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And God created the ark of BB

A mini-series telling the life of Brigitte Bardot is in preparation, for France 2, and should be released in 2023. This is an opportunity to return to the epic of this adored goddess of French cinema, who, abandoning everything to rescue animals in distress, gave real meaning to his life.

While she imagines herself a ballerina, by the grace of a beauty as candid as it is insolent, Brigitte Bardot sees her destiny rocking. Her soul-piercing gaze, sulky pout and petite waist allow her to become the magazine’s muse at a very young age. She. It is also on one of these that Roger Vadim, for whom she will have a reciprocal love at first sight, notices her at the age of 16. After getting small roles in The Norman hole alongside Bourvil, Manina, the girl without veils by Willy Rozier If Versailles was told to me by Sacha Guitry, or even The Grand Maneuvers of René Clair, his consecration is not long in coming.

The myth of the Venus of Saint-Tropez

At 22, the young lioness with the mane of fire lends itself to a real metamorphosis in ” And God created the woman “, directed by Roger Vadim in 1956, meanwhile become her husband. This one often lets her improvise, and go after herself. ” I don’t play, I am she would have launched to the director during the shooting. Strolling barefoot, in a light and becoming dress in the small village of Saint-Tropez, she radiates her naturalness and her overwhelming sensuality. Nature endowed BB with the spirit of freedom displayed by his character, that of “a girl of her time, free from all feelings of guilt, from all taboos imposed by society », in the words of Vadim.

However, the priests of virtue cry foul and attack this film, which they consider immoral. It must be said that this is the first time that female desire has been brought to the screen! Some scenes are therefore censored, in particular that of explicit cunnilingus. The harsh criticisms rain down. Alone The Notebooks of the Cinema rent BB: “Bardot is gorgeous and for the first time, totally herself! “.

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Against all expectations, in the United States, in 1957, Brigitte Bardot ignites passions and crowds. More than eight million entries are made! This impressive success will arouse the curiosity of the French, so much so that in 1958, 4 million admissions are totaled in France. A star Is Born. Continuing its ascent, it will notably mark the spirits in The truth (1960) by Henri-Georges Clouzot and Contempt (1963), by Jean-Luc Godard.

I love you…me neither

In the fall of 1967, she became the muse of Serge Gainsbourg, with whom she lived a passionate and hidden romance. ” Write me the most beautiful love song you can imagine” she asks him [1]. In one night, using his piano, he wrote her the fabulous and voluptuous song “I love you…me neither”. Shortly after, he recorded it with her, at Studio B of Barclay Studios, avenue Hoche, in Paris. However, this will not see the light of day since Günter Sachs, billionaire photographer, married to Brigitte since 1966, firmly forbids its distribution! Many of their songs including ” Bonnie and Clide »the English version of ” Comic Strip » and ” I don’t love you either which will not be released until 1986, among other things, become cult…

The animal fairy

Capturing France TV

Adorable Jacques, this photo is great. The goat-eating witch and the animal fairy who saves Colinette. It is symbolic. This is the turning point in my life, and you were there at the right time. Thanks thanks thanks. I kiss you with all my heart “. It is in these terms that BB thanks the photographer Jacques Espardier in a letter. It was he who captured this historic moment, who convinced her to leave the cinema. In 1973, at the end of the filming of ” The very good and very joyful story of Colinot Trousse-Chemise”, she meets an extra who throws her “Hurry up to finish your film, we’re preparing a gigantic méchoui” pointing out a goat. The actress is upset. “It was not possible. I bought the animal from him and returned with it to my 4-star hotel. I do not tell you the head of the staff… ” she said in a long interview with Current Values in March 2017. This is how, in full glory, on June 6, 1973, at the age of 38, she officially announced her departure. Incredulous, some imagine an ephemeral whim of a star. But this abandonment is indeed final. “I want to spend my time taking care of animal defence. And I believe that I would have a lot of work. That’s why it’s better that I don’t make movies anymore “.

Brigitte Bardot becomes the voice of the animals, the one who castigates their executioners and chases them, ignoring obstacles and threats. Bardot plays here the greatest role of her life: that of an outstanding lawyer who manages to move the political lines, to change the fate of these beings. In 1977, in the company of the Swiss ecologist Franz Weber, she aroused great interest when she challenged the Canadian government and the seal hunters. Dropped by helicopter on the Blanc-Sablon ice floe, she takes a break with a baby seal in her arms. She wishes to shed light on the barbarity of which these whitecoats are victims, slaughtered for their fur. Back in France, she had the ban on the trade in products derived from hunting adopted on seals less than four weeks old, thanks to the support of Valéry Giscard d’Estaing, then president. European legislation is also adapting to put an end to these animal massacres.

I gave my youth and my beauty to men, I give my wisdom and my experience to animals »

The creation of his own foundation in 1986 enabled him to carry out this fight for animals more effectively. During an interview with Paris Matchtranscribed in Caroline Pigozzi’s book Why them: they made our time, BB recounts the difficulties she faced in launching it. Indeed, to obtain foundation status, she must raise 3 million francs, when she cannot, having squandered the majority of her star earnings. She therefore organizes a memorable auction of her personal belongings. ” I settled for two months on the Saint-Tropez market to sell my souvenirs, bracelets, necklaces, brought back from Brazil, Mexico, photos that I autographed, my petticoats, my hats” she reveals, before adding: “In the process, I put up for auction in Paris, the precious jewels that my husband Günter Sachs had offered me, my wedding dress with Vadim, silverware, furniture and even my guitar”.

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It was during this sale that she uttered the famous sentence: “I gave my youth and my beauty to men, now I give my wisdom and my experience to animals. » Recognized as a public utility in 1992, the Brigitte Bardot Foundation acts in particular against hunting, animal experimentation, force-feeding of ducks and geese, slaughter without stunning, horse eating, animal shows and their captivity, sterilization of dogs and cats…

By giving my life to animals, they are the ones who saved me » she declares to vogue in 2021. His search for the absolute and truth is indeed fulfilled by this hard fight. If she still leads it today with an indefatigable and lively spirit, it is because ” animals can’t wait “. As for the temple of cinema, she is delighted to have entered it one day, for the sole reason that it gave her a strong voice to embody that of the animals. BB, to be elusive, hunted for a time like an animal, has now disappeared from our screens, for our greatest pain. His last appearance on television, in 2003, in a special program of “We can not please everyone” presented by Mac-Olivier Fogiel, had resulted in a heavy lawsuit against him. Her frankness, her truth, her excesses shocked, but that is why she was, and will still be so loved. She does not play, she is.

[1] Serge Gainsbourg: Making of a dandyMarie-Christine Natta 2022.

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