportunity that we can only seize and value so that the public comes. It is crucial for our village to host shows like this.”

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Its main objective is to awaken the villagers to all forms of culture, and more generally, to create a social bond through this kind of event. “In rural areas, the population is far from cultural places. It is good that culture is moving to our place, in a village of less than 500 inhabitants.”

The mayor is trying at the same time to support artists, after this health crisis, which has prevented many from performing. This was also the case for the “6-4-2” company, which saw many of its performances canceled for many months. Micheline Couet confides: “I have a sensitivity for artists. I try to offer free shows in our town. It is good for the villagers, but also for the artists”.

The artists will also perform at the Toucy market, this Saturday, July 23 around 11 a.m., playing skits in the streets.

Guillaume Desventes


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