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back on the crazy moments of the first concert at Bercy of his tour

The most popular French artist of the moment, Orelsan had chosen Caen (obviously) to start his tour Civilization on February 22. Building on the monstrous success of his latest album, which is approaching a diamond disc at breakneck speed (450,000 sales at the time of writing), Orel landed 5 Bercys in a row in the greatest of calms. He had also warned his Parisian fans in his title Shounen : “Paris, thank you, thank you, I put a Bercy over the whole week“. A feat of which he is one of the only rappers with Nekfeu, Damso, PNL … to be able to achieve it.

Paris, thank you, thank you, I put a Bercy all week “.

For his first date in Paris in 2022 this Tuesday March 15 inside the AccorHotels Arena, the Caen rapper confirmed his status: incredible showman, well accompanied by his group: Skread, Phazz, Ablaye and his musicians.

Spoilers alert (we have warned you)

Back to the highlights of this concert that stinks of the smell of gasoline. Be careful, we warn you there are plenty of SPOILERS (for those who will see it in the next few days) and we have put a few videos, but not too many, so as not to spoil the whole surprise.

A surprise intro

After the first part of 3 pour 100, a group from Caen, which set the mood well, Orelsan arrived on stage around 9 p.m. without introduction or scenography: jogging, hoodie and cap accompanied by his group… with the lights on. Fans a little surprised, ask a lot of questions, especially since we see his brother filming... A need for the rest of his documentary? The Norman prodigy sings best day a cappella then goes on The quest and as if he were rapping at the end of the evening in a party hall. His microphone starts bugging on Family Defeatthe lights go out and you see on the screen: fatal error. That’s it, the show can start with Civilization after this intro which really had its little effect!

Manifest/The Smell of Gasoline

Civilization is a rather committed project that addresses societal issues such as ecology, police violence… with the vision of a forty-something rapper. Orel has also ventured to rap his title Manifest, which tells the story of a demonstration of yellow vests in Paris, for 7 minutes. It was not the moment when the public got the most excited, but everyone was amazed by his performance and the scenography on the screen which immersed us in the middle of this demonstration. Inevitably, he chained on The smell of gasolinesingle from the project, which is a criticism of society: politicians, billionaires… everyone takes it for their rank. Smoke and flames plunge the Parisian fans into a moment of crazy intensity.

“Old-fashioned” medley

Wanting to go back to the time of his debut, which we discovered in his brother’s documentary: don’t show it to anyoneAurélien interprets old-fashioned titles: Under Influence, Change, Jimmy Punchline Run Run… but also more recent ones like Christophe, Bizarre DreamsA perfectly adjusted medley, which delighted the fans of the first hour but not only.

A crazy scenography

What makes this show so special and spectacular, in addition to the performance of Orel and his band, it is the scenography that many rappers and even Americans must be jealous of. The visuals projected on the screen follow one another and we take slaps at every minute and piece. Special mention to Manifest, the smell of gasolinebut especially on Notes for Too Late at the end of the concert, where we can see the artist from Caen in his room with his teenage posters: in particular that of Eminem Show (Stan appreciated), with the room rising.

0 guests

No guest landed on the stage of the AccorHotels Arena… and some were disappointed. But honestly, the consistency of the concert and Orel’s performance made it possible to hold the 2 hours without any guest. Especially since on the last album there are only two feats: Gringe, his lifelong sidekick, and Pharrell. And above all, it also sends a message: my super guests are my band. Afterwards, nothing tells us that there will be no guests the next evenings.

As a bonus, we end on love with the title Whole :

And a little dance step…

The quest continues for Orel

4 years after his masterful tour for The party is overwho had already given us a huge slap, Orel and his team have set the bar even higher with this tour and confirms again that he is one of the best rappers and one of the most accomplished artists of his generation. and that live is clearly his thing. This week almost 100,000 people will attend the masterclass of a group of friends, brought together by the passion for rap. Really, it’s clean!

As a bonus, we end on love with the title Whole :

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