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Archive meeting at Ground Control: showcase and signing session

A bluish light, delighted spectators. Last night, Wednesday May 11, the British progressive and alternative rock band presented their new album in an intimate atmosphere. Released at the end of April 2020, Call to arms & angels (Call to Arms and Angels) is a marvel that would never have seen the light of day without the pandemic.

On the program, a signing session at Fnac des Ternes, then go to Ground Control (12th arrondissement). In a small concert hall was broadcast Super 8documentary/diary which tells the birth of the new album ofArchive. Band members Darius Keeler, Danny Griffiths and Maria Q in the front row express their sensitivity to the global upheaval the pandemic has represented. For them, these long months were a great period of creation. Their new album is here: seventeen titles address painful themes such as loneliness, despair and fear. The long guitar riffs, the smooth rhythms and the deep voices transport the spectators into an evanescent universe.

Reunion with their fans

After the film aired, three members of the band (Darius Keeler, Danny Griffiths and Dave Pen) took the stage with their sound engineer and producer to answer questions from the audience. Darius Keeler says their album wouldn’t have existed without the COVID context. They present themselves as a group, which has become a collective and then a family. In this set, everyone was able to get to know each other to enter into a creative process whose energy has not been extinguished by the pandemic.

The documentary adventure was born when Darius Keeler wanted to use an old camera that he had found in a family business. It was a question of creating a universe analogous to that of their album. For them, this film retraces a dynamic of creation that emerges from chaos.

With Call to arms & angels, Archive chose to return to creating songs. Their style is a complex synthesis between trip hop, electro, rock, progressive and ambient. Today, the voices of Dave Pen, Danny Griffiths and Maria Q are at the heart of their music. Indeed, if Maria Q was absent last night, the two singers made an extraordinary performance. Songs played: Fear there & Everywhere, Daytime Comaas well as To The End, Lights and So fuck you anyway, from their previous albums. Dave Pen, Danny Griffiths and Darius Keeler (on synth) talk about vulnerability. The long vocal notes merge into incessant and bewitching instrumental loops. They demonstrate great technical virtuosity: the many sound effects are performed live.

Discussion with group members

Following the showcase, a new signing session took place at Ground Control. Those present immediately bought the latest Archive album from the establishment’s record store. Smiling and welcoming, the members of the group have signed numerous vinyls and spoken with their fans. We were able to ask them about their relationship with sound engineer Jérôme Devoise, whose work is decisive for the mix of recorded music. Indeed, it is he who harmonizes the different components of music. In the case of a group like Archive, working hand in hand is necessary. ” We have a great connection“, they said. They explained to us that they had known each other for more than twenty years, that they wrote together and remained in constant dialogue to create the songs. Their meeting dates from the work on the soundtrack of Michael Vaillantdirected in 2003 by Louis-Pascal Couvelaire.

Singer Danny Griffiths then promoted his hat to us, which comes from a Canadian site called Kaliko. He and Darius Keeler told us about the pleasure they took in this showcase. They are already familiar with the French stages, on which they often perform, especially since they have recorded many albums in Paris. From this experience, we retain a great warmth from the members of the group. Indeed, the pessimism that made their reputation at the same time allowed us to have a nice surprise when they met.

Visual: Darius Keeler, Danny Griffiths and Dave Pen during the showcase at Ground Control.

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