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AleXa and ZB Label – A revolution in the world of Kpop

She landed like a bomb on the international scene. Alex Christine, better known by her stage name: “AleXa”, is the first artist of the young label ZB Entertainment, whose parent company: Zanybros, is determined to conquer the ever-growing sphere of Kpop. Portrait of a label, and an artist, with unfailing determination.

Zanybros, producers of the biggest names in Kpop

This name may not mean anything to you and yet they have worked with the biggest labels of Kpop, or Korean Pop. But, who are they? The adventure began in 2001, when Hong Won-Ki and Kim Jun-Hong, two South Korean directors and producers, decided to unite their talents in a production company, which quickly enjoyed enormous national and international success. This is how Zanybros is quick to produce the biggest names in the Korean music scene. Among their regular partners, we find the agency Big Hit, in charge of the more than famous group BTS, but also the agency SM Entertainment, which manages the world famous groups of Super Junior and Girls’ Generation, or even JYP, in in charge of the TWICE group. The list is long and, nowadays, Zanybros is a key player in Korean audiovisual, their work has been rewarded with multiple awards, such as the Soribada K-Award Best Director, in 2018, and the Soribada K Music Award Best Music Video, in 2017. At the same time, they also created their television channel: ZanyTV, and produced commercial films, as well as web-series. But, what makes the strength of Zanybros is above all its ability to overcome borders, and its desire to rely on talents from diverse backgrounds. Having developed branches in China, but also in Japan, the producers can boast of an international team, which pushes all the limits.

the phenomenon Alexa

In 2019, Hong Won-Ki and Kim Jun-Hong set themselves a new challenge: to produce an artist, from start to finish. Thus begins the career of ZB Label, and Alex Christine.

Better known by her artist name: AleXa, Alexandra Christine Schneiderman was born in the United States, in Oklahoma, to a South Korean mother and a Russian father. She quickly took an interest in dance, and took lessons without locking herself into one genre, thus practicing ballet, jazz, hip-hop, but also tap. Alexandra continues to practice her passion throughout her school career, and will even participate in competitions. She will also try her hand at the theater during her years at university, but it is her passion for Kpop that will transform Alexandra’s life.

Indeed, the young girl has the idea of ​​creating an Instagram account, on which she undertakes to post covers of songs and choreographies. She quickly gained popularity and reached 52,000 subscribers in February 2018. But, already in 2016, Alexandra participated in online auditions Rising Legends, organized by Soompi, a website entirely dedicated to Korean culture, and assisted by two recognized agencies in the field of Kpop: JYP Entertainment, label of TWICE, and Cube Entertainment, label of the group (G)-IDLE. For the first edition of the competition, she won the “Dance” category, and thus had the opportunity to benefit from an audition with the JYP, but without success. The following year, when Rising Legends: Season 2, Alexandra won first place in the competition, and was able to travel to Seoul to audition with Cube Entertainment. But, there too, she was not retained.

Despite these difficult beginnings, ZB Label recognizes the potential of the young girl, and engages her within her nascent label. In an effort to introduce herself to the Korean public, Alexandra participates in the show Produce 48 : a competition in which the finalists are led to form a new Kpop group. However, she is eliminated during the fifth episode, and is placed at the 82th competition spot. But, that doesn’t matter to Zanybros, which announces Alexandra’s debut as a solo artist for the month of October 2019.

This is how Alex Christine, now known as AleXa, took her first steps into the world of Kpop. His first title: Bomb, released in English and Korean, was a rapid success, and the young artist wasted no time in amassing a number of fans. Since then, AleXa and ZB Label have produced several singles like do or die Where kitty runand the young artist even collaborated with world famous German producer TheFatRat in a single called Rule The World. More recently, AleXa released her first album: Decoherenceincluding the single villain is the main title.

Also, although Alex Christine is relatively young, in the field of Kpop, she very quickly distinguished herself by her punk/post-apocalyptic aesthetic, which contrasts with the more girly visuals of other known groups. Moreover, with the support of her label, the young woman has created a real historical framework behind her character, and continues to expand her universe through her creations. But, what makes AleXa’s strength is her connection with her fans, whom she finds regularly through the networks, and video and streaming platforms. Being perfectly bilingual, Alexandra breaks the language barrier, and gathers around her fans from all walks of life. There is no doubt that this will come to make the difference, throughout his career.

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