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All Netflix Original KDramas Coming In 2022

2022 is filled with Netflix Original KDramas!

Netflix had a great year with several highly successful original Korean dramas in 2021!

Netflix original Korean dramas such as “Squid Game“, “Hellbound“, “My Name“, and more have been hugely successful in 2021. As a result, many drama fans and non-fans alike are eagerly awaiting the series. Korean films that will be released in 2022 on the American platform!

*This list contains only Netflix original dramas that will land worldwide and not the dramas in replay on the platform.

Take out your calendars and write down all the dramas coming to Netflix in 2022!

Based on the webtoon of the same name, the upcoming horror drama follows the story of a group of Hyosan High School students who are trapped in a zombie-stricken campus.

The cast includes: Yoon ChanYoung, Park JiHoo, Cho YiHyun, Park Solomon, Yoo InSoo

Juvenile Justice

‘Juvenile Justice’ is a drama that takes place in a court when a cantankerous judge who hates juvenile offenders is newly appointed to the juvenile criminal division. Live Up to Your Name and Dear My Friends director Hong Jong Chan takes on the heavy story about the role of adults in society that overlooks juvenile crime.

The cast includes: Kim HyeSoo, Kim MuYeol

  • 3. “The Sound of Magic”

the sound of magic netflix 2022

“The Sound of Magic” tells the story of Yun Ai who lost her dream of becoming a magician and lives in difficult circumstances. She meets a mysterious magician and gradually begins to want to realize her dream.

The cast includes: Choi SungEun, Ji ChangWook, Hwang InYeop

money heist korea

Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area depicts a hostage situation in Korea, involving a genius strategist and people with different personalities and abilities. This is the Korean remake of Money Heist, a Spanish detective series that caused a worldwide sensation when it aired on Netflix in late 2017.

The cast includes: Yoo JiTae, Jeon JongSeo, Park HaeSoo

  • 5. “Remarriage and Desire”

Remarriage and Desire

“Remarriage and Desire” tells the story of the realities of society. It explores how desire and ambition can create chaos in love and in relationships. It takes place in a dating agency that caters to the best profiles in society.

The cast includes: Kim HeeSeon, Lee HyunWook, Jung Eugene, Park Hoon, Cha JiYeon

netflix glitch

“Glitch” tells the story of Hong Ji-hyo, a girl from a wealthy family with strong connections. She is hired thanks to her family connections and has a stable job. One night, her boyfriend of four years suddenly disappears. She uncovers the truth behind a mysterious secret with the help of a community of UFO spotters.

The cast includes: Jeon YeoBeen, NaNa, Lee DongHwi

  • 7. “The Accidental Narco”

The Accidental Narco

This story is based in Suriname, South America, and tells the story of a Korean drug kingpin and a businessman who works undercover for the NIS.

The cast includes: Ha JungWoo, Hwang JungMin, Park HaeSoo, Jo WooJin, Yoo YeonSeok

somebody netflix 2022

“Somebody” is the first drama directed by Jung Ji-woo from the movie “Eungyo”. This series describes the story of a developer and his friends involved in a murder case that takes place through the social login application “Somebody” that he developed. Actors Kim Young-kwang, Kang Hae-rim, Kim Yong-ji, and Kim Soo-yeon will star in this drama.

The cast includes: Kim YoungKwang, Kang HaeLim, Kim YongJi, Kim SooYeon

The Fabulous

A surreal romance that uniquely captures the everyday lives of urban men and women of this era living as bachelors and painfully compassionate with them.

The cast includes: SHINee’s Choi MinHo, Chae SooBin

  • 10. “A Model Family”

A Model Family

DongHa gets involved in a drug organization after stumbling upon sudden wealth to save his broken marriage and his family from being left without money.

The cast includes: JungWoo, Park HeeSoon, Yoon JinSeo, Park JiYeon

  • 11. “Love to Hate You”

Love to Hate You

It tells the story of a woman who would never lose to a man and a man who is paranoid when it comes to any woman. They begin a complicated love story.

The cast includes: Kim OkVin, Yoo Teo

Black Knight

Set in the year 2071, when extreme air pollution makes it impossible to live without an oxygen respirator, the drama depicts what happens when a legendary courier with extraordinary fighting skills meets April, a refugee with dreams of becoming a courier, the only hope of refugees.

The cast includes: Kim WooBin, Esom, Kang YouSeok

Which Netflix original drama are you most looking forward to this year?

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