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Apple without compromise | The duty

Loopholes, Apple’s second record, is one of the great gifts of French song in recent months. Released at the end of 2019, he however lived too little on stage, for the reasons that we know.

The French musician had time to promote it last winter and to offer a few shows in Europe during the release in September and October, “but I feel that it has not reached the end of its life. I’m still hooked on this album “, which allowed her to win the Victory for the Album Revelation 2020 prize, and which earned Claire Pommet the chance to win, on Friday, that of the Female Artist 2021, during the 36and edition of the gala, presented here on TV5.

At this time last year, Apple was making the second television appearance of his career. “I felt almost illegitimate” to be invited to the Victoires, recalls the musician, joined in Montreal a few days after her participation in the “virtual” concert White card colored by Beyries, broadcast on the Place des Arts website. “I was largely ignored by the media because my music is not at all in the radio codes in France. For me, it was the first time that I was exposed to the general public, on TV. I was hyper-stressed; suddenly, I landed in a world that I did not know at all. »

Take a seat

With her fine tremolo, her intimate and tender pen and her folk tunes, Claire Pommet stands out from her two sisters named in the Female Artist category, the electro-pop Suzane (Victoire de la Révélation Scène in 2020) and the superstar afro-R&B-pop Aya Nakamura. “I feel like I have a place [sur la scène musicale] in France, which is not common – and which is perhaps more so in your country because there are many more very authentic folk artists, very close to their audience”, says the musician, who took advantage of the first confinement to offer a handful of new songs in English, gathered on the mini-album Quarantine Phone Songs.

Pomme, who sings as well as she handles the guitar, the piano or the autoharp, fell into teenage song, giving her first concerts at 16. “I was still going to school, but I knew it was the job I wanted to do,” she says. Roughlyhis first album, released in 2017, was as rich in disappointments as it was in lessons “about how I wanted to work, and how I didn’t want to work, above all. [L’expérience] confirmed to me that, in my life, I can’t do things that don’t look like me, even halfway”, like accepting the compromises offered by his record company.

Loopholes is the album she wanted to make, in her own way, with the help of co-director Albin de la Simone. “My first album showed me that I couldn’t function by compromising”. By betting on honesty and on its artistic vision, Pomme has made a little gem of an album, reissued in February 2020 with five new songs, including witches, a duet with Klô Pelgag. “The success of the album was super unexpected; it was incredible and I also had a little trouble at first to appreciate it, “says the musician, who has forged ties with the Quebec music scene for three years – she would be” the most Quebecois of French singers ” , as presented by Monique Giroux during the recent Beyries virtual show.

“My music, my identity”

The 36are Victoires de la musique will be presented on France2 on Friday, and rebroadcast at 7 p.m., with us, on TV5. Despite the pandemic, the gala will be transmitted live from the musical Seine, but without an audience. Live performance categories have been cancelled, so only seven prizes will be awarded. With three nominations, Benjamin Biolay is the big favorite of the evening (Male Artist, Album for Grand PrizeOriginal song for How is your pain?).

Do we bet on Apple? “I admit that last year I didn’t expect to win a Victory at all and I was very happy,” she comments. This year, I don’t really know… but I tell myself that if I don’t receive it, I won’t mind losing to Aya Nakamura! »

The important thing for her, anyway, “is to succeed in being part of this world with my music, my identity. Already, compared to last year, I no longer feel like an impostor. I worked a lot to get there, I know I have my place. Then, regarding the value I place on these awards, I tell myself that it is an award from people in the industry, which has nothing to do with the real public. For me, it represents above all the chance to go on national television, at prime time, to sing my song.

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