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Alex general public, Alex great misfortune

The ” lament is a melody integrated into the madrigal, a musical genre in which the Venetian Monteverdi was an immense creator in the 14th century. He’s one of my favorite composers, sorry to make a big deal out of him, but if you don’t know, listen to the madrigals. warriors and lovers » interpreted by the Capella Reiale de Catalunya under the direction of Jordi Savall, it’s a pure piece of happiness… That of Alex Marquez is a little musical even if I preferred the sound of two-stroke engines, it is on the other hand less melodic… We know that the boy was so fed up with Honda (in addition to the return trips to the clinic of his brother who was supposed to advise him were a martyrdom to live) that he happily moved to Gresini for 2023. Of course it’s not easy to be Marc’s brother while driving for Honda too… But Alex is a really good rider, world champion in Moto3 (2014) and Moto2 (2019) like his frolo, which was titled in 125 and Moto2. He won two podiums in his first season in MotoGP. Then it was a series of crashes and bad results that caused the atmosphere to deteriorate while, in addition, it was well known that Honda was unable to satisfy its riders. Well, I’m not going to talk about a nightmare, but when you risk your life without having fun, there’s no point in racing… He has nine GPs left to grit his teeth in, then, we wish him, it will be ” congratulations!” We will see him riding his Ducati during the Valencia tests after the last GP 2022. He is currently eighteenth in the general classification with 27 points, it was time to change dairy!
In fact, all of the brand’s drivers are suffering, even Marc before going to the pool table for the fourth time, this time in the USA.
What Alex says: “JI’m not satisfied because the idea was to win races! When I said that while racing Moto3 and Moto2, people thought I was crazy. Why not? It would be a dream to have all three titles, but it’s not easy. »
There was a test in Barcelona, ​​Honda has five weeks to optimize the bike, which gives the front end a lot of trouble. However, Marc Marquez, for example, works mainly from the front and he needs total confidence in this part of the bike…
Alex Marquez: Our problem is not only the rear grip. Unfortunately the front is too heavy or at least doesn’t match the rear so you lose stability, we’ve made some improvements but Honda needs to keep working on that. We still don’t understand the front of this bike. We have to find a good balance… We have to accept this situation and above all improve it”.
It is certain that in any vehicle, including the general public, the front must work in symbiosis with the rear. I have a memory, in 1997, Mercedes released its “A” model, then a kind of mini minivan. Swedish journalists make him do the bayonet test, a kind of big conk, a little violent, the car turns over, big damage and injured journalist, world scandal…
Needless to say that at Mercos, we worked like a Pfizer vaccine to modify the road holding, the alert was all the more serious as this brand, specialized in the incredibly expensive top of the range, precisely wanted to apply its safety principles on a (slightly) popular model… Nice miss…
Alex Marquez adds that all the Honda riders had the same thoughts after these tests in Catalonia, moreover there was a broca also at the end of the 2021 season: “ All the Honda riders agreed that a new bike would have to be made for this season. Honda wanted it too. In such a situation, it may happen that progress is not as great as hoped”.
Junior diplomat… At Honda, moreover, everyone is leaving, except Marc who had the good idea to sign for four years before his first accident at Jerez, during the tests for the first GP of this new contract. .. Bradl will remain test pilot but to try what? In any case, until the end of this season, at Honda in Japan, at Honda in Europe, everyone pressed the ” panic button “. Surprisingly, over the past five years, we have seen Yamaha go into a spin (thank you Quartararo) then Honda do the same thing (thank you, nobody, Marc Marquez gave up halfway through the season to rebuild his shoulder) and finally the withdrawal from Suzuki, which had nevertheless made a new frame and a new engine this year… Well, suddenly the European brands are getting back on their feet, they are not entirely European if we look at their shareholding… Something has changed in the realm of MotoGP…


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