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Barbara and Abdel’s friendship is put to the test (Summary of PBLV episode 4561)

“Plus belle la vie” in advance, detailed summary of episode 4561 of Monday, June 20, 2022 of PBLV (Video). In your daily series of France 3, Sunalee shows solidarity, and I’Barbara and Abdel’s friendship is put to the test.


Capturing France 3

The summary of Plus belle la vie for Friday, June 17, 2022 is also online. Good reading.


More beautiful life: Summary in advance of episode 4561 of Monday, June 20, 2022

Eric and Simon spent the night together and in the early morning they plan to meet again. Eric lets Simon drop him off in front of the police station. He is somewhat disturbed by this budding relationship and becomes distracted during an interview with the prosecutor Revel. In front of Ariane, Eric does not assume his feelings for Simon and assures him that nothing happened between them. Ariane doesn’t believe him.

Ariane and Eric shadow the student they released the last time on Xavier Revel’s orders. This one dips well into a shady affair. Eric and Ariane see him hand over a sum of money in cash to the owner of a flea market, a certain Pierre-Antoine Martin, well known to the police for having been convicted of concealment in 2015. Ariane and Eric suspect the student of resell stolen goods to interested buyers, collect the sum in cash and take it to the second-hand dealer. Boher asks them to hide in front of the shop.

Dimitri faces challenges

Luna is delighted. Rudy has been invited to the Scotto High School Ball and he will be accompanied by his wife Ninon. She will be able to present them to Bastien and his children.

The parents of students have mobilized for the organization of the ball. Almost all of the positions listed by Blanche are already taken. Franck wants to create a maintenance to take care of the electricity. Delphine, meanwhile, wants to offer her services and contact her network to have a decoration worthy of the name for this ball. Besides, she plans to talk to Theo about the evening. She does not know if he will agree to come. Until now, Theo refuses to leave the clinic and rejects all his proposals. Delphine thinks that a ball in the presence of her old high school classmates could possibly motivate her.

A mysterious stranger sent a message to Dimitri a few days ago. He has information about Natacha, his sister who died 15 years ago. He accompanied his message with an audio file. Dimitri and Sunalee listened to this music over and over all weekend. Thanks to Luna, Sunalee discovers that it’s a song by a slightly gothic former Marseille band that broke up when the bass player died, fifteen years earlier. This group was called “Tomorrow does not exist”.

Dimitri receives a new message from his mysterious stranger. He thanks him for having listened to this music and tells him that it was the piece that Natacha listened to before committing suicide. Then, this stranger challenges Dimitri: to take a vow of silence for 24 hours.

Dimitri and Sunalee arrive late for high school. But Rochat meets them in the hallway and asks them who they are having class with. Sunalee shows solidarity and also takes a vow of silence. Faced with their silence, Rochat punishes them. He constantly sends them to write an essay to write on the battle of the nations. Sunalee and Dimitri communicate by text. Dimitri thanks Sunalee for being supportive and he offers the young girl to do her homework.


Barbara and Tim continue to investigate BTC

Elisa and Abdel never leave each other. The young woman makes a surprise visit to Abdel. While he dozes off on the sofa, she returns home in the middle of the night thanks to an unlocking gun offered by a client. But the beautiful lawyer inadvertently drops an object. Awakened with a start, Abdel takes fright and threatens his intruder with a weapon before realizing that it is Elisa. The young woman justifies her presence and explains to Abdel that she wanted to slip into his bed. The two lovers then share an intimate moment.

Meanwhile, Tim and Barbara continue their investigation of BTC. They want to bring down Vincent Marceau. Tim and Barbara interview a former employee who was fired. He agrees to answer their questions and tells them what happened to him. He was working in the accounts of BTC when he realized that the group had set up a whole system of false invoicing. BTC was rigging profits. This employee did not make copies of these documents. But he spoke about it to his hierarchy who asked him not to ask questions. And when he insisted, he ended up in the closet. Then, he learned from a secretary that Vincent Marceau wanted to dismiss him for serious misconduct. This former employee then tried to steal Marceau’s tablet. He was sure to find all the evidence of his wrongdoings inside. He wanted to get them to defend himself and drag BTC to the Prudhommes. But he got caught. After his conviction for theft, no one wants to hire him as an accountant.

In the early morning, Elisa receives a message from her father. He was in bed last night when she left and he’s worried about her. Vincent Marceau then invites Elisa and Abdel to lunch. Abdel accepts the invitation and takes the opportunity to discuss with Marceau the complex financial arrangement of the BTC group. Vincent Marceau answered all of the lawyer’s questions. He assures Abdel to do tax optimization in the most absolute legality. Vincent Marceau then invites the lawyer to a garden party which he organizes the next day on his property. He would like to introduce her to some of his guests. Abdel accepts his invitation. The friendship between Abdel and Barbara is put to the test when the young woman asks her friend to take advantage of this garden party to copy the data from Vincent Marceau’s digital tablet onto a USB key. Abdel is going to accepting and betraying Elisa’s trust?

Eexcerpt Video Episode of June 20 of Plus belle la vie

More beautiful life, it’s Monday to Friday from 8.20 p.m. on France 3, but also in streaming and replay on Also find More beautiful life on the platform somersault which offers, for a subscription, two episodes in advance.

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