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Back to the origins of hip-hop in Limoges with Dysto

Impossible to delve into the origins of hip-hop in Limoges without discussing with the generation of “darons”. So I did what everyone told me to do: “Talk to Dysto. »

Limoges Greytown? It was Loutcho BM who coined the term, but it really got around with Laster’s album, A Winter in Greytown. Dysto, smiling, does not have to force his memory to trace the history of the hip-hop movement in Limoges. At the end of the 1990s, rap shook the eardrums of a France steeped in “variety” titles and found an immediate echo in the districts of Limoges. “In a short time, lots of people started rapping, sampling, I came to it little by little,” he recalls.

Because this jack-of-all-trades, whose recording studio has seen generations of mcs, djs and beat-makers, comes from metal. “I came to hip-hop through Rage Against The Machine, and first as a beat-maker. »

The adventure has been going on for twenty years. A radio show 87 BPM on Beaub FM (Thursday 8-10 p.m.*) then an association of the same name, writing workshops with young people from La Bastide and the ZUP, tons of musical productions, clips, rap, dub, reggae… Dysto, 45, has invested himself everywhere in the whole field of hip-hop and beyond.

Indeed, his generation and the next have developed hip-hop in all its directions: “People like Ken Thue and the Multifa7 crew, graffiti artists, Limoges has produced high-level things”, underlines the enthusiast. And a host of rappers, as evidenced by the stack of “local” CDs taken out of his cupboard.

An active breeding ground throughout the region

Today, rap has established itself, commercially at least, with a wide variety of styles. But also lived, as with all music, two years of brutal halts to parties and concerts. “I don’t know them all, but a lot of young kids have been rapping in recent years, we can see it with the springboards of Crossed Horizons”, observes Dysto. “Today, with the whole new generation, we must count close to fifty rappers in Limoges. »

For his part, confinement plunged him back into music. A rebound, after a stroke in 2019. “I also started rapping again. To do the backs on stage behind the young ERSO, and also in front again. I also record and I have mixes to release, a boom-bap and a more trap (two styles of rap, editor’s note), with the participation of rappers from the region or elsewhere, ”he lists. MC Pef, Dj Kosh, Gus di Original, Dr Nivü, MaNTiS, El Cholo, Dialektik, it’s a whole biotope of artists, old or more recent, in which Dysto evolves with his eternal smile. And a good dose of energy.

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” This is my passion. Admittedly, I am getting old, I have children, he slips in laughing. But my wife is also a musician, in another style, and therefore understands the time it takes. »

Time to illuminate the musical life of Greytown.

Dysto also appears regularly on MC Pef’s Sunday show on Émergence FM. Created in 2008, the association 87 BPM aims to promote, disseminate and support initiatives related to the urban music community: Hip-hop & Reggae, Dance-hall, Dubstep… It deploys its missions via a radio program in live on Beaub Fm
(Thursday 8 p.m. – 10 p.m., 89 FM,, the broadcasting of video clips, interviews with national and international artists, the organization of events, the sharing and creation of mixtapes, multimedia productions, etc.

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