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Aurore comes face to face with the real Zoé (Summary and Spoilers of episode 1097)

“Tomorrow belongs to us” summary in advance and spoilers for episode 1097 of Monday January 10, 2022 – In your daily series, Estelle is kidnapped by a mysterious stranger, and Noor and Cédric no longer support each other.


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The complete summary of episode 1096 of Friday January 07, 2022 is also online. Good reading.


Tomorrow belongs to us in advance of Monday, January 10, 2022

Noor and Cédric can’t stand each other anymore

Noor’s alarm clock rang. She woke up, shut it down, and went back to sleep. Gabriel thought Noor was resting and did not wake her. Noor is an hour late and fears Cédric’s reaction. Gabriel offers to make her a toast for the road, but Noor declines, she’s not hungry. When she arrives at the hospital, she is approached by Christelle. She was sorting through her things this weekend and she came across a photo of Leila which she shows to Noor. Christelle thinks her mother – who was a wonderful nurse – would be proud of her. Noor expresses doubts when Cédric arrives at the reception. The nurse points out that she is more than an hour late and complains that she is chatting at reception. Noor promises him to catch up. After the young girl leaves, Christelle expresses regret that her mother cannot see her because Noor is a great girl. And Cédric regrets that Noor is not very professional. Christine is surprised. She thinks you shouldn’t be too hard on young people, but encourage them. Cédric intends to finally give Noor a chance if she completes her internship, which would already be a good surprise for him.

Noor has to change Mr. Dumoret’s infusion bag but it’s not empty. She sat for two minutes, but she fell asleep. Mr Dumoret wakes Noor up to tell her that her pocket is empty and that she can now change it. He hesitated to ring for Cedric, but he finally took pity on Noor. The young woman is putting on the new pocket when Cédric enters the room. He quickly realizes that Noor fell asleep while working. The young woman assures Cédric that his internship is really close to his heart, so much so that she only thinks about that, including at night. But he reframes her curtly without even taking the time to listen to her arguments.

Lilian has her first football training at FC Sète the next day. Cédric was supposed to attend, but he can’t bring himself to leave “the worst intern in the world” to someone else. Lilian is understanding. For her part, Noor complains to Gabriel about her master of her internship, which has completely demotivated her.

Tensions build up in the Roussels

Jordan walks into her room just as Alma finishes buttoning her blouse. The English teacher insists that in future he knock before entering, which does not please Jordan who has been forced to give up his bed. Alma explains to her that the situation is temporary and that she wants to find an apartment quickly. Jordan then realizes that Alma has inadvertently put on her black socks. Alma apologizes and wants to return them. But Jordan refuses, she wore them, she keeps them. Jordan finds it hard to bear Alma’s presence and later complains to Jack and Lizzie. Lizzie reminds him that they helped them out, Samuel and her, when they arrived in Sète. Jack advises his brother to get used to his presence because their mother is not going to kick Alma out.

Alma receives a message from Samuel asking if she can water the plants while he is away. Alma calls her and gets her answering machine. She leaves him a message to remind him that they are separated when Jordan comes home from high school and puts the music on. But it’s not the young man’s music or the fact that he then bites his apple near his ear that will knock out the English teacher who has been dealing with angry teenagers for 15 years. and hurt in their skin. But Jordan explains to him that this is not his case, and defines himself as a cool guy and not neurotic or weird.

Shortly after, Alma is taking a shower and has forgotten to lock the bathroom door. She’s sure someone watched him in the shower. She was rinsing her hair when she heard a noise. Alma saw the door close. Audrey summons her children so that the culprit denounces himself. Jordan claims not to have entered the bathroom while Alma was in the shower. Aurore proceeds by elimination, Jack is gay, Lizzie is not and Leo is too small, so there is only Jordan left. The latter proclaims his innocence, but lost. Audrey demands that her son apologize to Alma. Uncomfortable, the English teacher prefers to leave it at that and goes back to her room. Audrey tells her son that she is disappointed. Jordan is hallucinating. He feels that he is the one who deserves an apology. Exasperated, he leaves to visit friends.

Aurore finds herself face to face with her sister

Estelle has accepted an extension of money from Aurore and continues to pass herself off as Zoé in the eyes of everyone. Sofia spent the whole weekend making her feel like she didn’t believe her. Estelle wonders what she is still doing there and would like to leave before the situation goes into a spin. Aurore tells him to manage the situation.

At the police station, the lead suggested by Aurore to Karim falls through. Interpol informs Sara that the art collector who was not scrupulous about the origin of his works has been in prison for two years in Hong Kong for trafficking in fakes.

William goes to the police station to look for Aurore to go have a coffee, but she notices her husband’s annoyed look. William explains to him that he received an alert from the bank informing him that they exceeded the authorized withdrawal limit. Aurore pretends not to know. William knows full well that it was his wife who withdrew 5,000 euros and asks her for an explanation. Aurore apologizes for not having spoken to her about it earlier and explains to her ill at ease that she gave Zoé a helping hand. But William begins to have doubts about Wife’s sister. He has the impression that she is not as sincere as Aurore. Of course, the latter claims to be certain of the contrary. William would like to have a discussion with Aurore and “Zoé”. In principle, he agrees to help the young woman, but not just anyhow. Shortly after, Aurore leaves a message on Estelle’s answering machine and asks her to call her back so that they can agree on the version to give William.

For her part, while Estelle is walking quietly in the street, she is threatened by a mysterious woman who asks her for her phone. After breaking her cell phone, the latter violently handcuffs her to take her to her car.

Aurore cannot reach Estelle and the young woman is not at home. Sofia has not seen her “aunt”. Aurore ends up locating Estelle using a tracer. The latter was abducted by a woman dressed in black who wears a wig and dark glasses. She threatens Estelle with her weapon who ends up confessing her true identity to her. She then explains to him that she was paid by Aurore to play the role of her sister.

The plotter took Aurore to a kind of disused warehouse where canvases are stored. She is about to free Estelle from her bonds when she comes face to face with this mysterious stranger. She threatens her with her gun and asks her to drop hers. It is then that Aurore asks her beloved little sister to show her her face. The mysterious woman takes off her wig and reveals her long blond hair. Faced with the real Zoé, Aurore is moved.

The trailer Tomorrow belongs to us from January 10 to 14, 2022

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