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Animations, exhibitions, concerts… What the Night of Museums in Aveyron has in store this Saturday

Several museums in the department will open on Saturday evening as part of the 18th European Night of Museums. With entertainment not to be missed. We detail the appointments.

Visiting a museum at night can be enough to offer a moment suspended in time. Solely by the atmosphere that it can create to wander among the works without the reflection of the day. But over time, these Museum Nights, the 18th edition of which is celebrated this Saturday evening, have become an appointment offering unusual times. In the space of a few hours, a lot of things are happening there.
Like what awaits the people of Aveyron this Saturday evening. Music, dance, artistic creation, surprises will be everywhere. Whether in front of a painting by Soulages, a statue-menhir, an old loom, near the statues of Denys-Puech, or Montrozier flints.
Created to attract a new public, modernize the image of museums, which are increasingly interactive, this celebration is also for the whole family. In several museums, the “La classe, l’oeuvre” operation will highlight projects that will surprise many.
All you have to do is let yourself be transported. Especially since it is only one evening a year that it is possible to enter a museum at night. And if only for that…

The great diversion in Salles-la-Source

Saturday the surprise will be everywhere in the museum of traditional arts and crafts of Salles-la Source. Its mediators have indeed opted for the great diversion, which will undoubtedly cause great astonishment!
And it’s going to be great art whether it’s with the pupils of the school of Nuces who, within the framework of “La classe l’oeuvre” will present the work they have done around four vines, through the exhibition of Gilbert Legrand, whose works will be concealed in the rooms of the museum of creations that divert everyday objects with incredible talent. Talent, the musical artist who is invited this Saturday also to spare! Christophe Servas, alias the son of a flute, who dazzled the jury of the program “incredible talent” with his diversion of everyday objects into musical instruments will present a new show (9:30 p.m.). midday and in the evening, young and old alike will certainly let themselves be carried away by the melodies of “La manufacture sonore” with these objects from the attic which have become amazing musical instruments.

In Montrozier: excavations, comics and prehistoric sounds!

The archaeological museum has not been empty of the holidays, has already filled up with entertainment until the summer. However, with his mediators Alian Soubrié and Christelle Lambel, he did not want to miss the Night of the Museums, for which he expects to see many people come and experience some great sensations!
Like discovering the sounds that we could hear in prehistory thanks to the reconstruction of what could have been musical instruments. Like this kind of xylophone made from flint blades. The archaeo-musician Nelly Meunier will be present for the occasion and will present these reconstructions of flutes, whistles, rhombs… Amazing!
The comic strip will also be honored in the museum which will unveil in preview and in the presence of the authors Alain Genot and Jean-Luc Garrera, a plate of volume 2 of the comic strip “Les Arkéos”, which is devoted to an anecdote experienced at the Montrozier museum by Alain Soubrié and his team.Finally, success obliges, children will be able to indulge in the mysteries of archaeological excavations… at night! As can sometimes happen on real archaeological sites. All this in an exceptional atmosphere between colorization of rooms and exterior facades and improvised flash visits.

Enter the dance at the Soulages museum

Dance will mark more particularly this new Museum Night in Soulages. With in particular, at 9 p.m., a show by Didier Théron’s choreographic company, “Inflates, vehicles – earth”, where three women dressed in inflatable structures all in roundness like the earth but in black seizes the musical energy of AC/DC to unfold there. The dance will also be on the screens of the museum with the streaming of videos.
The creation of a collective fresco, the restitution of the action proposed by the class of the Paul Ramadier – Rodez school within the framework of the device “The class, the work” and flash visits of 10 minutes, all this between 8 p.m. and midnight.

Indie rock at the Fenaille museum

It is one of the key moments of this Night of Museums, at least for amateurs
rock. Troy von Balthazar, who made a name for himself within Chokebore and who provided the first parts of Nirvana for a long time, will be at the Fenaille museum. It is, however, a delicate and powerful acoustic landscape filled with deeply haunting poetic melodies that now emanate from his inner musical world.
Then, of course, it will be possible to follow Jean-Philippe Savignoni in the room of statues – menhirs, and to visit the temporary exhibition room “The foam of time – 20 years of acquisition”, accompanied by the curator of exhibition Aurélien Pierre, the director of the museum. All in an obviously exceptional atmosphere.

The Denys-Puech museum in performance

The artists invited as part of the European Night of Museums echo the new exhibition “2+2 = 22, The living room receives”, presented on the first floor of the Denys-Puech museum, until September 25, 2022.
At 21h. There is a sound and visual performance entitled “IG/R 16382 papillion” proposed by two performers and cultural agitators who are essential to the Occitan artistic scene.
At 10 p.m. musical creation with the ensemble
“Voix en rhizome”, Pascal Niggenkemper (double bass and scores), Jaumes Privat (poems). on the double bass, as well as new relationships between the instrument and the choir.
At 11 p.m., musical mix and projections inspired by the invitation cards of 22 since 1993. Multimedia artist David Brunner uses emblematic objects of electronic culture governed by fashion and design trends to create interactions with contemporary art, pop culture and science fiction imagery.

Guignol in Saint-Affrique and dancing in Millau

At the Millau museum (which will be closed in the morning for preparation and will open at 2 p.m.) at 6 p.m., restitution of “La classe l’oeuvre” by the school – Marcel Aymard; at 7 p.m. restitution “The teeth of the ammonite”; at 8 p.m., premiere of the film “paléo clip”; at 9 p.m., 10 p.m. and 11 p.m., aerial dance show.
In Saint-Affrique, it’s the opportunity to discover in lights the new exhibition “The world of guignols” at the puppet museum, it will be open from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m., it tells the creation of guignol born from misery close to the poorest thirsty for justice, armed with his stick and his good humor, he avenges the poor on those who oppress them.

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